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🍷🍷🍷 #Review of A Kingdom of Fire and Fate by Holly Renee

Title: A Kingdom of Fire and Fate
Series: Stars and Shadows #4
Author: Holly Renee
Format: 222 pages, Kindle Edition
Published: August 17, 2023
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Source: Valentine PR
Reviewer: Crystal
Rating: 3 out of 5
Passion ignites, torn between desire and duty.

Love and loyalty collide in the aftermath of war, where Sorin consumes my every thought. Haunted by nightmares, the intensity of our connection blazes brighter than ever.

In the dead of night, he visits, whispering promises of a future that weakens my resolve. The fear of losing him becomes an inferno, overshadowing all else.

But destiny takes a wicked twist. When news arrives that the human king, now allied with Evren's father, has invited Starblessed contenders to compete for his hand in marriage, I embark on a perilous journey into enemy territory. My goal: to uncover the enigmatic ruler's hidden secrets.

Yet, Sorin, fierce and unwavering, refuses to let me face this danger alone. He risks everything to protect me.

Together, we navigate a treacherous realm of secrets and deception, shrouding my true identity as we unravel the twisted web spun by the human king.

As our desires intensify, so does the peril that surrounds us. Loyalties blur, and the line between friend and foe fades amidst an imminent threat.

In a world where trust is fragile and danger lurks at every step, we confront choices that shall shape our destiny. Will we betray our hearts in the name of duty, or plunge into the flames of an all-consuming love that could set realms ablaze?

In this breathtaking installment of the Stars and Shadows series, Thalia must confront her deepest fears, summon the strength to follow her desires, and embrace the power that lies within her. The kingdom's future hangs in the balance, and the choices she makes will shape the very fabric of all she holds dear.

Crystal's Thoughts:

With their enemy dead and the loss of a dear friend that yearned for more, Thalia struggles in the aftermath. Sorin only wants to be there for her, but in her guilt she pushes him away. When the human king is rumored to be meeting with the fae king, they know that the threats to the blood kingdom have not ended. But when the human king puts out a call for a Starblessed wife, Thalia knows that she is the only one who can find answers and protect her kingdom from further war. Sorin is torn between wanting to protect Thalia, knowing she would hate him for it, and letting her go to a far-off kingdom alone. She may deny what is between them, but Sorin knows that she hold's his heart in her hands and that he would burn the world for her. As the competition intensifies, so does the undeniable connection Thalia feels with Sorin. Until their every look and touch is a risk if she hopes to win the kings trust and unveil his secrets. Can Thalia allow another's hands on her when all she can see is Sorin, even if those hands may hold the fate of her kingdom in them?

A Kingdom of Fire and Fate is the final installment in Holly Renee's Stars and Shadows series, which is a fun and fast-paced fantasy romance series featuring vampire, fae, Starblessed, humans, and magic. I have enjoyed this entire series immensely and was excited to learn that there would be a fourth book featuring the secondary characters of Thalia and Sorin after the conclusion of Adara and Evren's journey to an HEA. Especially with so many questions left unanswered at the end! 

"I could taste ever inch of you, Thalia, and still I'd be starved. I will never be able to get enough of you."

The Chemistry between Thalia and Sorin has been apparent from the start, and we know from previous books that there is a romantic history there. Together these two sizzle. Thalia has a lot of inner demons though, and those demons force Thalia to keep Sorin at arms length, despite what may occur between them in the dark of the night. I adored Sorin's character, and I have from the start. He's fierce and loyal with a wicked sense of humor and a huge heart. I felt for him throughout this tale as he fought to give Thalia her space to heal but also for her to recognize and admit what was between them. Thalia may not be my favorite character in the group, but she's a survivor and a warrior at heart. I enjoyed watching her character grow and accept herself, as well as her worthiness for love. There were a few questionable moments between her and King Henrick, but in the end I can see how it benefited the overall storyline.

Why A Kingdom of Fire and Fate wasn't a four star read for me like the rest of the series is partly due to repetitive dialogue and the recurring use of the same words. The story also dragged for me. I imagine it would have made a better novella than full-length book because while questions were answered, loose threads tied up, and Thalia and Sorin found love, there was a lot of filler in the human court that I could have lived without, especially since some of it seemed to have no relevance at the end. As with the rest of the series, the plot-twists are quite predictable but it makes for an easy read regardless. Overall though, I enjoy the world and characters Holly Renee has created with the Stars and Shadows series and I am sad that it has come to an end. I definitely recommend this series to romantasy fans!
"She was here to save a kingdom, but I would raze it to the ground for her."

✔️ Fantasy Romance
✔️ He Falls First
✔️ Warrior FMC
✔️ Dual POV
✔️ Found Family
✔️ Friends to Lovers
✔️ Will Burn the World for Her
✔️ Court/War Politics
✔️ Spicy 🌶️🌶️

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