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Writing Prompt with Taylor Lavati of For The Love of Ash

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Lavati. You may know me as the author of the Curse Books, or you may not know me at all! But I'm here at Reading Between The Wines today and I can't wait to have some fun with you all. I have a weekly blog post that's really fun, so I figured I'd share my latest with you and play around.

It's called Writing Wednesday and every single Wednesday, I either prompt, do an exercise, or give some advice. Since I doubt anyone wants to listen to me drone on about adverbs or something similar, I figured a St. Patrick's Day prompt would be a great way to break the ice. 

I encourage those who read the prompts to try it for themselves, even if you aren't a writer! It's always great to explore your creativity and try something new. I recommend prompts to those who might be in a creative lull. I try to prompt first thing in the morning to get the brain moving!

Writing Prompt | St. Patrick's Day

You meet a Leprechaun first thing in the morning, and he gives you a pot of gold in exchange for his freedom. You have to use the money on St. Patty's Day, and after it will vanish. What would you do with it? Write a story as you tell him he's free and then explain your day.

My response....

"All you must do is set me free!" The leprechaun shouted, his arms full of gold. 

"So, I set you free and you give me the gold?" His little head bobbed up and down, the green top hat slightly falling down his face. His white beard pointed at the bottom, the ends stringy like they'd been set on fire. "How do I know you won't just run away?"

"You ever seen one of us lady?" He narrowed his beady eyes on me. I shook my head. "I have short legs and a fat belly. I won't be able to run from you."

"Fine," I said, wanting the gold. "You're free." I smiled as he threw the gold on the ground. My face fell as I dropped to my knees to pick it all up. 

"Yippee! Scadoo! Best day of my life!" The man skipped in a circle around the oak tree nearest us. He kicked a large rock, not moving it at all. He cartwheeled back towards me and landed on his butt beside the gold. "Lots'a gold, huh? What you gonna do with it?" It took me a moment to understand him through his thick accent. 

"I don't know."

"Well...." The man's voice trailed off and I knew there'd be a catch. I sat back with my arms propping me up and glared at him. "There might be a little stipulation to the money."

"What?" I put my hand at this throat and lifted him off the ground. He squirmed under my grasp, his legs shaking while they dangled. "Tell me," I ground out, furious. I just let the little bugger go and now he told me the deal was crap. 

"You have to use all the money by tonight."

"That's it?" I cocked my head to the side, not believing him. 

"Promise, lady." I loosened my grip on his throat and dropped him onto the hard grass. 

"You hungry?" I asked him as I dropped the gold into the black pot. 

"I, uh, I--Don't." 

"Are you hungry?" I asked again, biting my cheek so I wouldn't smile. 

"Sure, lady."

"Well, let's go spend this money, okay?" The leprechauns eyes expanded as his white eyebrows raised. I stood with the bot under one of my arms and reached for the little man with my other. He clung to my hand the entire time we walked towards the main street, jogging to keep up with my pace. 

The leprechaun and I went to lunch, devouring an endless supply of pancakes, bacon, and toast. I had three cups of Latte's. Leprechaun had coffee for the first time of many, he said. After that we went down to the little boutique shop. Leprechaun needed a new wardrobe with less green involved. He came out three suits richer and wearing a new fedora. After that I spoiled myself with shoes and dresses.

We were painfully hungry after shopping so much so ew went to dinner at the nicest restaurant in the area. I had never been before but we were treated like royalty. The waitress sat us near the floor-to-ceiling fish tank, Leprechaun's wishes. His fingers smudged the enter front of the glass, but nobody said a word. 

As the night ended, I used the money to get him a cellphone. I had come to like his company, his quirky little phrases like "The golder the coin the older the coin." Apparently for him, that translated to, "You win some you lose some." I didn't understand half of what he said, but he had good intentions. 

And as I walked up to my flat, a pang rang in my chest. Leprechaun waited at the bottom of the stairs with a sad smile on his face as he waved me goodbye.

"Hey, Leprechaun?" I said over my shoulder.


"You wanna stay with me until you get on your feet?" His fallen face ignited with excitement. 

"Do I ever! It is true! The greenest really do get all of the luck!" 

24917334Title: For The Love of Ash
Author: Taylor Lavati 
Format: eBook/Paperback
Expected publication: March 9th 2015
ISBN: 1502835363
Links: Review | Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Maggie Larken is a reformed party girl. After her parent’s death, she’s left to raise Asher, her nine-year-old brother.

Luke Wilson has done everything his parents have ever asked of him. A new teacher, Luke constantly questions where is life is headed.

When Luke and Maggie meet, neither is in the market for a relationship. But sometimes life has other plans. Both navigate new waters as they try to decide where their priorities should lie, while also seizing what they want.

In this heartbreakingly real tale of love, Maggie and Luke discover what being a family truly means.

*This book is a standalone and NOT part of a series. This book contains mature content. 

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