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Behind the Author: Lisa Kessler (#Giveaway)

Thank you for joining us this month during out Behind the Author series! We hope you've had fun getting a peek at what your favorite authors do when they're not writing the books we love to read. To wrap things up we have the fabulous Lisa Kessler joining us. Enjoy!  

Hi everyone! *waving from San Diego*

Big thanks to Crystal for inviting me back to Reading Between the Wines!

I often get asked what I do when I’m not writing or reading, and today I’m going to lift that curtain and let you take a peek behind the scenes… Ready? 

Before I started writing seriously, I used to perform in musicals and even sang for a season with San Diego Opera. I was also in a few comic operas with San Diego Lyric Opera. Music has always been a passion for me, and I still have one professional gig as a church soloist because I just can’t stop singing. I’m pretty sure part of my soul would die! LOL

If you’re curious, you can hear samples of my songs on Amazon and I have a couple of CDs out…. 

I’m also really intrigued by anything paranormal and I have a blast giving tours of America’s Most Haunted Residence, the Whaley House in San Diego on Thursday nights. I get to meet people from all over the world and share the history and the spooks of San Diego’s first two story brick house.

I post pictures of the orbs and apparitions I get on my phone over on Pinterest, so check it out when you get a chance. 

And here’s a shot of me getting ready to perform as the Ghost of Christmas Past in the Whaley House version of A Christmas Carol. See the wide beam of light coming from the picture of the Whaley’s in the upper left and coming down diagonally across my dress? That’s a large moving orb…  I like to think it’s the Whaleys giving me their good wishes for a great show!  LOL You never know, right?

I also love to visit old graveyards. Something about going and reading the names that probably haven’t been spoken out loud in decades makes me feel like the spirits get a little boost by being remembered. Here are some graveyard pics I really like…

So there you have it! Thanks for coming by! And I hope you’ll check out my paranormal romances too…

Lisa ☺

18593156Blood Moon 
(Moon #3)
by Lisa Kessler
Ebook, 314 pages
Published December 15th 2014 by Entangled: Select Otherworld
"Lisa Kessler is an up and coming author to remember" - Sherrilyn Kenyon - #1 NYT Best Selling author of the Dark Hunters Series

One bite can change you.
And one kiss can change your destiny... 

Nadya Dalca has been handed a death sentence. She's been bitten by the last living genetically enhanced werewolf―part of the Nero Organization's disastrous Moonlight project. With the poisonous blood now coursing through her system and pushing her to the limits, it is only a matter of time before Nadya's fate is sealed...

Gareth Takoda told himself he couldn't get involved. Caught up in a maelstrom of grief and bitterness, he has been isolating himself from his Pack. But when he is charged with watching over Nadya's first transformation―or bear witness should it go horribly wrong―Gareth is torn further by unwanted desire and the need to protect what is his.

One kiss changes everything. One shattering, all-consuming kiss. And with it, Nadya and Gareth face either salvation...or death. 

Lisa is giving away one digital copy of her latest release, Blood Moon, to one reader! To enter just leave a comment on this post; Is there any paranormal extra curricular activities that you like to do? Ghost tours, graveyard walks, ect.? Or just leave a meaningful comment or question for Lisa! ☺ The be sure to fill out the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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  1. ~~~WAVING~~~~
    Hi Lisa! You are one busy lady! Ghosts, singing, family... and an awesome author... I love to visit old graveyards too... when we took vacations, I would always check out the nearby graveyards (I know... crazy). St. Augustine, near Daytona's Coastal, has a really neat graveyard if you get a chance to check it out. You already know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your books!

    I'm not going to enter your contest as I've read Blood Moon and LOVED it! People - you must read Lisa's books!

  2. Hi Linda! *waving*

    Are you coming to the Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona next week??? I hope so! :D

    And I'd LOVE to see that graveyard too! LOL I look them up before trips too! My favorite was a tiny graveyard just outside of Austin Texas. There was a mailbox inside with the flag up! LOL We had to go investigate and discovered you could make a donation to help with upkeep and then put the flag up so they can come collect it...

    It was not the dead sending postcards! :)

    Thanks SO much for all the support for my books! Can't wait for you to read Harvest Moon! :)


  3. Hello Lisa! Stopping by to share the love. Looking forward to meeting you in person at Coastal Magic next week! You'll have to sing for us

  4. Ha! Sharon we should totally find some Karaoke in Daytona Beach! That would be a blast! :D Can't wait to meet up in person!

    Thanks for coming by the blog...

    Lisa :)

  5. Oh I love to read paranormal,but I would freak to actually be a part of some paranormal activity :)

  6. I'd love to do a ghost walk/graveyard tour :) thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Rita -

    Sometimes the Whaley House is freaky, but we know most of the ghosts there so I don't get super scared, just startled sometimes... LOL

    Thanks for coming by!

    Lisa :)

  8. Hi Erin -

    If you make it to San Diego, come by the Whatley House in Old Town on a Thursday night and I'll give you a tour... :-D We'd have a blast!

    Thanks for commenting!

    Lisa :)

  9. would love to join ghost hunters on something. my husband and i are huge fans and have watched since season 1.

  10. I'd like to do a graveyard walk at night. Just with some candle light perhaps.

  11. I would like to go on a ghost walk again.

  12. I would love to go on a ghost walk!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. I have always wanted to do a ghost hunting tour all over the US. Sadly I don't have the money but have toured a hunted house in Tucson, AZ


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