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5 Wine Glass #Review of Back to You by Kimberly Kincaid


42920681Title: Back To You
Series: Remington Medical #1
Author: Kimberly Kincaid
Format: Kindle Edition, 321 pages
Published: February 12th 2019 by Kimberly Kincaid Romance, LLC
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Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

His second chance is his only chance

Parker Drake wants exactly one thing—to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor. Between his reputation as a rule-breaker and the six years that have passed since his first internship ended in disaster, he knows he’s only getting one shot at a second chance. He’ll do anything to put the past behind him and reach his goal…including work with the gorgeous ex-wife he’s never gotten over losing.

All work and no play make surgeon Charleston Becker a very happy woman. But when she’s tasked with mentoring her ex-husband through his second chance as an intern, her signature calm is put to the test. She’s not interested in re-hashing the heartbreaking circumstances that ended their marriage, and the six years that have passed haven’t made Parker less reckless. The last thing she’s willing to do is trust him—even if she does find him sexier than ever.

But familiarity breeds forgiveness, which then becomes a passion that threatens the careers Parker and Charlie have worked for. Can they turn their second chance into a happy ending? Or is history bound to repeat itself? 

Linda's Thoughts:
“No matter what, I’ll always come back to you.”

Back to You is the first installment in Kimberly Kincaid’s brand new series, Remington Medical. It combined an exciting, hot, well-plotted second-chance contemporary romance with hospital drama and I couldn’t get enough! This is actually the first book I’ve ever read by Kimberly but it’s already not the last, as not wanting to let the magic of her writing go, I picked up one of her Pine Mountain books and inhaled it right after.

Six years ago, Charleston “Charlie” Becker’s life fell apart while she was a medical intern at Remington Memorial Hospital in North Carolina. In her mind, she has recovered. She moved to Nashville and became a successful surgeon at Nashville General Hospital where her life revolves around work. But, when her best friend, Tess, who is a surgeon at Remington needs Charlie to fill in for her for ten weeks while she’s out on maternity leave, Charlie can't say no.

Six years ago, Parker Drake was an intern at Remington Memorial. But, his lifelong dream was put on hold when Parker left the program and became a paramedic. He’s an excellent paramedic, but he has a reputation of bending the rules when it suits him. Even though he loves being a paramedic, he still dreams of becoming a doctor and Remington Memorial has agreed to give him one more chance. On his first day back, he encounters a woman doctor who he thought he’d never see again – his Charlie.

Charlie and Parker have not spoken for six years. Now, they are forced to work together every day. The amazing chemistry they shared so long ago is still sizzling. IF Dr. Langston, the chief of staff, finds out about their past connection and present relationship, Charlie would be fired letting Tess down and Parker would lose his last chance to be a doctor. So, their relationship is hush-hush. Can they work through their past issues? Or, do they just enjoy this moment in time and go their separate ways? Or, do they commit to a long-distance relationship? Or , …???

I loved, loved, loved these two! Charlie is smart and caring and Parker is super sweet and smoking hot. They were magical together and there can be no doubt they were made for each other. Their sexy bantering steamed up my world! You will need an ice cold drink with a high velocity fan running under a cold a/c while reading. I couldn’t get enough of them as they reconnected and started to learn to trust in each other and their relationship. The hospital setting was fascinating along with the textbook medical cases. The secondary characters were fabulous and each deserves their own stories.

There were so many luscious lines in Back to You that it was hard to hone it down to just a few… but, I did my best:

“You’re actually reading that?” she asked, her auburn brows lifted at the sight of the romance novel Connor had given him this morning, sitting next to the medical textbook he’d propped open to the section on vertical mattress stitches.
Parker nodded. “Of course I’m reading it. How else am I going to find out if Michaela and Trent can outwit the creepy bad guy so they can give each other a lifetime supply of preternaturally incredible orgasms?”

“If we don’t get in your car and start driving, right now, I’m going to be tempted to take you into that alcove, right over there” – he paused to turn his chin toward the small, bricked archway leading up to the bakery’s side door, cloaked by just enough shadow to keep it hidden to anyone passing by on the street – “undo this infernal sweater of yours, and put my mouth on you until you come so hard, you can’t stand up. So, please. Can we get out of here?”
“Mmm.” Charlie arched against him for just a split second before using the leverage of her hands on his shoulders to swing him around. But rather than head toward her car, now a dozen paces from where they stood on the sidewalk, she turned in the other direction, away from the street.
“Where are you going?” Parked asked, his confusion turning to shock a beat later as her destination became clear.
Charlie paused in front of the archway leading into the shadows. “I’ve been dying for you to make me come all night,” she said over one shoulder, a sweetly wicked gleam in her eyes. “If you think I’m going to turn down a promise like that, you’re out of your mind.”

“We might just have one night, but we have all night. I don’t plan to waste any of it sleeping.”

Once I started reading this, it was impossible to put down. It’s emotional, sexy, fascinating and pure perfection! Let there be no doubt that I’ll be picking up “orgasm whisperer” Jonah Sheridan’s and Natalie Kendrick’s friends-to-lovers tale in Better Than Me coming in May! I can’t wait!

Suggested Reading Order: 
Back to You (Book #1)
Better Than Me (Book #2) – coming May 7th!

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