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#Review: The Trouble with Texas Cowboys by Carolyn Brown - 4 Wine Glasses

21898341Title: The Trouble with Texas Cowboys 
Series: Burnt Boot, Texas #2
Author: Carolyn Brown
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Published: January 6th 2015 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1402296088
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses

When Sawyer O'Donnell takes a ranch job on a whim, he lands smack dab in the middle of a Texas-sized feud! The Gallaghers and the Brennans are at each other's throats to woo the red-headed spitfire, Jill Cleary, and stake a claim for the Fiddle Creek Ranch. 

Jill makes Sawyer's blood boil. They argue, they banter, but Sawyer soon goes from being driven crazy to crazy in love. Damned if he knows how that happened. But now that it has, how does he compete with two men that can give this cowgirl a lifestyle beyond her wildest dreams?

Linda's Thoughts:
"Jill is mine and Polly's only living relative and she has come to Burnt Boot to work for us. And this bunkhouse is big enough for the two of you."
Sawyer wasn't too sure about that last statement. The bunkhouse had looked huge when he moved in, but a woman living in it would damn sure make it smaller in a hurry. Travis Tritt's old song "TROUBLE" played through his mind.

THE TROUBLE WITH TEXAS COWBOYS by Carolyn Brown is a very enjoyable romance set in small town Burnt Boot, Texas with its crazy quirky feuding families. Carolyn's Gallaghers and Brennans make the Hatfields and the McCoys seem tame in comparison. THE TROUBLE WITH TEXAS COWBOYS is the second book in Carolyn's Burnt Book, Texas series. This book can be fully enjoyed as a standalone, so, no worries, if you haven't read the first book. I was initially drawn to the book by its cover. Isn't it fabulous? Man, oh man! His abs rock! 

This is the story of Sawyer O'Donnell, the new foreman at Fiddle Creek Ranch, and Jill Cleary, heir to the same ranch. I loved both characters. They had a bit of a rough start with Jill holding Sawyer at gun-point when she finds him moving into the ranch's bunkhouse. But... that misunderstanding gets worked out none too soon as the feuding families being their assaults. You need to understand that Fiddle Creek Ranch is located squarely between the  Gallaghers' and the Brennans' spreads making it prized real estate to both families. So... since Jill is slated to inherit, they send their sexiest cowboys, Tyrell Gallagher and Quaid Brennan, to woo Jill. Sawyer isn't ignored either. The families would like Sawyer occupied elsewhere than with Jill, so Betsy Gallagher and Kinsey Brennan set about aggressively courting him. The families won't take no for an answer. It gets so bad that Sawyer and Jill join forces for their own protection against the feuding families' shenanigans. Neither is looking for a relationship... but working together like they are being forced to do makes the reader wonder if they might turn out to be more than bunkhouse buddies.  You'll have to read THE  TROUBLE WITH TEXAS COWBOYS to find out! I can assure you that life is not dull in Burnt Boot, Texas with the families starting the "pig wars", stealing cows, instigating bar and grocery store fights, causing fires and MORE! They are N-U-T-S!

Jill is a touch cookie. She has a way of always looking at the positive and not letting life drag her down. She works hard and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Sawyer is a keeper! He COOKS and cleans up and is just a solid rock that any girl would cherish. I fell even more in love with him when he cleaned up a cracked cookie jar embellished with daisies which just happened to be Jill's favorite flower, and dressed up their dining table with it. I swoon remembering that scene...

I was very happy to find out that favorite characters from the first book  figure prominently in this story. Even Sheriff Orville and his donuts make an appearance! Finn and Sawyer are related so we get to see Finn and Callie, our hero and heroine from the first book too along with their kids... and Verdie! 

Following please find a few of my favorite non-spoiler quotes:

"Wake up every morning and eat a bullfrog first thing, and the rest of the day will go just fine."

"That's pretty bold of you, Jill Cleary." His eyes sparkled when he teased. "We've only known each other a few hours, and you're already talking about us getting pets together."

"You are full of shit, Sawyer O'Donnell. I believe that you invented the Blarney Stone instead of kissed it."

There's a whole slew more favorite quotes posted on Goodreads if you'd like to check them out.

Carolyn's writing has something for everyone: a slow-burning romance, steamy sex, lots of sweet, humor galore, unique family dynamics and a hero and heroine who will find their way into your heart. I laughed a lot with this book with the crazy stunts pulled off by the crazed feuding families to the charming sayings interspersed throughout.  

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  1. I just read this book last week! Loved it! I also love that cover. The cover on the first book is pretty hot, too! Thanks for the great review!


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