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#BookReview: West Winds of Wyoming by Caroline Fyffe - 4 Wine Glasses

22009415Title: West Winds of Wyoming 
Series: Prairie Hearts #3
Author: Caroline Fyffe 
Format: Paperback, 320 pages
Published: September 30th 2014 by Montlake Romance
ISBN: 1477825207
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Kindle | Audible | B&N
Source: NetGalley
Reviewer: Linda
Rating: 4/5

In Book Three of the Prairie Hearts series by USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe, two broken hearts just might find a second chance at love.

When widower Charlie Rose shows up looking for work at the struggling Cotton Ranch, no one knows he’s secretly trying to outrun trouble—and he intends to keep it that way. He wants to start over fresh in the small town of Logan Meadows, where his blind daughter can grow up safe…and where danger can’t find him.

Feisty and independent, Nell Page is determined to protect the Cotton Ranch, despite threats from the bank…and the mysterious stranger lurking on the ranch’s borders. In spite of her better judgment, Nell instantly feels drawn to handsome, dependable Charlie. The more they ride together through the beautiful Wyoming mountains and plains, the more their feelings grow into a love that could be strong enough to last forever. But will Charlie’s past catch up with him and dash their hopes for a future together?

"Taking Maddie to Logan Meadows is for the best, Mr. Axelrose," Miss Baxter assured him.  "I'll get her there safe and then she can live with my niece, Brenna Lane, and me until you arrive.  Then if you're willing, you and Brenna can start courting.  She's kind and smart---and pretty.  A man would be hard pressed to find a wife as good as her.  And you know how much Maddie wants a new ma, and sisters and brothers.  I can't think of a more perfect solution to both your problems."

When he didn't say anything she took hold of his arm and gave it a good shake.  "You listen to me. This town ain't fit for cockroaches anymore, let alone decent folks like you and me.  And now this trouble between you and Grover Galante.  He'll not let you be until he kills you.  Then where will that leave your little girl?  With an old woman, living in a den of thieves? There's no one else here to care for a blind child after I die, and you know it.  I've already sold anything I had of value that won't fit in a carpetbag.  I'm ready anytime you want us to go."

The old woman's idea had been his only choice.  His only way to get Maddie out of town quickly.

WEST WINDS OF WYOMING by Caroline Fyffe is a lovely sweet western romance. Even though it is the third book in her Prairie Hearts series featuring interconnected characters, it can be thoroughly enjoyed as a standalone.   The books in this series are all centered in the area around the small town of Logan Meadows in Wyoming.  This release is the delightful tale of cowboy Charlie Rose and rancher Nell Page.  

Charlie, our heroine, is a sexy cowboy.  He's running from trouble in the form of a despicable villain on a quest for revenge who wouldn't think twice about shooting Charlie in the back.  Charlie is a widower with a daughter who is blind so he must ensure her safety along with his.  He's a very honest and caring character.  Nell, our heroine, is a ranch-owner with issues of her own.  She's is a young widow and shares ownership of the Cotton Ranch with her brother.  Nell is gifted with the ability of communicating with animals, a very helpful talent on a ranch.  She has been raised by her brother on their working ranch and normally dresses in men's clothing as it's easier to accomplish her chores attired that way.  Even so, she's a romantic at heart and truly cares for her brother and the folk of Logan Meadows.  She is a strong woman, determined to survive.  Their ranch is teetering on the edge of being repossessed by the bank.

There's also a secondary story focusing on do-gooder Brenna Lane and school teacher Mr. Hutton.   Brenna is a lovely woman with a heart of gold.  She is also a widow and a caretaker; she cares for the town, her children, her neighbors and friends.  She is a very strong character having essentially raised herself from someone requiring public assistance to a self-supporting character.  I loved her daily  secret little acts of kindness which are the talk of the town as no one but Brenna knows that she's the one responsible.  Mr. Hutton is the new schoolmaster in town and a bit of straight arrow.  It was quite a show to watch Brenna mold him into more of a caring character.  

I have to mention a few other important characters: Maddie and Brenna's other children.  They were all adorable and shined in this tale. 

The romance is ultra-sweet.  Even though there's not much romantic action besides a couple of kisses, the reader is left with no doubt that there's some hot chemistry brewing between Charlie and Nell.  

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes that illustrate the author's fluid writing style and the sweetness of the romance:

The new man pulled open the door.  He wiped his boots on the tattered doormat, glanced at the pile of old boots behind the door, and then to Seth's stockinged feet.  "You want me to take these off?" ...
"I think I'd keep 'em on if I were you.  Never know what might bite you."

"There's not a single thing in this world you can't accomplish, sweetness, with hard work, fortitude, and love.  Just set your mind to it and march ahead.  Never let anyone rob you of your dreams."

"Can I have this dance?"
He held out his arms expectantly, waiting as she grappled with her feelings.  She gazed up into his eyes.  One heartbeat later she slipped into his arms and he pulled her close.  Her palm against his was heady, sending all sorts of tingles coursing up and down her arm.  His other hand, on the small of her back, kept her close.  They were awkward at first, but kept at it.  He hummed as they moved around in a circle, her skirt swishing against her legs and sometimes tangling between his.  A slow burn started on her neck.  When they finished he let her go and took a small step back.
"Charlie, I..."
"Stop talking, Nell."
His eyes closed and his lips covered hers.  The kiss was gentle as he pulled her tighter against him, driving all thought from her mind.  His hands moved down and bracketed her waist and he tilted his head, deepening the kiss.

Her eyes narrowed.  "Mr. Rose, did anyone ever tell you that curiosity killed the cat?"...
"Yes, they have, Mrs. Lane," he said.  "They most surely have.  But I've also been told that satisfaction brought it back.  What about you?"

"Charlie Rose is too much of a ladies' man for my liking.  He thinks a lot of himself with his bluer-than-blue eyes and charming smile.  I'm sure in his day he's enchanted more women than we have horses."
Nell gave the mare a quick hug and kissed her neck.  "Sorry again, Georgia."  With a lighthearted chuckle, she stepped through the gate.  
And came face-to-face with Charlie.

Caroline's word building and character development are consistently first rate.  The plot is well-paced and solidly crafted.  I know when I pick up one of her books, that I'm in for an heart-warming time.   

This book also had a good bit of intrigue and suspense;  I was on the edge of my seat multiple times waiting for the hammer to fall.   There's a very satisfying happy-ever-after ending that will leave the reader with a contented smile.   I highly recommend WEST WINDS OF WYOMING to anyone who enjoys very sweet western romances.  

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