Friday, December 14, 2012

ARC Review: Waking Up With A Rake by Mason & Marlowe - 4 Wine Glasses!

Waking Up With A Rake
The Royal Rakes #1
by Connie Mason & Mia Marlowe
Kindle edition, 352 pages
Expected publication: January 1st 2013 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Courtesy of NetGalley
The race is on in this sexy new Regency series. To prevent three dukes from shoving their way into the royal line, the monarchy will dangle the ton's most notorious rakes before the dukes' intended brides. They'll cause a scandal, then call off any plans of matrimony. But just who will have the last laugh?

Rhys plans the seduction of Olivia like the cavalry officer he was, but when a series of mishaps convinces him that someone wants to get rid of her--permanently--he becomes her fiercest protector...even at the cost of his own heart.
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Crystal L's Thoughts:

What will a man do to protect his family from dishonor and to regain his own? Anything. Even ruin an innocent young woman by relieving her of her maidenhead so that she is no longer considered an acceptable option for a marriageable wife to three royal dukes. What our rake Rhys doesn't expect to find, is that innocent Olivia burns with untapped passion that intrigues him. Or that she would be suck a pleasure to keep company with that his heart quickly becomes involved. Making it an internal war between what he has to do to regain his lost honor, and what his heart wants to do.

This was a pleasant read. It has intrigue. A few nice twists and turns in the plot, and even though you know that innocent Olivia will be ruined, it was done a tad differently than I expected. My only complaint is that Olivia gave Rhys like instant forgiveness after she'd found out that he'd been sent to ruin her, and well that doesn't fly well with me. Maybe because I'm a vengeful woman who would kick a man in the balls and burn down his house if he tried to pull that crap with me, but then, well that's just me. I guess Olivia is infinitely kinder than I am. Still a nice weekend read to help sweep you away from the real world. I give it a four wine glass toast and hope you enjoy it!

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses!

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