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3 Wine Glass #Review of Season of Wonder by RaeAnne Thayne

37563021Title: Season of Wonder
Series: Haven Point #9
Author: RaeAnne Thayne
Format: Kindle Edition, 384 pages
Published: September 25th 2018 by HQN Books
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley
Rating:  3 out of 5 Wine Glasses

He’s giving her children a season of wonder…

Dani Capelli seized a chance to start over in a small town with her daughters. Now, facing her first Christmas in Haven Point, she wonders if leaving New York was a mistake. Dani loves working alongside veterinarian Dr. Morales, but her two children aren’t adjusting to small-town life. And then there’s Dr. Morales’s son, Ruben—Dani’s next-door neighbor. Gorgeous, muscled and dependable, the deputy sheriff is everything she secretly craves and can’t bear to risk loving…and losing.

Ruben never pictured himself falling for a big-city woman like Dani. But beneath her prickly facade, she’s caring and softhearted and she needs all the love and protection he can give. When Dani’s teenage daughter starts acting out, Ruben draws on family traditions to show the girls just how magical a Haven Point Christmas can be. But can he convince Dani that she’s found a home for the holidays—and forever—in his arms?

Your Thoughts:
A sweet, low angst contemporary holiday romance…

“Have I mentioned before how much I love Christmas?” he murmured.

Season of Wonder by RaeAnne Thayne is a sweet, low angst, contemporary holiday romance. It is set in the charming, wholesome small town of Haven Point, Idaho at Christmastime and is part of a series. The tale works perfectly well as a standalone read if that is your preference. That is actually the way I read it as both this author and series are new to me.

Season of Wonder story features the story of handsome deputy sheriff Ruben Morales and veterinarian intern Daniela “Dani” Capelli.  Ruben’s father befriended Dani when he visited her veterinary school. He became her mentor and, when she graduated, he offered her the chance to buy his thriving practice when he retires. Haven Point is the kind of environment that Dani would like her girls to grow up in so she makes the big move from Boston to Idaho. Ruben lives next door to Dani and her brood.

As the story opens, Dani is struggling both as a single mother to two girls and as she trains at Ruben’s father’s veterinary practice. She’s also having trouble adapting to her new home. New Haven welcomes her with open arms, but Dani is standoffish as she’s afraid that they will judge her based upon her ex-husband’s record which she keeps a deep, dark secret. Ruben and Dani are strongly attracted to each other – but they fight their chemistry for different reasons… until Dani’s daughter gets in trouble. Ruben comes up with a way for Dani’s daughter to make amends for what she did. He then involves her in a gifting game that his family plays every Christmas season.

Ruben’s family plays an integral part in this tale as the perfect example of a patient and loving family. I really liked how Ruben and his family included Dani’s in their holiday traditions despite her prickliness. Sadly, I had trouble relating to Dani at first – the barriers she put up to everyone served to wall her off to me too. For a smart woman, I felt that she wasn’t very smart in the relationships’ department. Thankfully, as the story neared its conclusion, she lowered her barriers and I felt my feelings towards her change also. The ending is nice as Dani and her girls rediscover the magic of the holiday season and open their hearts to love.

This is a clean romance. There’s some kissing, but no other hanky panky.

Supporting players include some furbabies that will steal your heart!

Following please find a few of my favorite lines from Season of Wonder:

She didn’t want the kiss to end. It was magical, delicious, like a hundred dreams come true wrapped up in one heated embrace. With the snow fluttering down outside and the Christmas tree lights gleaming beside them, the moment seemed perfect. Better than she ever could have imagined.

“Why are you still single, Ruben? Seriously. You’re great with kids and close to your own family. You’re gorgeous – that goes without saying – have a fairly decent job and appear to have all your teeth. What am I missing?”

“I needed the reminder that I’m still alive and the world still contains magic and wonder, like Christmas trees and kisses from beautiful women.”

Season of Wonder is a heartwarming, predictable story that will leave you with a happy smile and swaddled in warm fuzzy feels. I enjoy holiday romances year-round. Season of Wonder is just what Santa ordered to put readers in the holiday spirit and to escape from life’s realities for a while. I hope to play catch up with this series in the future!

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