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#Review: Broslin Bride: Gone and Done it by Dana Marton - 5 Wine Glasses

22451824Title: Broslin Bride: Gone and Done it 
Series: Broslin Creek #5
Author: Dana Marton 
Format: ebook
Published: June 16th 2014
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N 
Source: Library (A Huge Thank You to the author, Dana Marton, for donating her Broslin Creek series to my local library. :-))
Reviewer: Linda
Rating: 5/5

The worst time to be charged with murder is:
A. When you have no alibi for the night in question.
B. When you have no memory of the night in question.
C. When you told people you hated the victim.
D. When the detective is the 1st guy you ever slept with--which didn't end well.

Check all of the above for Luanne Mayfair. If it wasn't for bad luck, she wouldn't have any luck at all. Okay, maybe a little luck. As it turns out, Detective Chase Merritt doesn't hold grudges.

He still looks at Luanne just as he did in high school, except he's grown some serious 'hot cop' muscles--very distracting when Luanne is trying to avoid the very law Chase represents.

Is she the killer? Is she being framed? Is she the next victim? As Chase and Luanne race to find some answers, danger and heat ratchet up in this fast-paced romantic mystery that will stop your heart one second, then steal it in the next. 

Linda's Thoughts:
"Okay, more disclosure. I'm not a fugitive at the moment, but I might become one. I don't know if I'm going back for a trial. I can't go to prison and leave the twins alone. We'll leave before it comes to that. I don't want to get you in trouble."
Hilda waved off the words. "I'm an old woman. They ain't gonna take me out of here in shackles. I've seen most of the local officers run around in diapers."
Luanne was pretty sure that didn't mean immunity. She'd seen Chase naked, and that hadn't stopped him from arresting her. She didn't tell that to Aunt Hilda.

BROSLIN BRIDE: GONE AND DONE IT by Dana Marton is a fast-paced, profoundly realistic, action-packed thriller with a riveting romance and just the right dash of humor. It's the fifth book in Dana's Broslin Creek series. Each of the books in this series features a different swoon worthy law enforcement officer in the small town Broslin Police Department as the lead character with their own story. Even though there are interconnected characters, all the books in this series can easily be enjoyed as a standalone, out of series order. BROSLIN BRIDE: GONE AND DONE IT is the story of Detective Chase Merritt and Luanne Mayfair and I ate it up!

First, I have to share this. I became hooked on this series after listening to the first book, DEATHWATCH, as an audible. I loved that book, too, but felt that the ending left me hanging. I'm thrilled to report that in BROSLIN BRIDE: GONE AND DONE IT, DEATHWATCH garners it's very satisfying closure in the Epilogue. What a wonderful surprise that was! It was PERFECT! I'm happy dancing all over the place!!!!! Thank you, Dana!

Ok... back to BROSLIN BRIDE: GONE AND DONE IT .I loved both Chase and Luanne from the get go. The chemistry between them was palpable... hot and sweet. Chase was one sexy law enforcement officer. He was perfect in every way... strong shoulders made to lean on, great with kids, plenty of patience, and more. Luanne was a hard-worker, conscientious, responsible, with a good heart and way too trusting for her own good. 

Chase and Luanne actually had a one night stand over ten years ago as teenagers but, after Luanne shared her experience with her best friend who gabbed it to everyone at school, Chase and Luanne had avoided each other like the plague since. Fast forward ten year to the present day. Luanne is a maid at Broslin's Mushroom Hotel. The manager there is disliked by all the staff for good reason. After making a pass at Luanne, the manager meets his end that very night on his way home. Luanne can't remember anything but she can see that the front of her car has been damaged like she hit something or someone... Chase is the detective on the case and, unfortunately, all the evidence seems to point to Luanne as the killer. Deep down, Chase's instinct is that Luanne is not guilty, but to prove her innocence, they must find the murderer. Will they find the killer before the assassin finds Luanne? Time is running out...

Following please find three more of my favorite quotes from this excellent contemporary  read spotlighting some of the humor AND the heat:

He updated his report, doing his best to tune out the two men who staggered into the police station, dragging each other.
"I want you to arrest this idiot bastard," the taller one shouted, face contorted with rage. "He shit on my front porch!"
Your dog shits all over my yard every day," the other one countered shoving.
Calm down, please," Leila said when they reached reception.
The tall one thumped a fist on the counter. "I want to make a police report. I stepped in that shit!"
Chase checked out the floor behind them, the questionable footprints. Made a mental note to walk around them when he left.

"Okay," she said, breathless. "But just be quick about it. Please."
He looked up from her breasts to her face. "Stamina is usually considered a good thing in a man."
She tried to catch her breath. "It's... uncomfortable. I'm not good at this," she confessed. "I don't like to drag things out.:
His eyebrows slid up a fraction, his voice deepening to a silky smoothness. "Is that so?" And then ever so slowly, ever so carefully, he licked a lazy circle around her nipple.
A small moan escaped her throat, taking her by surprise and embarrassing her.
His lips twitched. Then he licked the nipple itself.
She moaned again, started by the pleasure.
Then he took her nipple into his mouth, sucked hard suddenly, and she felt moisture gather between her legs. When he moved to the other nipple while rubbing the first between his thumb and index fingers, she reached down to run her hands over his back and wide shoulders, over his hot, smooth skin, wanting to touch him as much as wanting to hold him in place.
He looked up. "For someone who's not good at this, you're amazingly responsive."

"I'm a patient man, but I'm not going to wait endlessly."
"But...," She stammered.
"But what?"
"It's so fast."
He growled. "When I went slow, you wanted fast. Now I'm going fast, you want slow. Luanne Mayfair, are you trying to drive me crazy on purpose, or is it just a lucky side benefit as far as you're concerned?"

One of my favorite scenes occurred near the beginning of the book when Chase's mother called him on the phone. Chase's two sisters had gotten married and moved away from Broslin. His mother desperately wanted Chase to find a local girl and settle down in Broslin. He was her last hope for grandchildren she could spoil. Here's an excerpt from that phone call that I thought was so cute.:

His phone rang just as he set his evidence kit on the ground. He glanced at the display and took the call. "Hey, Mom."
"I ran into Cindy Jenners at the store today."
"She's such a nice young woman."
"Not interested."
"Your sisters abandoned me."
"They didn't abandon you. They got married."
"They moved to other states. I don't have a single grandchild. within driving distance. How can they be so cruel?" She gave a guilt-laden pause. "Mrs. Ottmann said she saw you talking to some blonde with Massachusetts license plates by the feed store yesterday."
Chase closed his eyes and brushed his thumb and forefinger over his eyelids. "I was giving her a speeding ticket..."

I love Dana's writing. It's first-rate, as always. She's quite adept at keeping the adrenaline climbing with plenty of mystery, danger, romance, and heat!  Also... Dana writes the best surprise endings as I NEVER EVER saw this finale coming... It was a total shocker and literally took my breath away! Every one of the books in this series have had shock and awe conclusions.

You will most definitely want to read BROSLIN BRIDE: GONE AND DONE IT in one sitting. I certainly did as there was no way I could put it down once I started it! If you're looking for a book with a rich storyline, breathtaking action and romantic suspense that keeps you turning the pages until the very end, then go grab BROSLIN BRIDE: GONE AND DONE IT at your favorite bookstore without delay!

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