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🍷🍷🍷 #Review of The Last Dragon King by Leia Stone

Title: The Last Dragon King
Series: Kings of Avalier #1
Author:  Leia Stone
Format: 358 pages, Kindle Edition
Published: September 29, 2022
Reviewer: Crystal
Source: Purchased by Reviewer
Rating: 3 out of 5
The Dragon King is looking for a wife.

This news throws the women in my village into a tizzy. The king will be sending out the royal guard to bring women of childbearing age to his castle in Jade City.

There is only one requirement: the woman must carry enough magic to produce an heir for him.

I’m a watered-down human with a mere ten percent dragon magic lineage, I know I won’t be chosen, but for some reason the magic sniffers command me to present myself to the king as a possible wife.

I’m ready to go to Jade City until my mother tells me a terrifying secret. A secret that could get me killed… by the king himself.

Crystal's Thoughts:

"I'm an idiot. I'm an idiot for liking you!"

The Last Dragon King is looking for a wife, and he must find a woman with strong enough magic to bare a dragon child. In order to do so, he holds a competition. Any woman of child bearing age with magic must enter. Arwen doesn't have much fear of being chosen since she has no magic to speak of, so despite her mothers wishes to steer clear of the royal party, Arwen joins in the revelry. She never forsaw being singled out by the magic sniffers, or becoming one of the top contenders for the King's hand....

I'll be honest, I fell for a pretty cover. The Last Dragon King wasn't a bad story, but it didn't live up to it's potential. Arwen began as a strong, independent young woman and FMC, but seemed to regress as the story progressed. She is young, and there is a lot of live and learn, and learn some more with her character. I was intrigued by her backstory and hidden heritage, however, I felt that it could have been more bad-ass then what it was. Drae missed the mark as well as a MMC. He was insensitive despite his reasonings, and I had quite a few WTF moments when it came to his decisions and how Arwen seemed totally okay with them. I was hoping for some spice but there was more vacillation then anything. The wedding night was honestly a disappointment, I cringed on Arwen's behalf, especially considering her lack of experience. And while I enjoyed the side-characters, especially the fact that each of the female characters supported each other instead of being vindictive and self-serving, several of the ones I found myself liking the most ended up having unfortunate endings. 

The plot itself was a dance of two steps forward and one step back and I found myself stumbling over the author's writing style. There was more telling instead of showing when it came to the character's supposed feelings, it just didn't seem authentic. Though The Last Dragon King was a bit underwhelming, I did finish the book and the last chapter really made it for me. I actually wish the ending was expanded on more, because that is when it started getting good. However, I don't think I will be continuing on with the series. 

✅ Marriage Competition 
✅ Hidden Heritage 
✅ Women Supporting Women
✅ Dragon Shifters
✅ 1st person POV
🚫 Death
🚫 Lackluster Romance / Spice: o.5 🌶️
🚫 Telling Instead of Showing
🚫 FMC's Questionable Acceptance of MMC Decisions 

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  1. I feel same like you although I've just finished the first two chapter. It is more like a rough description of what happened. I can't read the real mind of Arwen. She's more like a symbol than a real person. I do trigued by the story, but the author should dig it more.


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