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3 ½ Wine Glass #Review of A Match for Mr. Write by Jennifer Shirk


44065183Title: A Match for Mr. Write
Series: Resort to Romance Collection
Author: Jennifer Shirk
Format: Kindle Edition, 148 pages
Published:  April 16, 2019 (Amazon Digital Services LLC)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 3 ½ out of 5 Wine Glasses

Get ready for ten weeks of romance in the Bahamas with a new series brought to you by some of the best authors in the inspirational and sweet romance genres…

It’s Matchmaking Week at an all-inclusive resort on a private island in the Bahamas. Each guest has been expertly paired and is here to enjoy one full week with their match. While there’s no money-back guarantee on the paid trip, the participants are guaranteed to find love!

This is A Match for Mr. Write...
Magazine editor Gemma Carmichael has been secretly in love with her co-worker Blade for 5 years and when he suddenly breaks off his engagement, Gemma decides this is her chance to woo her man. He signs up for a matchmaking getaway and she decides to do it too, positive they're a match. But to her surprise, she's matched with Sawyer Bennett, a brooding romance author who only came on the island to write and who doesn't even believe in love. (Obviously the Sterling sisters have no idea what they're doing!)

Romance author, Sawyer Bennett, did not sign up for this. He thought his travel agent cousin was sending him on a nice, normal vacation in the Bahamas, not to bad reality TV recreation. The only romance he's interested in is the one between his characters. After all, family history has shown him that true love is just fiction, which is why he's so good at writing it. But now, he's stuck in a romance book situation, with contracts that can't be broken and matched to the pretty but kooky redhead, Gemma. (Obviously, the Sterling sisters have no idea what they're doing!)

However, the magazine Gemma works for would provide great publicity for his next release, so he agrees to help her win her true love in exchange for her putting his book on the reviewer's upcoming list. Seems like an easy enough way to pass the week. Sawyer still doubts the existence of true love but by the end of the week, he can’t help but wonder if he could finally have found the write woman for him after all.

Linda's Thoughts:
Take a quick, fun, romantic vacation to a tropical beach resort with Jennifer Shirk’s A Match for Mr. Write. It’s one of ten works in the Resort to Romance collection by ten different authors all linked by one matchmaking week. This entry focuses on the story of magazine editor Gemma Carmichael and romance author Sawyer Bennett.

Gemma has her sights set on her co-worker, Blade. When she discovers that he’s no longer in a relationship and planning a vacation to the Bahamas, she sees her opportunity to show him that they’re a match made in heaven. Without Blade’s knowledge, Gemma makes reservations to coincide with his. But, when she checks in, she finds that it’s matchmaking week at the resort and both she and Blade have been matched to others.

Sawyer believes he’s on a regular vacation to the resort only to find on check-in that it’s match-making week and that he has unknowingly agreed to cooperate by spending time with his match, Gemma, every day. When he happily discovers Gemma isn’t interested in him either, he concocts a plan to help Gemma snag Blade.

The premise is darling and the characters are quirky. At first, I liked Sawyer more than Gemma, but as I kept reading, Gemma began to grow on me. The irony of Sawyer is that he writes romantic novels while professing to be anti-love. While I still need a bit more convincing that Gemma and Sawyer belong together, they made progress towards doing just that herein.

Following please find a couple of my favorite lines from A Match for Mr. Write:

He looked over her head and frowned. “Hold on just a second.”


“You need to kiss me goodbye.”

Her stomach flipped. “K—kiss you? Where?”

He gave her a deadpan look. “Honey, never ask a man a question like that.”

From what he could observe so far, Blade seemed to be just her type. Sawyer couldn’t stand the guy.

A Match for Mr. Write is an entertaining read with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. If you are seeking a light read to curl up with for a few hours to escape from reality, this tale fits the bill!

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