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4 Wine Glass #Review of A Witch's Destiny by Leigh Ann Edwards

39673617Title: A Witch’s Destiny
Series: The Irish Witch Series Book Seven
Author: Leigh Ann Edwards
Format: Kindle (384 pages)
Published: Tule Publishing (April 22, 2018)
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Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Beautiful, strong-willed Alainn O’Brien believes her elusive father is the only person who can rescue her from a dangerous predicament. Alainn and her husband Killian follow her clairvoyant intuition and embark on a journey to Scotland. They meet numerous magical beings, spirits, gods, and people on the side of both benevolence and darkness as they search for the one person who holds the key to their futures.

Set in mystical sixteenth century Ireland, A Witch’s Destiny, the final enthralling installment in this original portion of The Irish Witch Series, promises to captivate readers with unexpected twists and turns and reveals several emotional truths and secrets they have long been waiting to learn.

Linda's Thoughts:
I was carried away from the wonderful fantasy of it all!

A Witch’s Destiny is the seventh and final exciting installment in Leigh Ann Edwards’ the Irish Witch series. In my opinion, it also sports the loveliest cover in the series. The series is a magical romantic fantasy saga set in sixteenth century Ireland featuring witches, a swoony hero, an evil curse, Celtic gods, spirits, demons, fairies and a colorful chorus of other super naturals.

This is a series that should be read in order. Each installment has incrementally built towards the coming final battle between good and evil. The author does fill in the basics of what has transpired previously, but I cannot imagine not reading this series sequentially.

This book picks up where the previous book, A Witch’s Quest, left off. Unfortunately, the previous book bogged down in England and that arc continued during the first part of this segment. Thankfully, the slowness regarding the couple’s sojourn in England and the evil child was short-lived herein and the magic, fantasy and romance that made me fall in love with this series moved to the forefront in short order.

As the last book in this series, there is much recollection of Alainn’s and Killain’s life that has transpired over the series. I found those flashbacks to be refreshing and not boring in the least. As this tale opens, Alainn and Killain are embarking on a dangerous quest to find their fathers as Alainn believes that they may hold the answers they need. Along the way, the couple will confront evil, cavort with the gods, make new friends, enjoy sexy times AND provide many laugh-out-loud moments! I laughed, mourned, swooned, and was carried away in the fantasy of it all. When I think back to the first book when we first met Alainn and Killain as children and to everything that has taken place since, I’m blown away by it all. It makes me want to go back and relive their highly entertaining, but perilous journey all over again.

Following please find a few of my favorite lines from A Witch’s Destiny:

“So, we are searching for some form of difficult, uncooperative creature that apparently can change shapes and does not wish to be found?”

“How do magical beings celebrate?” Killian was curious to know.
“Music, food, wine, ale, dancing, frivolity, and merriment in many forms.” Lugh grinned again.
“So entirely the same as in the human realm?” Killian smiled back at the god.
“Well, with a bit of magic thrown in for good measure.”

Always life would bring with it joy and sorrow combined. To allow herself to love and to love well, she opened her heart to loss, but to live without love would truly be no life at all. Alainn was well aware with any great love there would be great loss.  It was both the cost and the reward of loving. 

“Killian, have I nearly killed you?” she whispered as she lay beside him and her lips kissed his ear.
“No, but when I do die, I would ask that you make certain it is you who takes my life in just such a manner,” he said in a breathless fashion.

There were so many scenes that stood out, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the one where Alainn meets the trow. I couldn’t stop laughing as Alainn engaged in a lively discourse with the creature. I especially loved the hilarity over a certain male appendage.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this wonderful, fun and addictive drama set in enchanting and often devious locales. I was surprised and thrilled to find that this book ended with a semi-cliffhanger which unexpectedly sets up a sequel series for Alainn, Killain and Danhoul. So, happily, their story is not finished and will continue in the future! I can’t wait to accompany them on their next sure-to-be lively and treacherous adventure as they fight the terrible evil that endangers the world!

Suggested Reading Order: 
The Farrier’s Daughter (Book #1)
The Witch’s Daughter (Book #2)
The Chieftain’s Daughter (Book #3)
A Chieftain’s Wife (Book #4)
A Witch’s Life (Book #5)
A Witch’s Quest (Book #6)
A Witch’s Destiny (Book #7) – The Conclusion!

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