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4 Wine Glass #Review of Sedona Sin by Lisa Kessler

42686594Title: Sedona Sin
Series: Sedona Pack #1
Author: Lisa Kessler
Format: Kindle Edition, 195 pages
Published: February 25th 2019 by Lisa's Lair
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses

A new Alpha will rise...

Asher Mateo’s future was stolen the night the Sedona Pack Alpha marked him to be bitten. Drafted into the werewolf Pack, Asher was forced to become a man he hardly recognized. After heading up a rebellion to overthrow their Alpha, Asher can’t wash the sins from his hands and yearns for a fresh start. But he can’t bring himself to leave Naomi and her twin boys. Without a strong Alpha to lead the Pack, all their lives are at risk from a new threat who will stop at nothing to expose shifters to the world as blood thirsty killers.

Naomi Rossi used to be a graphic designer with a black belt in karate and deadly aim with ninja stars, but under a full moon a wolf bite left her changed forever. Now she’s a single mom to her twin boys, and doing her best to help her friend Asher see himself the way she does, as a leader. But a passing touch, threatens all of her plans as her wolf recognizes this man is destined to be much more than a friend…

Linda's Thoughts:
We were just a group of people who survived psychological tortures and imprisonment at the hands of a tyrant.

Sedona Sin is the engrossing opening salvo in Lisa Kessler’s new Sedona Pack paranormal romance series, a spin-off from her popular Moon series. Sedona Sin is the first full-length installment in this shifter world following the previous bridging novella, The Lone Wolf’s Wish. I’ve inhaled them all. That said, it’s not necessary to have read her Moon series and/or the bridging novella to fully enjoy Sedona Sin as Lisa fills in everything you need to know about previous events and characters. This is the story of future alpha Asher Mateo and single mom Naomi Rossi.

As the story opens, the Sedona Pack is a pack without an alpha. Unlike most packs, the Sedona Pack is a diverse mixture of born shifters, those turned against their will and volunteers. The former cruel, authoritarian alpha committed atrocious acts to retain power – including turning humans against their will, imprisoning and torturing members. Thankfully, that alpha has finally been overthrown in a rebellion in which Asher played a key role. Unfortunately, many of the pack members now have no idea how a true pack should function. One thing is clear: If the pack is to survive what is headed their way, they need to pull together and unite under an alpha.

Asher and Naomi were both changed against their will under orders given by the old alpha and have become close friends. Naomi is a single mother with twin sons. Naomi’s twins are being targeted by jaguar assassins loyal to NERO to be used to reveal the shifter world to humans. Asher and Naomi have a lot on their plates coping with their developing feelings, considering who would be best suited to lead their pack, protecting Naomi’s twins and responding to threats. I found it easy to root for them from the first. Being a bitten wolf, not the son of an alpha and lacking the support of the pack elders and some of the born wolves, Asher doubts his ability to become an alpha, but Naomi’s faith in him never waivers. Neither want to accept what their wolves already know – that they are fated mates. They both want their hearts to be onboard too. Naomi’s cute twin toddlers provide comic relief from the building suspense and impending danger.

It was hard to choose, but please find following a few of my favorite lines from Sedona Sin:

 “I’m not ready to say goodnight yet.”

“Then don’t.”

I raised a brow. “If I go with you, I might not be able to resist kissing you again.”

“Oh, I’m counting on it.” She grinned. “Get in.”

“You know we can still be friends.”

“I’m counting on it. But tonight, I want more than friendship.”

“Naomi’s twins were the future. If this Pack was going to live to see it, we needed an Alpha. Staring down at this perfect face, the choice seemed clear: I’d do whatever it took to be sure they were safe. Even if it meant becoming the new Alpha of the Sedona Pack.” 

Lisa is one of my favorite authors. Her books never fail to pull me in and Sedona Sin is no exception. Sedona Sin is an enjoyably addictive read demonstrating serious series potential and packing heat, heart, suspense and action. It appears that Vance’s long-awaited story is next and I can’t wait!  Go Wolf Pack!

Suggested Reading Order: 
The Lone Wolf’s Wish (Book #0.5)
Sedona Sin (Book #1)
Sedona Seduction (Book #2) – Vance’s book! Coming August 2019!

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