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🍷🍷🍷🍷.5 #Review of Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross

Title: Ruthless Vows 
Series: Letters of Enchantment, #2
Author: Rebecca Ross 
Format: 432 pages, Hardcover
Published: First published December 26, 2023
Source: Purchased
Reviewer: Crystal
Rating:  🍷🍷🍷🍷.5 / 0.5🌶️
The epic conclusion to the intensely romantic and beautifully written story that started in Divine Rivals.

Two weeks have passed since Iris Winnow returned home bruised and heartbroken from the front, but the war is far from over. Roman is missing, and the city of Oath continues to dwell in a state of disbelief and ignorance. When Iris and Attie are given another chance to report on Dacre’s movements, they both take the opportunity and head westward once more despite the danger, knowing it’s only a matter of time before the conflict reaches a city that’s unprepared and fracturing beneath the chancellor’s reign.

Since waking below in Dacre’s realm, Roman cannot remember his past. But given the reassurance that his memories will return in time, Roman begins to write articles for Dacre, uncertain of his place in the greater scheme of the war. When a strange letter arrives by wardrobe door, Roman is first suspicious, then intrigued. As he strikes up a correspondence with his mysterious pen pal, Roman will soon have to make a decision: to stand with Dacre or betray the god who healed him. And as the days grow darker, inevitably drawing Roman and Iris closer together…the two of them will risk their very hearts and futures to change the tides of the war.

Crystal's Thoughts:

"The problem is...I want to hear from you at all hours. I want to read your words. I am greedy for them. I am hungry for them."

War is still decimating parts of the country and Roman is missing. It's only a matter of time before Dacre shows up on Oath's doorstep. When another chance to return to the front lines arises, Iris knows that she must take it. 
Roman doesn't remember his past, but he knows Iris's face from his dreams. When he begins receiving strange letters from his wardrobe, he isn't sure what to think, but he does know that Dacre can never find out about them. 
Soon he learns Dacre's true face and that Iris isn't just a specter from his dreams. But is it too late to find an end to this war and his way back to Iris? 

"Let me be your secret, then. Tuck my words into your pocket. Let them be your armor." 

Ruthless Vows was completely heart-wrenching and just as magical as Divine Rivals. Roman and Iris's story was not an easy one, but I loved that even though they were forced apart, they still found a way to connect. The magical aspects of the story was intriguing and it took turns that I wasn't expecting. Ruthless Vows swept me away and will stick with me long after turning that last page. The ending was bittersweet and while a few areas dragged, coupled with the first book, this duology is lettered perfection.  

"Write me a story where there is no ending, Kitt. Write to me and fill my empty spaces." 

Tropes to Look For:
✔️ Danger/War
✔️ Love Letters
✔️ Gods
✔️ War
✔️ Magic Realism
✔️ Married Couple
✔️ Amnesia
✔️ Power of Words
✔️ Found Family
✔️ Friends for Life

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