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🍷🍷🍷🍷 #Review of The Cursed King by Abigail Owen

Title: The Cursed King
Series: Inferno Rising #4
Author: Abigail Owen
Format: Kindle Edition
Publication: October 25th 2021
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Crystal
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses
He will burn. She will rise.

Airk Azdajah, the rightful King of the White Clan, spent half a millennium being tortured by the false High King Pytheios. The only reason he’s alive is a curse— the man to kill Airk will be consumed in his own fire. Which is why Pytheios kept Airk alive, barely, unable to shift in his prison cage, driving the creature half of him into madness. Airk escaped, but he’ll never be truly free. What good is a king who can never let his feral dragon loose, never fly, and never lead his people? He’s better off dead.

Angelika Amon is the last unmated phoenix. The problem? She has no powers. Zip. Zilch. Angelika hates being dormant, especially now that her three sisters are blissfully mated to powerful dragon shifter kings and are very much part of the fight to take down the rotting king Pytheios, their parents’ killer. What good is a useless runt of a phoenix in a battle to save the dragon kingdom?

Desperate to find some way to help, she offers herself to Airk as a mate — just for political leverage. But a dormant phoenix is no damn use to him just like a dragon who can’t shift is no use to her. Until Pytheios sets his sights on Angelika for himself…

Crystal's Thoughts

The fourth and final book in Abigail Owen's Inferno Rising series, The Cursed King, is an explosive conclusion and gripping read! This paranormal romance series follows four Phoenix sisters destined to take down an evil dragon king while finding love. Now it is the youngest Amon sister's turn. Angelika may have been restricted to the sidelines for most of the fight, but she is determined to do her part in this war and she won't go it alone. Former prisoner and heir to the dragon's White Clan, Airk Azdajah, becomes her reluctant partner. If Angelika's quest is successful though, Airk will become so much more....

With romance, friendship, compadre, action, humor, and danger around every corner Abigail Owen has penned a fabulous story with The Cursed King. Following the events of the third book, The Warrior King, the Black, Blue, and Gold Dragon Clans have risen up against the High King along with the Red, Green, and White Dragons Clans after five hundred years. They need allies though, and despite each king mating a phoenix, they are not the only one's with that claim. Airk, as the heir to the White Dragon Clan's throne, has been trying to sway white dragons away from the false High King Pytheios but no one trusts a feral dragon that cannot shift. Angelika has been drawn to Airk since she first glimpsed him, and knows that he may be her ticket to proving herself a commodity in this war so she offers him her assistance..... along with a mating proposal that he soundly turns down. Angelika's powers of a phoenix are dormant, but she refuses to let that stop her from trying to make a difference in the fight. She knows that if she can show the other clans that their intentions are true, she can persuade them.  

Angelika is a strong and caring heroine, who often puts others before herself. She always looks for the good in others, but has no problem protecting her own when all else fails. She had a spunky attitude that I enjoyed. Airk is the quintessential tortured hero. He knows that he is a danger to those around him, but especially to Angelika, who affects his dragon like no other. Airk's character was angsty and frustrating at times, with his wishy-washy feelings towards Angelika. However, their attraction is palpable in each scene and there was no denying (despite Airk's best efforts) that they belonged together. 

I was dubious about the twists and turns towards the end of the tale, but the author made it work and the series was wrapped up nicely. The ending was unexpected, yet satisfying.  The Cursed King was an emotional roller coaster for both characters and reader alike. The story was balanced well between fun and sexy, action and intrigued, and some incredibly moving and poignant scenes. The plotting was solid and the characters appealing. Pytheios was a cunning villain that also had a surprising amount of depth towards the end. After all, all villain's are hero's in their own eyes, aren't they? 

The series in it's entirety has been a delight to read. While I am a paranormal romance fan, I don't usually enjoy dragon shifter stories. Inferno Rising was an exception, a solid four-star read throughout. Despite each book focusing on a single couple, there is a continuing story-arc that shouldn't be missed so I do recommend reading the series in order. With that said, I am interested to see if the wolves, witches, and gargoyles get a spin-off series down the road. Fingers crossed! 


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