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READ in the New Year! Baby It's Cold Outside Anthology (Guest Post/Giveaway)

We're 'Ringing' in 2013 with some fantastic books this week and I hope that you all will join us for this fun event! We'll have some fantastic author guest posts and interviews, character guest post, giveaways, deleted scenes and more! To kick things off this New Years Eve I would like to welcome four great authors from the anthology, Baby It's Cold Outside!

Amy Andrews
I love New Year’s Eve! It has a kind of magical quality about it  – full of hope and potential as we wipe the metaphorical slate clean and start again in a bright new sparkly year. Being a romance author I also love the frenzy of kissing as everyone gets into the spirit J There won’t be any kissing for me this year as I’m going to be working night shift but if I wasn’t you can bet there’d be a party somewhere with a midnight kiss or two.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review/Giveaway: Ripe for Seduction by Isobel Carr

Ripe for Seduction
The League of Second Sons #3
by Isobel Carr
Mass Market Paperback 328 pages
Published December 18th 2012 by Forever
ISBN 9780446572743
copy courtesy of publisher
The League of Second Sons: A secret society of younger sons, sworn to aid and abet each other, no matter the scandal or cost...Their fathers and brothers may rule the world, but they run it, and when it comes to passion, they refuse to accept second best.
After the scandalous demise of her marriage, Lady Olivia Carlow knows the rakes of the ton will think her fair game. So when a letter arrives bearing an indecent offer from the incorrigible Roland Devere, she seizes the opportunity. Turning the tables on the notorious rogue, she blackmails him into playing her betrothed for the season. But no matter how broad his shoulders or chiseled his features, she will never fall prey to his suave charm.
When Roland boasted he'd be the first into Lady Olivia's bed, he couldn't have imagined that behind those brilliant blue eyes lurked a vixen with a scheme of her own. Still, Roland is not about to abandon his original wager. If anything, learning that the lovely Olivia is as bold as she is beautiful makes him more determined to seduce her into never saying "never" again.
Available for purchase at: Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble

Lexi's Thoughts:

The League of Second Sons finally has a third book out! Carr continues with her writing style and second son characters in Ripe for Seduction

Review This! Hunk for the Holidays by Katie Lane (Giveaway)

I recently asked our Facebook readers if they might be interested in reading some of the books we receive in from publishers and posting their thoughts on them on online book sites like Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble. I get quiet a bit in and am, unfortunately, unable to read them all in the timely manner that I would like so after the positive response I received on Facebook, here it is - Review This!

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Marked for Vengeance by S.J. Pierce (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Please give a warm welcome to S.J. Pierce!

There’s something about forbidden love that’s always touched me profoundly and stems all the way back to when I first read the story of the genre’s poster-children: Romeo and Juliet. To have love so close, but yet, so painfully out of reach stirs so many emotions. It’s a love you have to really work for, to find your way around barriers that’s been placed around you. To me, it gives love depth.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Highlander Brawn by Eliza Knight (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Please give a warm welcome back to Scottish Romance author, Eliza Knight!

Thanks, RBTW for hosting my giveaway of HIGHLANDER BRAWN, my steamy, erotic Scottish novelette.

This story was inspired by my time-travel erotic novelette, Highland Steam. In that story the hero, Drostan, has a sister Sorcha who shares a steamy glance with Laird Campbell. I knew a romance was brewing between the two, but it had to be intense, hard-core and since they both eschewed love it might even have to be forced. I thought it would be a lot of fun to see how I could get those two together, and I wasn’t disappointed, it was a lot of fun!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

GIVEAWAY ~ Horngate Witches series by Diana Pharaoh Francis

In the spirit of Christmas (yes, some of us just can't stop), I am going to give away my gently used set of the Horngate Witches series by Diana Pharaoh Francis. 
(US and Canada only please)

So all of you Urban Fantasy fans out there, are you interested in checking out this series? Or have you read it, loved it but don't own copies of it? Just comment below and tell me. Make it good! I will pick a winning commenter on January 4th and email them (so that means you MUST leave an email in your comment so I can contact you). Good luck!

Review: Blood Winter by Diana Pharaoh Francis - 3.5 Wine Glasses!

Blood Winter
Horngate Witches #4
by Diana Pharaoh Francis
Paperback 400 pages
Published December 26th 2012 by Pocket Books
ISBN: 9781451613865
copy courtesy of publisher
Set in apocalyptic America and featuring a magically enslaved heroine who is “a riveting mixture of guts, compassion, and furious anger as she struggles with a world coming apart at the seams” (Romantic Times), the fourth in a dynamic dark urban fantasy series unlike anything you’ve ever read before.Winter is coming to Montana and Shadowblade warrior Max is expecting trouble. People are hoarding everything. They are banding together, many flocking to the congregation of Sterling Savage, a fire-and-brimstone preacher. A charismatic cult leader who claims to be the Hand of God, he’s determined to create a human utopia and destroy all magic, starting with witches.
Unbeknownst to him, the “divine” voice he’s been hearing isn’t God but a demon that feeds on hate, death, and destruction. Savage is the perfect puppet for the demon’s ambitions. Max and her people at Horngate are all that stand in its way, and they are woefully unprepared.
Conducting terrible, bloody ceremonies to boost his own power and that of the demon riding him, Savage starts a war between his congregants and two other powerful gangs in the city, fighting for food, fuel, clothing and territory. When he manages to capture Max’s niece, brother, and several teenagers from Horngate, Max tries to free them but finds that Savage has twisted their minds. They worship him—even her brother, who is a witch and whom Savage intends to burn at the stake. Going undercover in the cult compound, Max swiftly realizes just how seductive Savage is. His charisma is reinforced with magic. His followers adore him and will do anything for him. Anything.
But courage, loyalty, and friendship are powerful forces—and Max doesn’t like to lose.
Available for purchase at: Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and The Book Depository

Lexi's Thoughts:

Diana Pharaoh Francis continues the apocalyptic Horngate Witches series with her signature non-stop action and magic. Blood Winter brings more than self sacrifice and challenges for Max, winter is coming and it is going to be bloody.

WE'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS by HelenKay Dimon (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Please give a warm holiday welcome to author, HelenKay Dimon!

Thank for having me here today to talk about my newest release, WE'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS.

You can probably tell by the title but this is a holiday romance. It is my latest in a series of connected books set in the fictional town of Holloway, West Virginia. The books are linked by the characters.  The hero here, Spence, showed up in early books. In WE'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, he gets his happy ending. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: Shadow City by Diana Pharaoh Francis - 4 Wine Glasses!

Shadow City
Horngate Witches #3
by Diana Pharaoh Francis
Paperback, 369 pages
Published December 27th 2011 by Pocket Books
ISBN: 9781451613858
copy courtesy of publisher
The world is falling apart. The magical apocalypse has come. Now is the time to guard the covenstead against both raiders and refugees. But Max has been stolen by a powerful demi-god who is determined to force her to find a way to use a magical power she never knew she had—even if it kills her. Meanwhile, back in Horngate, a Fury is birthing. When the creature breaks free of the fragile bonds that enclose her, her rage will scour the covenstead from the earth. Max finds herself in the Shadow City, a place of mysteries and magic, where she must battle for her freedom or become a slave to creatures of dreadful greed and power. Back in Horngate, Alexander must swallow his anger and pride if he hopes to defeat the Fury, a creature that no one has ever successfully fought before.
In the end, it will be courage, friendship, faith and loyalty that win the day. Or else so one will live to see tomorrow.
Available for Purchase at: Amazon, KindleBarnes & Noble, and The Book Depository

Lexi's Thoughts:

Diana Pharaoh Francis keeps the Horngate Witches series going with all the action you have come to expect, and now she throws in a serious love connection. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all of our amazing readers a Merry Christmas, 
from our family to yours!

Crystal, Lexi & Crystal L. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

ARC Review: Alpha One by Cynthia Eden - 4 Wine Glasses!

Alpha One
Shadow Agents #1
by Cynthia Eden
Kindle Edition, 219 pages
Expected publication: January 2nd 2013 by Harlequin
Courtesy of NetGalley
"Julie's missing. You have to get her back."The minute he got the message, undercover agent Logan Quinn sprang into action. Getting Juliana James out of Mexico alive was the Elite Ops covert agent's only priority. But once the senator's daughter was safely back in their Mississippi hometown, Logan had a new mission: to get another chance with the woman he couldn't lose again.
Juliana had never forgotten the day, ten years ago, when Logan left her heart in pieces. Now he was back in her life, sworn to protect her from the ruthless weapons dealer who wanted her dead. As passion blindsided her—and she was once again thrust into danger—Julie realized how much she'd risk for one more day in Logan's arms.

Crystal L's Thoughts:

Winter Warmer Deals from Felicity Heaton / F E Heaton – Paranormal Romances with Passion

Check out this fantastic winter deal from paranormal romance author, Felicity Heaton!

Between now and 15th January 2012, you can get your hands on some of Felicity Heaton and F E Heaton’s hot heroes at bargain prices or even for FREE! What better way to pass a chilly winter or relax in the sunshine if you're down under, than curled up in the arms of some paranormal heroes, letting yourself be swept along in their romance and adventures?

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Review: Crimson Wind by Diana Pharaoh Francis - 3.5 Wine Glasses!

Crimson Wind
Horngate Witches #2
by Diana Pharaoh Francis
Paperback, 368 pages
Published December 28th 2010 by Pocket Books
ISBN: 9781416598152
copy courtesy of publisher
THERE ARE GOOD GUYS. THERE ARE BAD GUYS. AND THEN THERE’S MAX. Max knows what trusting the wrong person can cost you. Her former friend Giselle, a powerful witch, enslaved Max years ago, turning her into a Shadowblade—a deadly warrior compelled to fight for Giselle. But there’s more at stake now than Max’s thirst for revenge. The Guardians, overseers of the magical world, have declared war on humanity and on any witches not standing with them. Max and Giselle have come to an uneasy truce in order to protect what’s left of Horngate, their coven’s home. Max would do anything for Horngate—even give herself over to a mysterious otherworldly creature in the nearby mountains in exchange for his help. But first, she intends to save the mortal family she left behind. And Alexander, the Shadowblade warrior who could be her closest ally or her deadliest enemy, is going with her.
On a road trip into the unknown, Max and Alexander face wild magic, desperate enemies, and battles that bruise both body and soul. But the greatest challenge will come from unexpected revelations that test everything Max believes about who she is—and where her loyalties lie. . . 
Available for Purchase at: Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and The Book Depository

Lexi's Thoughts:

If book one felt like non stop action then book two of the Horngate Witches series will feel like a tornado. Diana Pharaoh Francis shows growth as an author with Crimson Wind and will leave you hanging at the end.

Tour: I Want That One by Paige E. Roberts (Spotlight/Giveaway)

Please check out Paige E. Roberts, I Want That One, and make sure to enter to win your own copy below!!

Title: I Want That One
Author:  Paige E. Roberts
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing   .
Length:   Novella
Sub-Genres:  BDSM/Erotica
Lady Jane wants Will, for her slave, and she'll pay a high price to get him. Will dreams of a life under Jane's spike heels, but in the future city-state of New York, it's illegal to enslave a free man. Jane, once a notorious hacker, now a network security consultant, isn't used to letting a little thing like the law keep her from getting what she wants. When a bound and naked Will is delivered to her kitchen door, she takes great pleasure in using leather cat and cuffs and cruel penetrating sex games to tame him. But Will must give up everything to prove his loyalty to her before he can take his rightful place forever kneeling at her perfect feet.
BUY LINKS: Wild ChildAmazon

Paige E. Roberts has published a variety of sexy stories in the US and UK on the fringes of reality and beyond: fantasy, science fiction, superhero, vampire, and shape-shifter stories, with D/s, SM, GLBT, BDSM, and other alphabet soup elements. She lives in Round Rock with her husband and two kids and is active in the local kink community, co-founder of the Voyagers group. Her futuristic femdom story “I Want That One” just came out from “Bare Throat, Naked Hunger,” her anthology of erotic vampire stories is available in e-book or print from , Amazon, or Fictionwise. Her sci fi interrogation scene story, “Caught,” is in the new “Best Erotic Fantasy and Science Fiction” anthology from Circlet Press.

Holiday Event: Wrap -Up!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by for our Holiday Event! I hope that you found some yummy new recipes to try this holiday and some great new romances to snuggle down and keep warm with. And a huge thank you to all of the fabulous authors who took the time to visit during this crazy holiday season. In case you missed it, below are links to all of the posts. All giveaways are open until 11:59pm on December 29th. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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Review: Bitter Night by Diana Pharaoh Francis - 3.5 Wine Glasses!

Bitter Night
Horngate Witches #1
by Diana Pharaoh Francis
Paperback, 387 pages
Published October 27th 2009 by Pocket Books
ISBN: 9781416598145
copy courtesy of publisher
Once, Max dreamed of a career, a home, a loving family. Now all she wants is freedom...and revenge. A witch named Giselle transformed Max into a warrior with extraordinary strength, speed, and endurance. Bound by spellcraft, Max has no choice but to fight as Giselle's personal magic weapon — a Shadowblade — and she's lethally good at it. But her skills are about to be put to the test as they never have before....
The ancient Guardians of the earth are preparing to unleash widespread destruction on the mortal world, and they want the witches to help them. If the witches refuse, their covens will be destroyed, including Horngate, the place Max has grudgingly come to think of as home. Max thinks she can find a way to help Horngate stand against the Guardians, but doing so will mean forging dangerous alliances — including one with a rival witch's Shadowblade, who is as drawn to Max as she is to him — and standing with the witch she despises. Max will have to choose between the old life she still dreams of and the warrior she has become, and take her place on the side of right — if she survives long enough to figure out which side that is....
Available for purchase at Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and The Book Depository

Lexi's Thoughts

When you pick up an Urban Fantasy you expect a strong heroine, a few big scary baddies, and plenty of action. Bitter Night delivers all of that and more.

Holiday Event: Ask Her At Christmas by Christi Barth (Guest Post)

Thank you so much to all you wonderful readers who have joined us this week during our Holiday Event and to the fabulous authors who have taken the time to participate! Please give a warm welcome to our last guest, Christi Barth, who is joining us with her new story perfect for the holidays, Ask Her At Christmas!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the special food. I can’t tell you how many eggnog and gingerbread lattes I drink in two months. Another particular weakness of mine is all things cranberry. So today I’m sharing Southern Living’s White Chocolate Cranberry Crème Brulee with you for several reasons.  1) It is utterly yummy. 2) It truly captures the flavor of the holidays. 3) You can-in fact, you must-make it ahead of time. We had friends over for just drinks/dessert on Friday night. Preparing this the day before made the whole evening painless. 4) It is super easy and will amaze and astound people. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Review: Ask Her at Christmas by Christi Barth - 4 Wine Glasses!

Ask Her at Christmas
by Christi Barth
Published December 3rd 2012 by Carina Press
ISBN13: 9781426894725
ecopy courtesy of author
Caitlin McIntyre’s heart stops when her best friend drops to one knee and proposes. Kyle Lockhart never once hinted over the years that he has any idea she’s in love with him. Not wanting to jeopardize their friendship, she’s never let it slip. Good thing, too, since it turns out he’s only practicing—he’s about to propose to someone else.
A business merger might not be the most romantic reason to propose to a woman he barely knows, but Kyle’s determined to win the respect of the dying father who’s never seen him as quite good enough. Kyle’s always depended on Caitlin’s friendship, while trying to ignore the physical response she arouses. So he turns to her when it comes time to craft his proposal, not realizing his decision will affect their relationship, forever.
This Christmas, Kyle and Caitlin get one last chance to admit their feelings for each other, and find a mutual happily ever after, before he commits his life to another woman and Caitlin leaves town and him…for good.
Available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Lexi's Thoughts

Holiday Event: The Billionaire's Christmas Baby by Victoria James (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Mmm...Lemon and Cranberry, two of my favorite things! And romance author, Victoria James is here to share a fabulous recipe that includes those to fruits! Please  give her a warm welcome...

Jackson’s Lemon-Cranberry Muffins

I guess technically, Jackson Pierce didn’t bake these, his housekeeper did-but still.   He did heat them up and serve them to Hannah!  These muffins are fool-proof and delicious.  They can be made ahead of time and stored in the freezer for whenever you need a warm winter treat.  The sprinkled sugar and bright cranberries look pretty and festive.

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18 & Over Book Blogger Follow #59: Bookish Wishes!

18 & Over Book Blogger Follow is a weekly feature that begins on Fridays and runs through the weekend, hosted by Crystal from Reading Between the Wines. This is a Friday blog hop with the objective to find and visit other book blogs that share the same interest as you, namely books geared towards the 18 & over crowd, and make some new friends!

How to join in:
-You should run a book blog that features and reviews mostly adult reads, some Y.A.’s are okay but 18 & over adult reads should be your majority.
-Make a separate post for the 18 & Over Book Blogger Follow on your blog.
-Copy the html for the button above and place it at the top of your post.
-List & answer the ‘Question of the Week.’
-Place your name and blog title in the linky below and the url for a direct link to your post
-Visit the other blogs on the list and say 'Hi!' Following each blog is not mandatory but I know it is always appreciated, and if someone comments saying they’re a new follower it’s polite to follow back. J It’s always nice to spread the 18 & Over Book Blogging love!
-Contact me (readingbetweenthewines10 at gmail dot com) with any questions!

Question of the Week: What book(s) are on your Christmas or Holiday wish - list?

Review: One Dom to Love by Black, Jacob & LaPearl - 4 Wine Glasses!

One Dom to Love
The Doms of Her Life #1
by Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob, and Isabella LaPearl
Nook Edition, 257 pages
Published December 4th 2012
Bought by Reviewer
Raine Kendall has been in love with her boss, Macen Hammerman, for years. Determined to make the man notice that she’s a grown woman with desires and needs, she pours out her heart and offers her body to him—only to be crushingly rejected. But when his friend, very single, very sexy Liam O’Neill watches the other Dom refuse to act on his obvious feelings for Raine, he resolves to step in and do whatever it takes to help Hammer find happiness again, even rousing his friend’s possessive instincts by making the girl a proposition too tempting to refuse. But he never imagines that he’ll end up falling for her himself.

Hammer has buried his lust for Raine for years. After rescuing the budding runaway from an alley behind his exclusive BDSM Dungeon, he has come to covet the pretty submissive. But tragedy has taught him that he can never be what she needs. So he watches over her while struggling to keep his distance. Liam’s crafty plan blindsides Hammer, especially when he sees how determined his friend is to possess Raine for his own. Hammer isn’t ready to give the lovely submissive over to any other Dom, but can he heal from his past and fight for her? Or will he lose Raine if she truly gives herself—heart, body, and soul—to Liam?
Purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Crystal L's Thoughts:

Holiday Event: Author Juliana Stone (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Woot! Welcome back to our Holiday Event! I hope you all are enjoying all these delicious recipes and books! Today I would like to give a very warm welcome (Because baby, it's cold in Canada!) to one of my favorite people and authors, Juliana Stone! 

Merry Christmas everyone.  I'm so happy to be here celebrating with you all.  I've got my bottle of wine on tap for later today, but to help you all with some Christmas cheer, here's a lovely recipe I stole from my Mom. It's amazing. It's chocolate. It's decadent and you know what?  THERE ISN'T ONE CALORIE IN THE DAMN THING!  Seriously.  For realz.  Well, maybe in my mind anyway!  

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and in light of recent events, I hope it's safe, warm, full of love with as many hugs and kisses as you all need!

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ARC Review: Simply Scandalous by Kate Pearce - 4 Wine Glasses!

Simply Scandalous
House of Pleasure #9
by Kate Pearce
Kindle Edition, 337 pages
Expected publication: December 24th 2012 by Aphrodisia
ARC Courtesy of NetGalley
After years of fighting on the continent, Richard Ross has finally returned to London to make peace with his father, and the erotic delights of his stepmother’s Pleasure House provide a welcome distraction for his war-weary heart. But he is shocked to encounter someone there whose resemblance to his lost love leaves him both tempted and tormented…

As a former spy, Violet LeNy has mastered the art of deception. But there is no disguising the heated passion that still burns between her and Richard, the man she once betrayed but who now is her only hope of survival. Soon she plans a scandalous game of seduction where sensual surrender is the ultimate pleasure…

Crystal L's Thoughts:

Holiday Event: Ann Elizabeth, A Seal at Heart (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Yum, what can be sweeter than apples?!? Author, comic creator and RT Book Reviews columnist Ann Elizabeth is joining us with a Sweet Apples recipe and her new sexy romance, A SEAL AT HEART!

One of my favorite recipes is Baked Apples. It’s a bit of hodge-podge recipe adapted to wherever I land during the holidays. When I’m back east visiting my folks, we use Granny Smith Apples and when I’m on the west coast, home in the mountains, I use Gala Apples. Here are the ingredients:


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ARC Review: The Officer Breaks The Rules by Jeanette Murray - 4 Wine Glasses!

The Officer Breaks The Rules (Semper Fi, #2)The Officer Breaks The Rules 
(Semper Fi #2)
by Jeanette Murray
Mass Market Paperback, 352 pages
Expected publication: January 1st 2013 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 1402265433 
ARC Courtesy of NetGalley
Captain Jeremy Phillips believes in doing his duty...both as a son and as a friend. This means that he should obey the "friend code" and stay away from his best friend's little sister. Too bad Madison O'Shay doesn't believe in his code and is ready to break all of the rules
As a Navy nurse, Madison is finally stationed next to the man she's been dreaming about for years. And she's ready to launch a full-scale attack to show this thoughtful, handsome Marine that they belong together.
Pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and The Book Depository 

Crystal L's Thoughts:

Holiday Event: Pamela Sherwood, Waltz with a Stranger (Guest Post/Giveaway)

On the third day of our Holiday Event, Reading Between the Wines gave to me... historical romance author, Pamela Sherwood and Walt with a Stranger

These stovetop-made cookies are rich, decadent, and thoroughly addictive. They’re also very easy to make. Serve them chilled--they hold their shape best when they’re cold--with a glass of milk. I’ve found they go very fast, even when you make them on the small side so they’ll supposedly last longer.

For a fancy touch, try stacking them in a pyramid before serving. But they’re irresistible even as single layer on a large plate.  Enjoy!

Pamela Sherwood

Monday, December 17, 2012

Review: Angel in Chains by Cynthia Eden - 5 Wine Glasses!

Angel in Chains
The Fallen #3
by Cynthia Eden
Kindle Edition, 353 pages
Published November 27th 2012 by Brava
Courtesy of NetGalley

As a fallen Angel of Death, Azrael is cursed to walk the earth alone in search of redemption. One night, as he wanders the streets of New Orleans, he discovers a woman surrounded by panther shifters. No longer able to contain the anger simmering within, Az summons his dark powers and attacks, determined to protect this innocent human from certain death.

Only Jade Pierce is no delicate flower. She's spent years learning to survive and fight the evil forces sent by her ex-lover who refuses to let her go. But after seeing Az in action, she figures she could use a little supernatural help. And so she plans a course of seduction guaranteed to arouse his interest and his angelic passions...

Crystal L's Thoughts:

Sexy Snippets: Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood

Tuesdays have never been so sexy!
Sexy Snippets is a weekly feature hosted by Reading Between the Wines for the 18+ crowd. To join in just grab the button, post a sexy paragraph or two from your current read and share the author & title so other participants can add the book to their TBR list if they like. Then add your post to the linky below so everyone can follow along. Have a sexy good time!

Holiday Event: Author Laura Kaye (Guest Post/Giveaway)

The fabulous romance author, Laura Kaye, is joining us today for our Holiday Event with a few delicious excerpts and if those don't make you hungry then she has a yummy sugar cookie recipe as well! Please give Laura a warm welcome...

Thanks so much to Crystal for hosting me here today to participate in this fun holiday event! I’ve realized I tend to give my characters something of a sweet tooth, so since I’m sharing a recipe for my iced sugar cookies (down below), I thought I’d share a short excerpt from some of my favorite food-related scenes:

Sunday, December 16, 2012

ARC Review: Dark Wolf Rising by Rhyannon Byrd - 4 Wine Glasses!

Dark Wolf Rising
Bloodrunners #4
by Rhyannon Byrd
Kindle edition,  302 pages
Expected publication: January 2013
Courtesy of NetGalley
Eric Drake, a powerful Dark Wolf, has never trusted himself around human females-preferring to mate only within his pack. That is, until he encounters Chelsea Smart snooping around Silvercrest pack land in search of her missing sister. Secretly, Chelsea thinks Eric is the sexiest man she's ever seen, though she is wary of his potent Alpha energy. Then it's discovered that Chelsea's sister is being held by a pack of vicious Lycans, and Eric heroically leaps into action. Now, Chelsea will risk everything-her body and soul-to surrender to the passion that will mark her as Eric's woman for all eternity...if they survive.
Purchase at Amazon, The Book Depository and Barnes & Noble

Crystal L's Thoughts:

Holiday Event: The Highlander's Lady by Eliza Knight (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Hello lovelies and welcome to our week long Holiday Event! I've asked some fabulous authors to stop by this week with their favorite, or one of their character's favorite, recipe for the holidays so don't miss it! You'll find some delicious recipes for dinner, dessert and more to help keep you warm this month along with some sizzling hot romances. 

To start the event off, I'd like to give a warm welcome to author, Eliza Knight!

Thank you, Reading Between the Wines, for hosting me once again! I’m excited to share with you my newest release, THE HIGHLANDER’S LADY (Book 3: The Stolen Bride Series) and one of my favorite recipes which also happens to be something my medieval characters would have eaten every day! During the holidays/winter, I love to bake! Like every day… One of my favorite things to bake, is something that my heroine, Myra, also loves—bread!

I love to cut off a thick slice of freshly baked bread and drizzle it with honey or smear it with peanut butter. So sad that one of the first things to go when you’re on a diet is bread, when it used to be a staple! I would eat bread for every meal if I could!

The idea of baking bread can be really daunting, but seriously, this is the easiest recipe evah! This recipe is so versatile; you can really dress it up! Add some cheese and parsley, maybe add raisins and cinnamon.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Guest Review: Luscious by Amanda Usen- 3.5 Wine Glasses!

by Amanda Usen
Paperback, 312 pages
Published July 3rd 2012 by Sourcebooks Casablanca (first published July 1st 2012)
ISBN 1402262183
A sizzling second book in a new contemporary series featuring sexy chefs. Newly divorced chef Olivia Marconi is balanced on the knife-edge of a major meltdown. A week in Italy with Sean, her hot divorce attorney–not to mention the fantastic food and wine–sounds like the perfect getaway. If only she wasn’t there to break her parents’ hearts by quitting the family business. Sean’s attention makes her feel brave, desirable, and adventurous again. But Sean is hiding something, and Olivia is short on trust these days. Can a romantic interlude in Italy turn into something more, or will it all go up in smoke?
Purchase at AmazonKindleBarnes & Noble and The Book Depository

Viviana's Thoughts:

Tour: Fighting Addiction by BA Tortuga (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Please welcome author, BA Tortuga!

Howdy, y’all.

When I was writing Fighting Addiction, I researched a number of addictions: alcohol, prescription drugs, sex, food.

Eating disorders are a big part of Sebastian’s story, and while I was researching I met a lovely woman. C.’s daughter suffers from anorexia and they were both kind enough to speak with me, help me make sure that Sebastian’s recovery – especially long-term – was handled right.

Tour: Shifting Pride by Laura Diamond (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Today we have a special excerpt from Laura Diamond's new YA, Shifting Pride!

YA Paranormal Romance Shifting Pride by Etopia Press
Sixteen-year-old Nickie Leone has proof that her missing (presumed dead) father is still alive. Receiving his watch in the mail is the first in a line of clues brining her closer to discovering his whereabouts.
But clues aren’t the only new thing in Nickie’s life. There’s the Memorial Banquet her mother insists she help prepare for … there’s the new kid/hottie, Xavian, and … well, the growth of whiskers and a tail!
Filled with secrets and a new love of tuna fish, Nickie must partner up with Xavian (don’t you know he’s a shapeshifter too?) to rescue her dad before she loses him forever. Oh, and she need to figure out how to be a cat, too.

Friday, December 14, 2012

ARC Review: Waking Up With A Rake by Mason & Marlowe - 4 Wine Glasses!

Waking Up With A Rake
The Royal Rakes #1
by Connie Mason & Mia Marlowe
Kindle edition, 352 pages
Expected publication: January 1st 2013 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Courtesy of NetGalley
The race is on in this sexy new Regency series. To prevent three dukes from shoving their way into the royal line, the monarchy will dangle the ton's most notorious rakes before the dukes' intended brides. They'll cause a scandal, then call off any plans of matrimony. But just who will have the last laugh?

Rhys plans the seduction of Olivia like the cavalry officer he was, but when a series of mishaps convinces him that someone wants to get rid of her--permanently--he becomes her fiercest protector...even at the cost of his own heart.
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Spirits to Chase Away the Chill

I’ve been known to post a few drink recipes in my day and with the holiday season upon us; I thought I’d share my favorite drink recipe of all times—Hot Buttered Rum. Yummy! Now if you’ve never had this concoction, let me just warn you that it’s deliciously full of calories and slightly addictive. Therefore, I make an event of creating the HBR batter once each holiday. Once it’s gone, it’s gone until the next holiday season rolls around.