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#Review: Wild Hearts by Sharon Sala - 4 Wine Glasses

23161577Title: Wild Hearts
Series: Secrets and Lies #1
Author: Sharon Sala
Format: eBook/Paperback, 400 pages
Publication: March 31st 2015 by Mira
ISBN: 0778318168
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Crystal
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Past Sins Cast a Long Shadow 

Dallas Phillips refuses to believe her father committed suicide, even though things were tough on his farm and he was deeply in debt. When she hears he'd told a neighbor about an upcoming windfall, she grows suspicious, and her suspicion only deepens when she realizes someone is lurking in the nearby mountains after dark.

For help, she turns to Trey Jakes, local police chief—and her former lover. As they begin to investigate, another mystery comes to light. Trey's mother is beginning to remember events from thirty years ago, something shadowy that happened in the mountains, and Dallas's father was there, too. Is what happened that night connected to his "suicide"? As they search for the truth, Trey and Dallas struggle to fight their attraction, but they may not be able to fend off another force—a killer who's more than willing to kill again to make sure old secrets stay buried.

Crystal's Thoughts:
Wild Hearts, the first book in Sharon Sala's new Secrets and Lies series, is a thrilling romantic suspense packed with emotion!

Thirty years ago four friends were enjoying a night out celebrating when tragedy struck, one friend ended up loosing their life. Now those friends are grown and enjoying their prime...but when one ends up taking his life memories from the past begin to emerge. Memories that one person will do anything to keep buried. 
Dallas Phillips left her small town life for a big city job. When she receives a phone call that her father is dead though, Dallas not only has to face the possibility of his suicide, but the man she left behind as well. While Trey Jakes, local police chief, helps Dallas prove that her father's apparent suicide was a murder, he also sets out to prove that this small town has everything that Dallas needs. And he isn't letting her leave it, or him, again. 
But as Dallas and Trey dig deeper into the mystery of her father's murder, more questions rise and another threat looms in the towering mountains behind them. 

Sharon Sala is an author filled with talent and heart, and that comes through in her writing every time! Wild Hearts is an exciting, gripping, and passionate page turner with the perfect balance of romance and suspense. Trey and Dallas make for a wonderful pair of main characters and a lovely second chance romance. Dallas is a very independent woman who is determined to prove that her father's death was a murder, and not the suicide everyone believes. But when Trey comes back into her life, Dallas realizes that even though she can get along well on her own doesn't mean that she wants to do it without Trey anymore. Trey, I loved to pieces. He was such a straight shooter and I adored how he told Dallas how it was going to be! These two were sizzling, sexy and sweet together. 

As the suspense side of the story played out I quickly came to realize that the blurb was a bit misleading. There is a mystery throughout the story-line that includes Trey's mother and Dallas' father, we even get glimpses of the past through Trey's mother's dreams. But it is part of a continuing plot arc in the trilogy so while there is a happily-ever-after in the end for Dallas and Trey, the mystery of the chilling killer and his or her reasonings is left up in the air for the future installments. Despite that though, Sharon Sala delivered a pulse-pounding romance that kept me on the edge of my seat and I am looking forward to the next book in the Secrets and Lies series!

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