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Reviews are listed alphabetically by author's last name, just click on the title of the book to see the review. 

(Earlier reviews may be mixed in with a daily post, so you may have to scroll through it.)

~Anthologies/Box Sets~

Taken by Midnight #8 in the Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian
Deeper than Midnight by Lara Adrian
Light My Fire by G.A. Aiken
Love Me by Diane Alberts
Falling for the Groomsman by Diane Alberts
Beg For Mercy by Jami Alden
Run From Fear by Jami Alden
Falling for the Backup by Toni Aleo
Blue Lines by Toni Aleo
It's In His Smile by Shelly Alexander
Don't Blackmail the Vampire by Tiffany Allee
The Hierarchy of Needs by Rebecca Grace Allen
Her Secret, His Surprise by Paula Altenburg
Hunting Human by Amanda E. Alvarez
Lord of Wolfyn by Jessica Andersen
Melt by Natalie Anderson
A Cold Dark Place by Toni Anderson
The Look of Love by Bella Andre
From This Moment On by Bella Andre
Can't Help Falling in Love by Bella Andre
The Colonel's Daughter by Amy Andrews
Man of My Dreams by Faith Andrews 
Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews
Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews
Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews
Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews 
Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini
Dreamless by Josephine Angelini 
Goddess by Josephine Angelini
Firewalker by Josephine Angelini
Bite Me Your Grace by Brooklyn Ann
Wynter's Bite by Brooklyn Ann
Is Wrestling Fixed? I Didn't Know It Was Broken! by Bill Apter
The Baby Bargain by Jennifer Apodaca
The Gamble by Kristen Ashley
Knight by Kristen Ashley
With Everything I Am by Kristen Ashley
Law Man by Kristen Ashley
Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley
Creed by Kristen Ashley
Wild Man by Kristen Ashley
Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley
Own The Wind by Kristen Ashley
Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley
Rock Chick Revolution by Kristen Ashley
Rock Chick Regret by Kristen Ashley
Rock Chick Reckoning by Kristen Ashley
Rock Chick Revenge by Kristen Ashley 
Rock Chick Renegade by Kristen Ashley 
Rock Chick Redemption by Kristen Ashley
Rock Chick Rescue by Kristen Ashley
Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley
Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley
Kristen Ashley's Lady Luck
Carrie Goes Off the Map by Phillipa Ashley
Bound by Decency by Claire Ashgrove
Immortal Trust by Claire Ashgrove
Immortal Surrender by Claire Ashgrove
Before the Storm by Claire Ashgrove
Lucky Charm by Marie Astor
Sugar Rush by Rachel Astor
Karma by Donna Augustine
Fated by Donna Augustine
Jinxed by Donna Augustine
Dead Ink by Donna Augustine
Necessary Force by D. D. Ayres
Irresistible Force by D. D. Ayres

Surrender the Dark by L.A. Banks
KGI Series Books 1-3 by Maya Banks
In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks
Seduction of a Highland Lass by Maya Banks
Never Love a Highlander by Maya Banks
Sweet Addiction by Maya Banks
Whispers in the Dark by Maya Banks
Never Seduce A Scot by Maya Banks
Rush by Maya Banks
Shades of Gray by Maya Banks
Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks 
Once and Again by Elisabeth Barrett
Cruising Towards Love by Christi Barth
Planning for Love by Christi Barth
A Fine Romance by Christi Barth
Love at High Tide by Christi Barth
Up to Me by Christi Barth
The Reverse of Perfection by Christi Barth
A Raven's Heart by K.C. Bateman
House on Plunkett Street by Lorena Bathey 
Lover Undercover by Samanthe Beck 
Private Practice by Samanthe Beck
Falling for the Marine by Samanthe Beck 
Sultry with a Twist by Macy Beckett
A Shot of Sultry by Macy Beckett
Click: An Online Love Story by Lisa Beckler
Tracking Shadows by Regan Black
Ours to Love by Shayla Black
The Beast of Clan Kincaid by Lily Blackwood
The Rebel of Clan Kincaid by Lily Blackwood
Wickedly Dangerous by Deborah Blake
Wickedly Magical by Deborah Blake
Wickedly Powerful by Deborah Blake
Wickedly Ever After by Deborah Blake
Wickedly Wonderful by Deborah Blake
Everyday Witchcraft: Making Time for Spirit in a Too-Busy World by Deborah Blake
Wickedly Spirited by Deborah Blake
Dangerously Charming by Deborah Blake
Dangerously Divine by Deborah Blake
Stranded by a Cajun Werewolf by Selena Blake
Ready & Willing by Selena Blake
Burn For Me by Lauren Blakely
Melt for Him by Lauren Blakely
Safeword Rainbow by Candace Blevins
Super Sushi Ramen Express: One Family's Journey Through the Belly of Japan by Michael Booth
Without Mercy by Belinda Boring
Cherished by Belinda Boring
A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet
Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet
Heart on Fire by Amanda Bouchet
Nightchaser by Amanda Bouchet
Between the Devil and the Duke by Kelly Bowen
A Duke in the Night by Kelly Bowen
Last Night with the Earl by Kelly Bowen
A Rogue by Night by Kelly Bowen 
The Right Kind of Rogue by Valerie Bowman
Here There Be Monsters by Meljean Brook, Burning Up Anthology
Star Crossed Seduction by Jenny Brown
Mistletoe Cowboy by Carolyn Brown
Just a Cowboy and His Baby by Carolyn Brown
Cowboy Boots for Christmas: (Cowboy Not Included) by Carolyn Brown
The Trouble with Texas Cowboys by Carolyn Brown
Wild Cowboy Ways by Carolyn Brown
One Texas Cowboy Too Many by Carolyn Brown
What Happens in Texas by Carolyn Brown
Hot Cowboy Nights by Carolyn Brown
A Cowboy Christmas Miracle by Carolyn Brown
Cowboy Rebel by Carolyn Brown
Origin by Dan Brown
Tailspin by Sandra Brown 
Broken Heart By Laura Browning
The Night is Mine by M.L. Buchman
Yours To Take by Joely Sue Burkhart
His Mistress by Monica Burns
Forever Mine by Monica Burns
Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal by Grace Burrows
The Trouble with Dukes by Grace Burrowes
Too Scot to Handle by Grace Burrowes
No Other Duke Will Do by Grace Burrowes
A Rogue of Her Own by Grace Burrowes
My One and Only Duke by Grace Burrowes 
When a Duchess Says I Do by Grace Burrowes 
Wilde Nights in Paradise by Tonya Burrows 
Seal of Honor By Tonya Burrows
Wilde for Her by Tonya Burrows
Honor Reclaimed by Tonya Burrows
Vision of Darkness by Tonya Burrows
Broken Honor by Tonya Burrows
Life Is a Party: Deliciously Doable Recipes to Make Every Day a Celebration by David Burtka
The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton
Changing the Game by Jaci Burton
The Heart of a Killer by Jaci Burton
Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton
Holiday Games by Jaci Burton
Hope Flames by Jaci Burton
Holiday on Ice by Jaci Burton
 Hot to the Touch by Jaci Burton
The Darkest Day by Brit Bury
Finding Serenity by Eden Butler
Married by Monday by Catherine Bybee
Dark Wolf Rising by Rhyannon Byrd
The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne
The Hunter by Kerrigan Byrne
The Highlander by Kerrigan Byrne
The Duke by Kerrigan Byrne
The Scot Beds His Wife by Kerrigan Byrne

Enchantment by Orson Scott Card
Knights of Stone: Mason by Lisa Carlisle
Knights of Stone: Lachlan by Lisa Carlisle
Knights of Stone: Bryce by Lisa Carlisle
Darkness Rising by Lisa Carlisle
Dark Velvet by Lisa Carlisle
Dark Muse by Lisa Carlisle
Dark Stranger by Lisa Carlisle
Dark Pursuit by Lisa Carlisle
Seth by Lisa Carlisle
When Darkness Whispers by Lisa Carlisle
Knights of Stone: Calum by Lisa Carlisle
Smolder by Lisa Carlisle
Aces Wild: Sin City Collectors Novella by Amanda Carlson
Ante Up: Sin City Collectors Novella by Amanda Carlson
All In by Amanda Carlson
Pure Blooded by Amanda Carlson
Struck by Amanda Carlson
Freed by Amanda Carlson
Blue Blooded by Amanda Carlson
Danger's Halo by Amanda Carlson
Danger's Vice by Amanda Carlson 
Danger's Race by Amanda Carlson
Danger's Cure by Amanda Carlson
A Duke Changes Everything by Christy Carlyle
Anything But a Duke by Christy Carlyle 
Roar by Cora Carmack
Ripe for Pleasure by Isobel Carr
The Tethered Mage by Melissa Caruso
Wrong Number, Right Guy by Elle Casey
Dark Awakening by Kendra Leigh Castle
Midnight Reckoning by Kendra Leigh Castle
Against the Ropes by Sarah Castille
The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty
I Dream of Dragons by Ashlyn Chase
Sustained by Emma Chase
Dukes Prefer Blondes by Loretta Chase
A Duke in Shining Armor by Loretta Chase
Hope Falls: Wildest Dreams by Samantha Chase
Always My Girl by Samantha Chase
Jordan's Return by Samantha Chase
Christmas On Pointe: A Silver Bell Falls Holiday Novella by Samantha Chase
This Is Our Song by Samantha Chase
One More Kiss by Samantha Chase
Holiday Spice by Samantha Chase
A Sky Full of Stars by Samantha Chase
Until There Was Us by Samantha Chase
Magic of the Gargoyles by Rebecca Chastain
Curse of the Gargoyles by Rebecca Chastain
Secret of the Gargoyles by Rebecca Chastain
The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi 
The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson, Sarah Rees Brennan, Cassandra Jean
The Girl's Guide to (Man) Hunting by Jessica Clare
The Care of  Feeding of an Alpha Male by Jessica Clare
 Barely Breathing by Pamela Clare
Mojo Queen by Sonya Clark
The Bali Mystery by Linda Weaver Clarke
The Shamrock Case by Linda Weaver Clarke 
The Missing Heir: Amelia Moore Detective Series by Linda Weaver Clarke
The Mysterious Doll by Linda Weaver Clarke
Her Lost Love by Linda Weaver Clarke
Mystery on the Bayou by Linda Weaver Clarke
I See London by Chanel Cleeton
Fly With Me by Chanel Cleeton 
On Broken Wings by Chanel Cleeton
Awaken the Highland Warrior by Anita Clenney
Embrace the Highland Warrior by Anita Clenney
In My Arms Tonight by Sasha Clinton
Calling the Shots by Christine d'Abo
Taking the Heat by Victoria Dahl
Harlot by Victoria Dahl
Under the Moon by Natalie J. Damschroder
Captivated by Lauren Dane
Tart by Lauren Dane
Drawn Together by Lauren Dane
Laid Open by Lauren Dane
Never Enough by Lauren Dane
Inside Out by Lauren Dane
Coming Undone by Lauren Dane
Laid Bare by Lauren Dane
More Than a Fantasy by Sara Daniel
Love Him or Leave Him by Sara Daniel
One Night With the Best Man by Sara Daniel
Four Letter Word by J. Daniels
Rescue at Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels
Forsaken by B.J. Daniels
Redemption by B.J. Daniels
Unforgiven by B.J. Daniels
Wedding at Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels
Mercy by B.J. Daniels
Deliverance at Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels
Wild Horses by B.J. Daniels
Lone Rider by B.J. Daniels
Reunion at Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels
Lucky Shot by B.J. Daniels
Vampire's Bane by Suzannah Daniels
Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels
Hard Rain by B.J. Daniels
Into Dust by B.J. Daniels
Honor Bound by B.J. Daniels
Cardwell Christmas Crime Scene by B.J. Daniels
Renegade's Pride by B.J. Daniels
Outlaw's Honor by B.J. Daniels
Dark Horse by B.J. Daniels
Dead Ringer by B.J. Daniels
Rough Rider by B.J. Daniels
Cowboy's Legacy by B.J. Daniels
Hero's Return by B.J. Daniels
Rancher's Dream by B.J. Daniels
Cowboy's Redemption by B.J. Daniels
Hard Rustler by B.J. Daniels
Rugged Defender by B.J. Daniels
Wrangler's Rescue by B.J. Daniels 
Stroke of Luck by B.J. Daniels
Luck of the Draw by B.J. Daniels 
Lady of Intrigue by Sabrina Darby
The Wolf Who Loved Me by Lydia Dare
Wolfishly Yours by Lydia Dare
When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare 
Deadly Dance by Dee Davis
For the Love of a Fireman by Vonnie Davis
A Highlander's Obsession by Vonnie Davis
Pin-up Fireman by Vonnie Davis
Bearing It All by Vonnie Davis
Dead Eye by Alyssa Day
Snaring the Huntress by Sylvia Day
Bared to You by Sylvia Day
Reflected in You by Sylvia Day
Fascinated by Marissa Day
More Than Lovers by Jess Dee
Eternal Flame by Cynthia Eden
Never Cry Wolf by Cynthia Eden
Bound by Blood by Cynthia Eden
Bound in Darkness by Cynthia Eden
Angel of Darkness by Cynthia Eden
Bound in Sin by Cynthia Eden
Angel Betrayed by Cynthia Eden
Angel in Chains by Cynthia Eden
Alpha One by Cynthia Eden
A Vampire's Christmas Carol by Cynthia Eden
The Better to Bite by Cynthia Eden
Watch Me by Cynthia Eden
Twisted by Cynthia Eden
Shattered by Cynthia Eden
Bite the Dust by Cynthia Eden
The Devil in Disguise by Cynthia Eden
The Farrier's Daughter by Leigh Ann Edwards
The Witch's Daughter by Leigh Ann Edwards
The Chieftain's Daughter by Leigh Ann Edwards
A Witch's Quest by Leigh Ann Edwards
A Chieftain's Wife by Leigh Ann Edwards
A Witch's Destiny by Leigh Ann Edwards
According to Plan by Madison J. Edwards
Operation White Christmas: An Escape to the Country Novella by Nicki Edwards
Escape from Witchwood Hollow by Jordan Elizabeth
Too Wicked to Wed by Cara Elliot
Too Tempting to Resist by Cara Elliot
Too Dangerous to Desire by Cara Elliot
Vanilla on Top by C.J. Ellisson
As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride by Cary Elwes, Joe Layden & Rob Reiner 
The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel
The Revolution of Ivy by Amy Engel
How To Tame a Willful Wife by Christy English
Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid by Suzanne Enoch
Some Like it Scot by Suzanne Enoch
 It's Getting Scot in Here by Suzanne Enoch
Game for Marriage by Karen Erickson
Game for Trouble by Karen Erickson
Mad About the Marquess by Elizabeth Essex
A Whisper of Desire by Bronwen Evans
Real by Katy Evans
Manwhore by Katy Evans
The Trouble with Fate by Leigh Evans
The Thing About Weres by Leigh Evans
The Tycoon's Convenient Bride... and Baby by Shoshanna Evers

The Vampire Narcise by Colleen Gleason
Running out of Road by Jillian Godsil
 Recipe for Satisfaction by Gina Gordon
Recipe for Attraction by Gina Gordon
Second Chance by Debbie Gould
Geared For Pleasure by Rachel Grace
Lady Amelia's Mess and a Half by Samantha Grace
Viking For Hire by Jo Grafford
Law and Disorder by Heather Graham
Soul Scorched by Donna Grant
Passion Ignites by Donna Grant 
Dragon King by Donna Grant
Darkest Flame by Donna Grant
Fire Rising by Donna Grant
Burning Desire by Donna Grant
Hot Blooded by Donna Grant
Smoke and Fire by Donna Grant
Smoldering Hunger by Donna Grant 
Dark Alpha's Embrace by Donna Grant
Dark Alpha's Claim by Donna Grant 
Dark Alpha’s Demand by Donna Grant
Dragon Fever by Donna Grant
The Hero by Donna Grant
Firestorm by Donna Grant
The Christmas Cowboy Hero by Donna Grant
Dark Alpha's Lover by Donna Grant 
Heat by Donna Grant
Dark Alpha's Night by Donna Grant
Cowboy, Cross My Heart by Donna Grant
Dark Alpha's Hunger by Donna Grant 
Torched  by Donna Grant 
A Hundred Kisses by Jean M. Grant
Catalyst by Rachel Grant
Tinderbox by Rachel Grant 
Heartstrings and Diamond Rings by Jane Graves
Black Ties & Lullabies by Jane Graves
Thoroughly Kissed by Kristine Grayso
A Christmas Horror Story by Sebastian Gregory
A Little Mischief by Amelia Grey
Last Night with the Duke by Amelia Grey
My Highland Lover by Maeve Greyson
My Tempting Highlander by Maeve Greyson 
Caressed by Moonlight by Amanda J. Greene
 A Bewitching Christmas by Amanda J. Greene
A Gentleman's Surrender by Mariel Grey
My Highland Bride by Maeve Greyson
Snapped by Laura Griffin
Desperate Girls by Laura Griffin
Vengeance Born by Kylie Griffin
Valentine by Heather Grothaus
If I Tell by Janet Gurtler
I'm Not Her by Janet Gurtler

Scandal in Scotland by Karen Hawkins
Mad for the Plaid by Karen Hawkins
Take me Down by Lauren Hawkeye
Tie me Up by Lauren Hawkeye
Lead Me On by Lauren Hawkeye
Let Me In by Lauren Hawkeye
My Wicked Gladiators by Lauren Hawkeye
Forever Vampire by Michele Hauf
Forging Hephaestus by Drew Hayes
The Principal's Office by Jasmine Haynes
The Gunslinger by Lorraine Heath 
Beyond Scandal and Desire by Lorraine Heath
The Scoundrel in Her Bed by Lorraine Heath
Her Guardian Angel by Felicity Heaton
Heart of Darkness by Felicity Heaton
Covet by Felicity Heaton
Seduce by Felicity Heaton
Crave by Felicity Heaton
Enslave by Felicity Heaton
Kissed by a Dark Prince by Felicity E. Heaton 
Claimed By A Demon King by Felicity E. Heaton
Claimed By A Demon King by Felicity E. Heaton
Tempted by a Rogue Prince by Felicity Heaton
Taken by a Dragon (Eternal Mates #7) by Felicity Heaton
Possessed by a Dark Warrior by Felicity Heaton
Awakened by a Demoness by Felicity Heaton
Under Fire by Rita Henuber
American Dreamer by Adriana Herrera 
Somebody to Love by Kristin Higgins
Deliver Me From Darknes by Tes Hilaire
Cajun Crazy by Sandra Hill
Chase Me by Tamara Hogan
The Miss Mirren Mission by Jenny Holiday
The Likelihood of Lucy by Jenny Holiday
Sower of Dreams by Debra Holland
Wild Montana Sky by Debra Holland
Reaper of Dreams by Debra Holland
Starry Montana Sky by Debra Holland
Harvest of Dreams by Debra Holland
Glorious Montana Sky by Debra Holland
Beneath Montana's Sky by Debra Holland 
Healing Montana Sky by Debra Holland
Painted Montana Sky by Debra Holland
Mystic Montana Sky by Debra Holland
Grace: Bride of Montana by Debra Holland
MONTANA SKY CHRISTMAS: A Sweetwater Springs Short Story Collection by Debra Holland
Mail-Order Brides of the West: Bertha: A Montana Sky Novella by Debra Holland
Bright Montana Sky by Debra Holland
Singing Montana Sky by Debra Holland
Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher
All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover
Reawakened by Colleen Houck
Ensnared by A.G. Howard
Unhinged by A.G. Howard
Splintered by A.G. Howard
Untamed by A.G. Howard 
RoseBlood by A.G. Howard
White Lies by Linda Howard
Loving Evangeline by Linda Howard
Come Lie with Me by Linda Howard
Scandalous Desires by Elizabeth Hoyt
Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt 
Duke of Pleasure by Elizabeth Hoyt
Duke of Desire by Elizabeth Hoyt
Once Upon a Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt
Once Upon a Christmas Eve by Elizabeth Hoyt
Not the Duke’s Darling by Elizabeth Hoyt
His Pirate Seductress by Tamara Hughes
Vampire Trouble by Sara Humphreys
Vampires Never Cry Wolf by Sara Humphreys
Brave the Heat by Sara Humphreys
Luck of the Irish by Sara Humphreys
The Good, the Bad, and the Vampire by Sara Humphreys
Trouble Walks In by Sara Humphreys


Embracing My Submission by Jenna Jacob
Greta and the Glass Kingdom by Chloe Jacobs
Greta and the Lost Army by Chloe Jacobs
Be My Everything by Ella Jade
First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones
Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones
Shadowsong by S. Jae-Jones 
Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James
Justice Burning by Elle James
When the Duke Returns by Eloisa James
Something About You by Julie James
A Lot like Love by Julie James
About That Night by Julie James
Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James
The Thing About Love by Julie James
Long Hard Ride by Lorelei James
Kissin' Tell by Lorelei James
What You Need by Lorelei James
Can't Walk Away by Sandy James
Every Wicked Man by Steven James
A Risk Worth Taking by Victoria James
The Highland Henchman by Amy Jarecki
Beauty and the Barbarian by Amy Jarecki
Knight in Highland Armor by Amy Jarecki
A Highland Knight to Remember by Amy Jarecki
Rise of a Legend by Amy Jarecki 
In the Kingdom's Name by Amy Jarecki
Highland Knight of Rapture by Amy Jarecki
The Time Traveler's Christmas by Amy Jarecki
The Fearless Highlander by Amy Jarecki
The Highland Commander by Amy Jarecki
Hunt for Evil by Amy Jarecki
Only Scandal Will Do by Jenna Jaxon
To Wed a Wild Lord by Sabrina Jeffries
My Dangerous Pleasure by Carolyn Jewel
The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez 
This Fierce Splendor by Iris Johansen
Midnight Ride by Cat Johnson
Midnight Heat by Cat Johnson
Midnight Wrangler by Cat Johnson
Two Times as Hot by Cat Johnson
Night with a SEAL by Cat Johnson
One Night with a Cowboy by Cat Johnson
Saved By A SEAL by Cat Johnson
Elysian Fields by Suzanne Johnson
Pirate's Alley by Suzanne Johnson
Christmas in Dogtown by Suzanne Johnson
First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones
The Storm that is Sterling by Lisa Renee Jones
The Legend that is Micheal by Lisa Renee Jones
The Danger that is Damion by Lisa Renee Jones
If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones
Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones
His Captive Princess by Sandra Jones
His Most Wanted by Sandra Jones

The Closing by Stella K
Silverbirch by Rob Kaay
Talon by Julie Kagawa
Rogue by Julie Kagawa
Soldier by Julie Kagawa
Legion by Julie Kagawa
Inferno by Julie Kagawa
Once Upon a Darkness by Aria Kane
Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane
The Devil's Thief by Samantha Kane
Children of the Sea Series by Virginia Kantra
A Ghostly Demise by Tonya Kappes
Silk by Chris Karlsen
Connected by Kim Karr
Torn by Kim Karr 
Dazed by Kim Karr
Mended by Kim Karr 
Curiouser and Curiouser by Melanie Karsak
Golden Braids and Dragon Blades by Melanie Karsak 
Lauren Kate's Torment 
North of Need by Laura Kaye
Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye
Just Gotta Say by Laura Kaye
Her Forbidden Hero by Laura Kaye
In the Service of the King by Laura Kaye
Seduced by the Vampire King by Laura Kaye
One Night With a Hero by Laura Kaye
South of Surrender by Laura Kaye
Taken by the Vampire King by Laura Kaye
Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye 
Hard As You Can by Laura Kaye
East of Ecstasy by Laura Kaye
Dare to Resist by Laura Kaye
Hard to Hold on To by Laura Kaye
Hard to Come By by Laura Kaye
Hard to Be Good by Laura Kaye
Love in the Light by Laura Kaye 
Strangers at the Altar by Marguerite Kaye 
The Soldier's Dark Secret by Marguerite Kaye
The Soldier's Rebel Lover by Marguerite Kaye
The Widow and the Sheikh by Marguerite Kaye
Wild Thing by Robin Kaye
Where There's Smoke by Karen Kelley
Where There's a Will by Karen Kelley
Shadow Series by Erin Kellison
Soul Kissed by Erin Kellison
Darkness Falls by Erin Kellison
Lay Me Down by Erin Kellison
Darksider by Erin Kellison
Bring Me a Dream by Erin Kellison
Night's Deep Hush by Erin Kellison
The Sandman by Erin Kellison
Delirium by Erin Kellison
Shadow Touched by Erin Kellison
Tempted by Fire by Erin Kellison
Scrape by Erin Kellison
All That Glitters by Erin Kellison
Awakened by Fire by Erin Kellison
Gold Like the Sun by Erin Kellison
Until Dawn by Erin Kellison
Deception Island by Brynn Kelly 
Edge of Truth by Brynn Kelly
Secrets for Seducing a Royal Bodyguard by Vanessa Kelly
How to Marry a Royal Highlander by Vanessa Kelly 
In the Arms of a Stranger by Virginia Kelly
One Night of Sin by Elle Kennedy
One Night of Scandal by Elle Kennedy
One Night of Trouble by Elle Kennedy
Midnight Captive by Elle Kennedy 
Midnight Action by Elle Kennedy
Midnight Rescue by Elle Kennedy
Claimed by Elle Kennedy
Midnight Alias by Elle Kennedy
Sapphire by Jeffe Kennedy 
Ruby by Jeffe Kennedy
The Mark of the Tala by Jeffe Kennedy 
The Talon of the Hawk by Jeffe Kennedy
The Pages of the Mind by Jeffe Kennedy
The Snows of Windroven by Jeffe Kennedy
Shooting Star by Jeffe Kennedy
Prisoner of the Crown by Jeffe Kennedy
Exile of the Seas by Jeffe Kennedy
The Arrows of the Heart by Jeffe Kennedy
Cowboy Crazy by Joanne Kennedy
Enchanting the Lady by Katherine Kennedy
Supernaturally Kissed by Stacey Kennedy 
Tamed by Stacey Kennedy
Commanded by Stacey Kennedy
Release Me by J. Kenner
 Cowboy Come Home by Janette Kenny
Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dragonswan by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dance with the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Night Embrace by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Night Walker by Lisa Kessler
Night Thief by Lisa Kessler
Night Angel by Lisa Kessler
Night Demon by Lisa Kessler
Night Child by Lisa Kessler
Beg Me to Slay by Lisa Kessler
Moonlight by Lisa Kessler
Blood Moon by Lisa Kessler
Ice Moon by Lisa Kessler
Harvest Moon by Lisa Kessler
Blue Moon by Lisa Kessler
Lure of Obsession by Lisa Kessler
Legend of Love by Lisa Kessler
Wolf Moon by Lisa Kessler
Magnolia Mystic by Lisa Kessler
Breath of Passion by Lisa Kessler
New Moon by Lisa Kessler
Light of the Spirit by Lisa Kessler
Devoted to Destiny by Lisa Kessler 
Dance of the Heart by Lisa Kessler
Pirate's Passion by Lisa Kessler
The Lone Wolf's Wish by Lisa Kessler 
Sedona Sin by Lisa Kessler
Back To You by Kimberly Kincaid
Better Than Me by Kimberly Kincaid 
Extreme Exposure by Alex Kingwell 
Highland Wolf Pact by Selena Kitt
Goddess of Fire by Bharti Kirchner
Texas Wide Open by K.C. Klein
Brown-Eyed Girl by Lisa Kleypas
I Will: A Christmas Novella by Lisa Kleypas
Again the Magic by Lisa Kleypas

Make Mine a Bad Boy by Katie Lane
Trouble In Texas by Katie Lane
Delicate Freakn' Flower by Eve Langlais
Jealous And Freakn' by Eve Langlais
Ruining Miss Wrotham by Emily Larkin
Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren
Roomies by Christina Lauren
Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren
Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren
My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren
The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren
Wolf With Benefits by Shelly Laurenston
Danerous Proposal by Jessica Lauryn
The Last Legacy: Season One by Taylor Lavati 
Nooks & Crannies by Jessica Lawson
I Wish You Were Mine by Lauren Layne
Lana's Lawman by Karen Leabo
The Billionaire Banker by Georgia Le Carre
Forty 2 Days by Georgia Le Carre
Once a Courtesan by Liana LeFey
Torn by Amber Lehman
Nauti Temptress by Lora Leigh
Rock King by Tara Leigh
All the Pretty Poses by M. Leighton
Strong Enough by M. Leighton
The Way You Love Me by Miranda Liasson 
Flawless by Carrie Lofty
A Little More Scandal by Carrie Lofty 
Starlight by Carrie Lofty
His Very Own Girl by Carrie Lofty
Blood of the Demon by Rosalie Lorio
Mark of the Sylph by Rosalie Lario
Touch of the Angel by Rosalie Lario
Heart of the Incubus by Rosalie Lario
For The Love of Ash by Taylor Lavati
Embraced by Blood by Laurie London
Tempted by Blood by Laurie London
Making Waves: A Perfect Kisses Novella by Ophelia London
Love Bites by Ophelia London
Kissing Her Crush by Ophelia London
Bad Bachelor by Stefanie London
Bad Reputation by Stefanie London
The Legend of Lyon Redmond by Julie Anne Long
Lady Derring Takes a Lover by Julie Anne Long 
Crash Into You by Roni Loren
Still Into You by Roni Loren
Fall Into You by Roni Loren
The Ones Who Got Away by Roni Loren
Outside the Lines by Bella Love
Taking Chances by Jennifer Lowery
Sealed with a Christmas Kiss by Rachael Lucas
Bound by Blood by P.A. Lupton
Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn
Be with Me by J. Lynn
Savin' Me by Alannah Lynne
Last Call by Alannah Lynne
Crossing Lines by Alannah Lynne
Forbidden Magic by Jennifer Lyon 
The Bear Who Loved Me by Kathy Lyons

The Guardian by Margaret Mallory
The Warrior by Margaret Mallory
The Chieftan by Margaret Mallory
The Gift: A Highland Novella by Margaret Mallory
Captured by a Laird by Margaret Mallory
Claimed by a Highlander by Margaret Mallory
The Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Boys that Bite by Mari Mancusi
Stake That by Mari Mancusi
Cover Me by Catherine Mann
Hot Zone by Catherine Mann
Under Fire by Catherine Mann
Beyond Risk by Connie Mann
Seductive Shadows by Marni Mann
Mercenary by Michele Mannon
Romancing the Countess by Ashley March
A Stardance Summer by Emily March
The Marriage Match by Tracy March
Should've Said No by Tracy March
Just Say Maybe by Tracy March
Could've Said Yes by Tracy March
Sins of the Highlander by Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe
Waking Up With A Rake by Mason & Marlowe
Once Upon a Plaid by Mia Marlowe
Against the Wind by Kat Martin
Against the Law by Kat Martin
Against the Night by Kat Martin
Againts the Storm by Kat Martin
Deception of a Highlander by Madeline Martin
Highland Spy by Madeline Martin
Kingdom of Exiles by Maxym M. Martineau
Deathwatch by Dana Marton
Broslin Bride: Gone and Done it by Dana Marton
Guardian Agent by Dana Marton
Deathblow by Dana Marton
Deathtrap by Dana Marton
Deathwish by Dana Marton
When You Return to Me by Dana Marton
FLASH FIRE by Dana Marton
Girl in the Water by Dana Marton
Silent Threat by Dana Marton 
Threat of Danger by Dana Marton
Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr
Forever and a Day by Delilah Marvelle
Forever a Lady by Delilah Marvelle
The Trouble with Christmas by Debbie Mason
Mistletoe Cottage by Debbie Mason
Sugarplum Way by Debbie Mason
Christmas with an Angel by Debbie Mason
Miracle at Christmas by Debbie Mason
Sandpiper Shore by Debbie Mason
Christmas in July by Debbie Mason
Lord of Snow and Ice by Heather Massey
Masters at Arms by Kallypso Masters
Nobody's Angel by Kallypso Masters
Nobody's Perfect by Kallypso Masters
Nobody's Hero by Kallypso Masters
An Irish Attraction by by Louisa Masters 
Seducing Cinderella by Gina L. Maxwell
Rules of Entanglement by Gina L. Maxwell
Fighting for Irish by Gina Maxwell
Tempting Her Best Friend by Gina L. Maxwell 
Healing the Highlander by Melissa Mayhue
Forged in Fire by Trish McCallan
The MacLeods of Skye Trilogy by Monica McCarty
Going Dark by Monica McCarty
Home For Christmas by Melissa McClone
Highland Heart by Heather McCollum
Echo Falls by Jaime McDougal
The Cowboy and the Vampire by Kathleen McFall & Clark Hays
Romancing the Scot by May McGoldrick
Highland Crown by May McGoldrick 
Highland Jewel by May McGoldrick
Collide by Gail McHugh
Lady of Seduction by Laurel McKee
Wind River Wrangler by Lindsay McKenna
The Good Ones by Jenn McKinlay
A Kiss At Christmastide by Christina McKnight
Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin
Out of Line by Jen McLaughlin
Out of Time by Jen McLaughlin
Dare to Run by Jen McLaughlin
Dare to Stay by Jen McLaughlin
Highland Promise by Alyson McLayne
50 Ways to Play: BDSM for Nice People by Don & Debra Mcleod
Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster
Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead
The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead
Stray Magic by Kelly Meding
Father's Day Murder by Leslie Meier
St. Patrick's Day Murder by Leslie Meier
Her Summer with the Marine: A Donovan Brothers Novel by Susan Meier


The Deadliest Bite by Jennifer Rardin
Viper by Patricia A. Rasey
Claimed by the Elven King: The Complete Editionby Cristina Rayne
That Voodoo You Do by Jodi Redford
The Seven Year Witch by Jodi Redford
Maximum Witch by Jodi Redford
Getting Familiar with Your Demon by Jodi Redford
Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva by Eliza Redgold
The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski
The Edge of Always by J.A. Redmerski
Sweet Justice by Christy Reece
Surrender your Love By J.C. Reed
How (Not) to Kiss a Prince by Elizabeth A. Reeves
Deadly Obsession by Katie Reus
Destined Mate by Katie Reus
His Secret Past by Katie Reus
Alpha Instinct by Katie Reus
Protector's Mate by Katie Reus
No One to Trust by Katie Reus
Danger Next Door by Katie Reus
Targeted by Katie Reus 
Taste of Darkness by Katie Reus
Under His Protection by Katie Reus
Hunter Reborn by Katie Reus
Deadly Fallout by Katie Reus
Breaking Her Rules by Katie Reus
Shattered Duty by Katie Reus
Retribution by Katie Reus
Protective Instinct by Katie Reus
Sworn to Protect by Katie Reus
Beyond the Darkness by Katie Reus
Protecting His Witness by Katie Reus
Edge of Danger by Katie Reus
Into the Darkness by Katie Reus
Enemy Mine by Katie Reus
A Covert Affair by Katie Reus 
Hunted by Darkness by Katie Reus
Secret Obsession by Katie Reus
Love Thy Enemy by Katie Reus
Dangerous Protector by Katie Reus
Merry Christmas, Baby by Katie Reus
Saved by Darkness by Katie Reus
Fatal Deception by Katie Reus
Running from the Past by Katie Reus
Lover's Instinct by Katie Reus
Tease Me, Baby by Katie Reus
Falling For His Mate by Savannah Stuart/Katie Reus
Dark Protector by Katie Reus
It's Me Again, Baby by Katie Reus
His Untamed Desire by Katie Reus
Lethal Game by Katie Reus
Resurrection by Katie Reus
Sweetest Surrender by Katie Reus
First Surrender by Katie Reus 
Sentinel of Darkness by Katie Reus 
A Very Dragon Christmas by Katie Reus 
Covert Games by Katie Reus
Lucas by D.B. Reynolds
The Alpha's Daughter by Jacqueline Rhoades
Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes
Warning Light by David Ricciardi
Hometown Cowboy by Sara Richardson
Earl of Shadows by Alix Rickloff
Lord of Shadows by Alix Rickloff
Heir of Danger by Alix Rickloff
The Viscount's Christmas Temptation by Erica Ridley
Too Sinful To Deny by Erica Ridley
The Brigadier's Runaway Bride by Erica Ridley
With this Kiss by Bella Riley
With Every Breath by Lia Riley
The Wicked Cousin by Stella Riley
Wrong Bed, Right Guy by Katee Robert
Chasing Mrs. Right by Katee Robert
Meeting His Match by Katee Robert
Seducing the Bridesmaid by Katee Robert
His to Keep by Katee Robert
The Marriage Contract by Katee Robert
The Devil's Daughter by Katee Robert
The Last King by Katee Robert
The Obsession by Nora Roberts
My Highland Spy by Victoria Roberts 
Kilts and Daggers by Victoria Roberts
Snakes in the Garden by Victoria Roberts and C.A. Roberts
Kill Or Be Kilt by Victoria Roberts 
Wicked Circle by Linda Robertson
Arcane Circle by Linda Robertson
Fatal Circle by Linda Robertson
Hallowed Circle by Linda Robertson
Vicious Circle by Linda Robertson
Shattered Circle by Linda Robertson
The Consequences of Sin by K.A. Robinson
Sealed With a Curse by Cecy Robson
Once Perfect by Cecy Robson
Once Pure by Cecy Robson
The Fire Inside by Raymond Rose
Psi Another Day by D.R. Rosensteel
Improper Relations by Juliana Ross
The Sisters of the Winter Wood by Rena Rossner
The DNA of You and Me by Andrea Rothman 
The Au Pair by Emma Rous
The Source of Magic by Cate Rowan
Touch if You Dare by Stephanie Rowe
Kiss at Your Own Risk by Stephanie Rowe
Hold Me If You Can by Stephanie Rowe
North of Heartbreak by Julie Rowe
Wasteland by Lynn Rush
Awaited by Lynn Rush
Every Last Breath by Juno Rushdan 
An Alpha's Path by Carrie Ann Ryan
Charmed Spirits by Carrie Ann Ryan
An Immortal's Song by Carrie Ann Ryan
Wicked Wolf by Carrie Ann Ryan
Prowled Darkness by Carrie Ann Ryan
Wish I May by Lexi Ryan
Lost in Me by Lexi Ryan
Fall to You (Here and Now #2) by Lexi Ryan 
All or Nothing by Lexi Ryan
Something Reckless by Lexi Ryan
Something Real by Lexi Ryan
Spinning Out by Lexi Ryan
The Wrong Kind of Love by Lexi Ryan
At Wolf Ranch by Jennifer Ryan
True to You by Jennifer Ryan
Resisting Her By Kendall Ryan
Dangerous to Know by Dawn Ryder

Three Wishes by Jenny Schwartz
Highland Hero by Amanda Scott
Because of You by Jessica Scott
Until There Was You by Jessica Scott
Anything for You by Jessica Scott
I'll Be Home For Christmas by Jessica Scott
Back to You by Jessica Scott 
All For You by Jessica Scott
Before I Fall by Jessica Scott
Dark Passages by Katheryn Leigh Scott
Play by Kylie Scott
Lead by Kylie Scott
Straight to Hell by Michelle Scott
Bittersweet Revenge by Monroe Scott
School Teacher Temptress by Monroe Scott
Her Rocky Mountain Guardian by Margery Scott
Dragons Will Fall by Susan Scott
Head Over Heels by Jill Shalvis
Rescue My Heart by Jill Shalvis
Rumor Has It by Jill Shalvis
All I Want by Jill Shalvis
Nobody But You by Jill Shalvis
Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis
Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis
My Kind of Wonderful by Jill Shalvis 
Get A Clue by Jill Shalvis 
Animal Attraction by Jill Shalvis
Sweet Little Lies by Jill Shalvis
One Snowy Night by Jill Shalvis
The Trouble with Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis
Accidentally on Purpose by Jill Shalvis
Lost and Found Sisters by Jill Shalvis
Chasing Christmas Eve by Jill Shalvis
Holiday Wishes by Jill Shalvis
Snow Maiden by Amanda V. Shane 
The Takeover Effect by Nisha Sharma 
Mayhem by Jamie Shaw
Riot by Jamie Shaw
Destiny Divided By Leia Shaw
Twilight Prophecy by Maggie Shayne
Swamp Monster Massacre by Hunter Shea
Hell Hole by Hunter Shea
Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan
Most of All You by Mia Sheridan
Wedding Date for Hire by Jennifer Shirk
A Match for Mr. Write by Jennifer Shirk
His Darkest Secret by Gena Showalter
Dark Taste of Rapture  by Gena Showalter
Alien Huntress Series #1-4 by Gena Showalter
The Darkest Surrender by Gena Showalter
Wicked Nights by Gena Showalter
Last Kiss Goodnight by Gena Showalter
Mogul by Joanna Shupe
A Daring Arrangement by Joanna Shupe
A Notorious Vow by Joanna Shupe
My Fierce Highlander by Vonda Sinclair
My Wild Highlander by Vonda Sinclair
My Brave Highlander by Vonda Sinclair
he Wicked Passage: A Blake Wyatt Adventure by N M Singel
Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh
Archangel's Legion by Nalini Singh
Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh
Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh
Caressed By Ice by Nalini Singh
Mine to Possess by Nalini Singh
Hostage to Pleasure by Nalini Singh
Branded by Fire by Nalini Singh
Play of Passion by Nalini Singh
Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh
Rock Hard by Nalini Singh
Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh
Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh
Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh
Silver Silence by Nalini Singh
Archangel's Viper by Nalini Singh
Archangel's Prophecy by Nalini Singh
Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh
Wish You Were Mine by Tara Sivec
The Saint Who Stole my Heart by Stefanie Sloane
Dark Hope by H.D. Smith
Dark Forsaken by H.D. Smith
Dark Awakened by H.D. Smith
Resisting the Rancher by Roxanne Snopek
Saving the Sheriff by Roxanne Snopek
Finding Home by Roxanne Snopek
A Sweet Montana Christmas by Roxanne Snopek
No Turning Back by Tiffany A. Snow
Turn to Me by Tiffany A. Snow