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Read an #Excerpt From Hunter's Hope by Alyssa Day

About the Book

Hunter's Hope
(Vampire Motorcycle Club #2)
by Alyssa Day 

Kindle Edition
Published November 30th 2021
Hunter Evans risked his life again and again as a firefighter until the night he died saving a child...only to be reborn as a vampire. Now the man who lived his life as the quintessential “nice guy” must find a way to conquer the deadly urges that threaten to turn him feral. When his own actions put a beautiful woman in danger, he vows to protect her…even from himself.

Alice Darlington has a secret of her own: she sees ghosts. She thought she’d done a good job of keeping it under wraps—until now. A terrible threat from her past is hunting her down in order to use her power for dark purposes. Now she’s on the run and doesn't know who to trust or where to go.

When Hunter and Alice team up to battle the dangers coming at them from all sides, they’re forced to rely on each other. But Hunter doesn’t know how long he can keep the beast inside him away from the woman it craves… 


Hunter snapped into motion the second Alice swayed. He shot across the space between them and caught her in his arms before she could hit the floor. 
She blinked up at him, her brilliant green eyes huge in her pale face, and then she smiled a little. “This is not how I imagined the evening going.” 
Something in Hunter’s chest clenched at her courage. She’d faced down vampires and now a ghost—and probably had a demon in her house, if Meara had been right—and she still had a sense of humor. He could feel a part of his heart, the small, icy, closed-off part that had faced one too many rejections, take a small, tentative step toward warmth and hope. 
He automatically stepped on the feeling. Hard. 
Now was not the time. 
“What happened?” he asked. 
She blew out a shaky breath and pushed gently away from him to stand on her own. “Well, I guess you’re telling the truth about being vampires, because the ghost just told me that you are, and ghosts never lie.” 
“Is that all?” Meara hopped gracefully off the table and stalked toward them. “Seemed like a longer conversation than that.” 
Alice shrugged, the casual motion contradicted by the wary look in her eyes. “She also told me you want me to die.” 
“We do not want you to die,” Hunter said firmly. “We—” 
“I know,” Alice said, smoothing wisps of hair away from her face. 
“You do?” He was confused. “You just said ghosts don’t lie.” 
“Well, they don’t, as far as I know. It’s not like I’ve met all the ghosts in the world or know the secret ghost rulebook.” She gave them just a hint of a smile. “But they can be wrong. How would a dead flapper from a hundred years ago know what your intent is?” 
“Exactly!” He was pleased. “And—” 
“And simple logic tells me that you probably didn’t rent out an entire restaurant just to kill me, when you could have murdered me at the rescue and left me bleeding out on the floor. Or, I guess, not bleeding out so much as drained.” 
His smile faded, but he couldn’t disagree with her logic. 
“Look, I’ve never killed anybody and don’t plan to start now, Alice. In fact, I’ve never even bitten anybody,” he growled. “Maybe you could take that much on faith, while we get to know each other.” 
“Are we going to get to know each other?” She wrapped her arms around her waist, her body language pure self-protection combined with a touch of fear, but her flashing eyes and raised chin signaled defiance and courage. “I’m not sure that’s such a good idea, no matter how beautiful you are.” 
Hunter felt a slow, wicked smile spreading across his face. “Beautiful? I can work with that.”

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About the Author

 Alyssa Day (aka Alesia Holliday) is the New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of the Warriors of Poseidon and Vampire Motorcycle Club  paranormal romance series and the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries paranormal mystery series, with more than a million books sold. A recovering trial lawyer, Alyssa has won many awards for her books, has had her books translated into many languages (but is holding out for Klingon!), and loves all things spooky—and she's always rescuing dogs. For more info:

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