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Sunday, April 21, 2019

5 Wine Glass #Review of Golden Braids and Dragon Blades: Steampunk Rapunzel by Melanie Karsak

41215832Title: Golden Braids and Dragon Blades
Series: Steampunk Fairy Tales Book 4
Author: Melanie Karsak
Format: Paperback, 176 pages
Published: August 26th 2018 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1726205010 (ISBN13: 9781726205016)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Contest win and Kindle Unlimited
Rating: 5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Being the heir to Camelot is a tangled mess.

Rapunzel has spent her entire life living in Merlin's cave on the coast of Cornwall. Under the protection of her faerie guardian, Gothel, she’s stayed safe. Safe and bored. Dreaming of a life that looks more like a Jane Austen novel, Rapunzel fears she'll never have the chance to explore Victorian England's modern delights. Or meet a man. Or be kissed. Or anything else remotely resembling normal.

When Red Cape Society Agent Ewan Goodwin's monster-stalking device leads him to Rapunzel—and her unusual pets—the pair’s destinies entwine. Together, they must solve a mystery tied to the very roots of King Arthur's Britannia.

Golden Braids and Dragon Blades is a retelling of the Rapunzel fairy tale set in Melanie Karsak’s bestselling gaslamp London steampunk universe. 

Linda's Thoughts:
The fourth imaginative installment in Melanie Karsak’s Steampunk Fairy Tales!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Saturday Sangria: Easter Champagne Sangria (#Wine #Sangria #Recipe)

Welcome to Saturday Sangria, where ever Saturday you will find a delicious sangria recipe to go with your weekend reading! Have a recipe of your own? Join the fun and leave us a comment or a link to your own post!  

Happy (early) Easter! For some of us, Easter can start pretty early (kids, church, etc.). And I know that I could would enjoy a mimosa after the craziness ends, but a sangria and mimosa mix? Sign me up! Make in advance and enjoy all day long. Cheers! 🐰🍷

Easter Champagne Sangria

Yield: serves 8 | Prep Time: 5 minutes | Total Time: 3 hours, 5 minutes

Friday, April 19, 2019

Read an #Excerpt from Cipher by Larissa Ione

(Demonica Underworld #8)
by Larissa Ione 
Kindle Edition, 197 pages
Published April 9th 2019 by Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated
From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Larissa Ione comes a new story in her Demonica Underworld series… 

It’s been seven months since Cipher, an Unfallen angel who straddled a razor thin line between good and evil, woke up in hell with a new set of wings, a wicked pair of fangs, and a handler who’s as beautiful as she is dangerous. As a laid-back cyber-specialist who once assisted guardian angels, he’d been in a prime position to earn back his halo. But now, as a True Fallen forced to use his talents for malevolence, he must fight not only his captors and his sexy handler, but the growing corruption inside him…before the friends searching for him become his enemies and he becomes his own worst nightmare.

Lyre is a fallen angel with a heart full of hate. When she’s assigned to ensure that Cipher carries out their boss’s orders, she sees an opportunity to take revenge on those who wronged her. All she has to do is appeal to Cipher’s burgeoning dark side. But the devastatingly handsome fellow True Fallen has other ideas — sexy ideas that threaten to derail all Lyre’s plans and put them in the path of an approaching hell storm.

Danger and desire explode, even as Cipher and Lyre unravel a sinister plot that will fracture the underworld and send shockwaves into Heaven itself… 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

3 Wine Glass #Review of The Good Ones by Jenn McKinlay

40127147Title: The Good Ones
Series: Happily Ever After #1
Author:  Jenn McKinlay
Format: eBook/Mass Market Paperback, 312 pages
Published: February 5th 2019 by Berkley
ISBN: 0451492439
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Source: NetGalley
Reviewer: Crystal
Rating:  3 out of 5 Wine Glasses

A romance bookstore owner finds her own happily ever after with a single dad in a new romance series from the New York Times bestselling author of Every Dog Has His Day.

Ryder Copeland is an accomplished architect and one heck of a father...not to mention tall and sexy. He's everything a hero should be, and Lord knows, Maisy Kelly has read enough of her great-aunt Eloise's romance novels to recognize one when she sees one. But like all fairy tales, Maisy can't help but wonder if this Prince Charming is too good to be true...

Ryder is drawn to the shy, curly haired professor who hires him to convert the Victorian house she's inherited from her aunt into a romance bookstore. Attracted to a woman for the first time since his divorce, Ryder finds himself wishing for a future with Maisy that he knows is impossible. Ryder has never wavered from his plan to leave the small town of Fairdale, North Carolina, so he can give his daughter the life she deserves. But suddenly he's not so sure. And the closer he gets to Maisy, the harder it's going to be to walk away...

Crystal's Thoughts:
The Good Ones is a cute contemporary romance that is sure to endear itself to fans of the sub-genre with it's cozy setting, lighthearted banter, and charming characters.

3 ½ Wine Glass #Review of A Match for Mr. Write by Jennifer Shirk


44065183Title: A Match for Mr. Write
Series: Resort to Romance Collection
Author: Jennifer Shirk
Format: Kindle Edition, 148 pages
Published:  April 16, 2019 (Amazon Digital Services LLC)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 3 ½ out of 5 Wine Glasses

Get ready for ten weeks of romance in the Bahamas with a new series brought to you by some of the best authors in the inspirational and sweet romance genres…

It’s Matchmaking Week at an all-inclusive resort on a private island in the Bahamas. Each guest has been expertly paired and is here to enjoy one full week with their match. While there’s no money-back guarantee on the paid trip, the participants are guaranteed to find love!

This is A Match for Mr. Write...
Magazine editor Gemma Carmichael has been secretly in love with her co-worker Blade for 5 years and when he suddenly breaks off his engagement, Gemma decides this is her chance to woo her man. He signs up for a matchmaking getaway and she decides to do it too, positive they're a match. But to her surprise, she's matched with Sawyer Bennett, a brooding romance author who only came on the island to write and who doesn't even believe in love. (Obviously the Sterling sisters have no idea what they're doing!)

Romance author, Sawyer Bennett, did not sign up for this. He thought his travel agent cousin was sending him on a nice, normal vacation in the Bahamas, not to bad reality TV recreation. The only romance he's interested in is the one between his characters. After all, family history has shown him that true love is just fiction, which is why he's so good at writing it. But now, he's stuck in a romance book situation, with contracts that can't be broken and matched to the pretty but kooky redhead, Gemma. (Obviously, the Sterling sisters have no idea what they're doing!)

However, the magazine Gemma works for would provide great publicity for his next release, so he agrees to help her win her true love in exchange for her putting his book on the reviewer's upcoming list. Seems like an easy enough way to pass the week. Sawyer still doubts the existence of true love but by the end of the week, he can’t help but wonder if he could finally have found the write woman for him after all.

Linda's Thoughts:
Take a quick, fun, romantic vacation to a tropical beach resort with Jennifer Shirk’s A Match for Mr. Write. It’s one of ten works in the Resort to Romance collection by ten different authors all linked by one matchmaking week. This entry focuses on the story of magazine editor Gemma Carmichael and romance author Sawyer Bennett.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Read an #Excerpt from Breaking Without You by Carrie Ann Ryan

39862714Breaking Without You
(Fractured Connections #1)
by Carrie Ann Ryan 
Expected publication: April 16th 2019
From NYT bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan, comes a brand new series where second chances don’t come often, and overcoming an unexpected loss means breaking everything you knew.

I fell for Cameron Connolly at the wrong time. And when he left, I thought my life was over. But then, after the worst happened, I truly understood what that phrase meant. Now, he’s not ready for a second chance, and I’m not offering one. Though given that our families have been forced together after losing one of our own, I know there’s no turning back. Not this time. Not again. Not when it comes to Cameron.


I never wanted to hurt Violet Knight, but there were reasons I had to leave all those years ago—not that she'd believe me if I told her what they were. I not only left her, I also left my foster brothers. Honestly, I didn’t want to come back to Denver to help run my father’s failing brewery. But when it comes to my brothers, I know I’ll find a way to make it work. Perhaps I’ll even earn Violet’s forgiveness and face the connection we both thought long forgotten in the process. Because I wanted her then, but now I know I need her. I just hope she needs me.