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4.5 Wine Glass #Review of Better Than Me by Kimberly Kincaid


43443948Title: Better than Me
Series: Remington Medical #2
Author: Kimberly Kincaid
Format: Kindle Edition, 331 pages
Published:  May 7th 2019 by Kimberly Kincaid Romance
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Remington's most notoriously single,
notoriously sexy surgeon
is about to fall for the one woman
he can't have...

Did I mention that she's
A) his best friend
B) immune to his panty-melting charm, and
C) sleeping on his couch for the next six weeks?

But Jonah's not made for commitment,
and a good man is the one thing Natalie deserves.
Not someone who can only offer up
a couple of sizzling hot, no-strings-attached nights
of pure pleasure.

Unless that's what she wants.

Because Jonah wants her. And with each
moment they spend working together--
living together--
the harder it is to resist temptation.

And even harder to resist the fall
that might break them both...

A steamy medical contemporary romance from USA Today best-selling author Kimberly Kincaid. Watch this cocky hero fall head over scalpel for his sweet and sexy BFF. Full-length standalone story with action in the emergency room and the bedroom, and a sweet-and-sexy happily ever after.

Linda's Thoughts:
“I’m here with you.”
“I have you.”
“I promise.” 

Better than Me is the second fabulous installment in Kimberly Kincaid’s super-sexy Remington Medical saga set in North Carolina. It’s a wonderful contemporary romance and an addictive medical drama that any layperson can relate to. Better than Me works perfectly well as a standalone if that is your preference. That said, the first book, Back to You, ranks as one of my favorite stories this year.  Believe me, you want to read it! This is Dr. Jonah Sheridan’s and Dr. Natalie Kendrick’s friends-to-lovers’ tale.

Jonah, aka the Orgasm Whisperer, and Natalie are best friends.  As the story opens, a remarkable accident has occurred at Natalie’s lodging. It seems that the amorous couple who live above Natalie were preoccupied and didn’t notice their bathtub overfilling until it broke through their floor to Natalie’s below. Natalie’s abode is a disaster zone requiring that she find temporary lodging while repairs are made. Jonah enjoys his solitude and is reluctant to allow Natalie to stay on his couch for the six weeks it will take to put her apartment back together. He finally acquiesces only asking that Natalie comply with a few stipulations to ensure that their platonic friendship remains intact while they live in such close quarters. Those include no holiday romances on his television (with Christmas only a month away) and no bras on the shower curtain rod. It’s only for six weeks. What could go wrong?

I love this couple! Their chemistry is off the charts! They are both excellent, caring surgeons. Even as their relationship slides into intimacy, their friendship remains solid. No matter what, they always have each other’s backs. Nat is an optimist believing in love while Jonah doesn’t believe in love for reasons he’s kept to himself. Originally, I badly wanted to shake Jonah, later I wanted to shake Natalie harder.

Following please find a few of my favorite lines from Better than Me:

“I believe in the kind of love where you give the other person the last bite of cheesecake without thinking twice. Where you laugh when they’re happy, and you ache when they’re sad. Where you’re not two halves making a whole, but two wholes making something bigger, that only the two of you can make.”

“Hey, size matters, sweetheart.”

“I’d bet that the average person is probably far more likely to see Bigfoot riding a unicorn than to find happily ever after,” he said.

“Make no mistake, Natalie. The only thing I want tonight is you.”

I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with the staff at Remington Medical most especially Charlie and Parker, the couple from the previous book, as they participated in moving Jonah’s and Natalie’s story forward. I was thrilled to see courageous, young cancer-fighter Annabelle return in this installment with Rachel, her Mom. When Annabelle likened Nat to a goddess and Jonah to a Disney prince, I couldn’t help smiling. Fans of Kimberly’s Station Seventeen series will enjoy the occasional appearances of some of its hot firefighters.

Kimberly’s books have quickly become must-reads for me. Better than You had me alternately laughing-out-loud and swiping tears.  The ending will leave you happily sighing for days as it brings home that we are not islands and are stronger together. Even in periods of adversity, we must open our hearts to love and to our friends.

The third book in the series, Between Me and You, is scheduled to be released later this summer. The epilogue to Better than You includes a teaser that’s already ensured that I’m counting the days!

Suggested Reading Order: 
Back to You (Book #1)
Better than Me (Book #2)
Between Me and You (Book #3) – Coming August 2019!

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