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Following the Rules by Carolyn Brown of The Trouble with Texas Cowboys (#Giveaway)

Cowboy Boots for Christmas: (Cowboy Not Included) (Burnt Boot, Texas, #1)The Trouble with Texas Cowboys (Burnt Boot, Texas, #2)

Following the Rules by Carolyn Brown

Happy New Year’s everyone! It’s great to be spending the first day of the year talking about my newest cowboy romance The Trouble With Texas Cowboys. It was right after the New Year when heroine Jill Cleary and hero Sawyer O’Donnell met each other in a very abrupt way in the Fiddle Creek Ranch bunkhouse. She thought she’d be the only one living in the bunk house and he had no idea his new boss had a great niece or that she’d was coming to Burnt Boot, Texas to share the bunkhouse with him. Aunt Gladys made Jill put down the shotgun she had trained on Sawyer’s chest and they accepted the fact that they had to live together. But there were rules:

1) Jill would take her turn at cleaning the place, but she didn’t cook. Thank goodness, Sawyer knew his way around the kitchen. At least he wouldn’t be listening to that red head tell him how to make chili or lasagna or any one of a dozen other things he could stir up. Thank goodness she wasn’t his type even if there was something vulnerable in her eyes said that she needed a friend.

2) Turned out Jill was fantastic when it came to baking. Sawyer was willing to cook but only if Jill kept desserts ready to satisfy his sweet tooth. And her apple pie was enough to bring a grown cowboy to his knees.

3) If Jill fell for either one of the two cowboys wanting to court her, Quaid Brennan or Tyrell Gallagher, she wouldn’t bring them to the bunkhouse. After she and Sawyer had the face-off with the shotgun and before she could even unload her truck, Quaid and Tyrell had both paid her a visit, asking her out the very next day. One to a family dinner; the other to a family supper. Sawyer sure didn’t want to have to put up with either of those rich cowboys in the bunkhouse.

4) If Sawyer fell for Betsy Gallagher or Kinsey Brennan, he wouldn’t bring them to the bunkhouse, either. What was good for the goose was good for the gander and although Jill had no intentions of being anything but a roommate with Sawyer O’Donnell, she damn sure didn’t want to put up with Betsy or Kinsey in her bunkhouse. Just thinking about watching those two fawn over Sawyer was enough to gag her.

5) And the biggest rule of all was that they’d have each other’s backs in the feud going on in Burnt Boot because after that first night they figured out real quick that they were right smack in the middle of it. Fiddle Creek lay between the Wild Horse Ranch belonging to the Gallaghers and the Brennan’s ranch, River Bend. For either of them to add Fiddle Creek to their holdings would be quite a feat, especially in the feud. So the plan was hatched for either a Gallagher or a Brennan to sweet talk Jill to the altar since she’d inherit the ranch when Gladys died. And to take that good lookin’, sexy cowboy living in the bunkhouse out of the picture right at the beginning by setting a Gallagher woman and a Brennan woman out to sweet talk him away from Fiddle Creek.

With these rules in place, Jill and Sawyer were ready to bunk together…until their roommate situation turned into something more. What about you? Do you have any ‘rules’ to follow for the new year?

21898341The Trouble with Texas Cowboys 
(Burnt Boot, Texas #2)
by Carolyn Brown
Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: January 6th 2015 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 1402296088
When Sawyer O'Donnell takes a ranch job on a whim, he lands smack dab in the middle of a Texas-sized feud! The Gallaghers and the Brennans are at each other's throats to woo the red-headed spitfire, Jill Cleary, and stake a claim for the Fiddle Creek Ranch.

Jill makes Sawyer's blood boil. They argue, they banter, but Sawyer soon goes from being driven crazy to crazy in love. Damned if he knows how that happened. But now that it has, how does he compete with two men that can give this cowgirl a lifestyle beyond her wildest dreams?

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Author Biography
Carolyn Brown is a New York Times bestselling author with more than sixty books published, and credits her eclectic family for her humor and writing ideas. Carolyn was born in Texas but grew up in southern Oklahoma where she and her husband, Charles, a retired English teacher, make their home. They have three grown children and enough grandchildren to keep them young.

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  1. Good morning folks! I've got a filled donut in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. Come on in, prop up your feet and let's visit a spell. I'm so very excited about the second Burnt Boot book hitting the shelves next Tuesday. If you'll ask questions, I'll be glad to answer them!!!

  2. i dont have a favorite texan but any hot cowboy will

  3. Jodi, now that's a positive attitude for sure! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  4. Hey miz Carolyn, I would make it clear that I would cook because my better half has no clue how to. He can chop wood and keep the Bears away! Happy New year everyone!

  5. Kim, as long as he keeps the bears away, he's doing a very important job in my books! Thanks for stopping by. You always make the party fun! Happy New Year!

  6. I don't really have a favorite Texan, but I sure do love the cowboys. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  7. To be honest, my favorite Texans are my family. My new favorite Texan cowboys series is Burnt Boot. I loved Cowboy Boots For Christmas (Cowboy Not Included)!

    How many books do you have planned for the series? (I'm not even gonna ask if the feud gets resolved ;-) )

  8. I don't have a favorite but they sure do have a lot of fine looking men there.

  9. hmmm ... besides Carolyn's Texan's I enjoy visiting with those introduced by Linda Lael Miller and Diana Palmer!

  10. I can't name a favorite but Texas sure breeds some mighty fine Cowboys.. I an't wait to start this series. Love your books. Happy New Year.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  11. Anita: Cowboys just have a way about them that makes us ladies swoon!

    Glenda: Thank you! Right now there are 4 books in the series and that feud could get resolved but one never knows until the editor gives me the go ahead!

    Rita: Sure enough sure do. Texas knows how to grow them.

    Di: I'm in good company if you put my books in the category with Linda Lael and Diana. Thank you!

    Carole: Dive right in. Folks in Burnt Boot will make you feel right at home but you'll have to be careful not to take sides.

  12. my two aunts :) Thanks for sharing!

  13. Got an Amazon gift card for Christmas, Carolyn, and bought Burnt Boot, Texas #1. I hope to get to reading it in the next couple of weeks. I'm still trying to calm down after the Christmas and New Year's chaos with family and traveling here and there...and having company. Fun, but draining and no ME time. My New Year's resolution is to definitely increase and keep my ME time. I need my romance reading fix regularly! :-) Thanks for the post.

  14. I would have to say my favorite texan and because I am a big music fan I would have to say Miranda Lambert and George Straight.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway.
    christinebails at yahoo dot com

  15. If we are talking about fictional Texans, I will take any of Carolyn's cowboys! Raylen O'Donnell from Darn Good Cowboy Christmas is one of my favorites!

  16. I'd have to say one of the cowboys from Katie Lane's Deep In the Heart of Texas series, too hard to pick just one!

  17. Ohh that's a tough question - I can't really think of a favorite but the first one that popped into my mind is Sandra Brown's Lucky Tyler from her book Texas! Lucky.


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