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🍷🍷🍷🍷.5 #Review of Dragon Fire by Juliette Cross


28764714. sy475 Title: Dragon Fire
Series: Vale of Stars #3
Author: Juliette Cross
Format: Kindle Edition, 219 pages
Published: April 30th 2019 (Amazon Digital Services LLC)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 4 ½ out of 5 Wine Glasses

Wounded, with a target still on his back, Kieren Moonring has been hiding in the last place his Morgon enemies might find him. In the human convent on the southern shores of Primus, his body heals quickly, but hs soul is broken.

While Sister Liana tends to the recovering Morgon man hiding in their convent, she can't stop or disguise her growing attraction. What disturbs her more is that he begins to uncover her past that is best kept buried.

Kieren fears his old enemies will find him, and then Liana. When his greatest fear comes true and she becomes their next mark...bloody hell, if he won’t murder the whole world to keep her safe.

Linda's Thoughts:
“I’d slay the whole world to keep you safe.”

Dragon Fire is another fabulous book by Juliette Cross teeming with sexy Dragon warriors. It’s the third installment in her Vale of Stars series, but works perfectly fine as a standalone if that is your preference. That said, each of the preceding books have been fantastic reads, so if you have the time, it would be best to read them in order. Dragon Fire is told mostly from a dual point-of-view with a small amount of input from the villain. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down.

As the story opened, readers learn that Kieran was wounded in battle while saving Kol’s mate from King Larkos and his band of savage dragons. Kieren is taken and left to mend at the Temple of Saint Portia, a human Sisterhood of Light convent where it is thought Larkos would not look for him. While there, he meets Liana. His beast recognizes her as his mate and demands that Kieran claim her. But, he cannot because Larkos is targeting him and if Larkos knew he cared for Liana, it would put her in danger – something he would never do. Physical contact cannot be, but he does visit her in her dreams where both of them can give in to their mutual attraction. That is a pretty neat, mega-hot feat.

When the time comes when he must leave, Kieren’s heart aches at the thought of leaving Liana behind. It’s a moot point as trouble finds him at the convent. Needless to say, Kieren is absolutely everything that I love in a hero. He is smart, strong and possessive, yet not controlling. Even though he can’t have Liana, his sole focus is on protecting her.

Liana did not choose to enter the convent. The choice was made for her. Even so, she is a model nun and has found a modicum of peace there. That is, until a mega-handsome man finds refuge there. Then, extreme danger arrives. Maintaining her sweetness, she is courageous and strong when needed and relentless and impassioned when she takes a stand for what she wants. The chemistry and heat between them is heart-melting. Together they are sublime.

Following please find a few of my favorite lines from Dragon Fire:

“I want you, too, Liana.” A feather-light kiss, lingering and warm beneath my ear. “I need you… like the sun needs the sky.” A hotter kiss down the slope of my neck, while he kept my hands and my body locked in place against the railing. “Like the stars need the night.” He removed his mouth from my skin, sliding his hands up my arms, and then backed his body away from mine, holding me at the waist. “Like a dragon needs flight.”
“Don’t start using ‘sister’ now to try and make me behave.”

“Am I going to need to make you behave?”
“God, Kieren. Is there anything you’re not good at?”

The huskiness in his laugh promised me he was good at everything.

Juliette’s writing, as always, is entrancing and absolutely top-notch. This tale is fast-paced, action-packed and left me in a swoony puddle. I absolutely loved these characters and their story! Having enjoyed the saga’s prior books, I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with previous favorite characters. Believe me, there’s nothing more erotic than one of Juliette’s dragon lovers. If you have any doubt, Kieren will convince you.

Suggested Reading Order: 
Dragon Heartstring (Book #0.5)
Waking the Dragon (Book #1)
Dragon in the Blood (Book #2)
Dragon Fire (Book #3)

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