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#BookReview: The Cage King by Danielle Monsch - 4 Wine Glasses

20874927Title: The Cage King
Series: Entwined Realms #1.5
Author: Danielle Monsch
Format: ebook, 134 pages
Published: August 2014 by Romantic Geek Publishing
Links: Goodreads | B&N | Amazon | ARe
Source: NetGalley
Reviewer: Linda
Rating: 4/5

USA Today Bestselling author Danielle Monsch invites you back to the magic of the Entwined Realms with The Cage King. Esh is the undisputed ruler of the underground fight scene, but five years ago a decision not to fight cost him his best friend and the woman he loves. Now Nalah is back, a member of the Guild and in need of his help to get into the greatest cage match in the New Realms. Oh he'll help, but it will be on his terms, and Nalah had better get ready because when Esh fights for something, he always wins.

"The only reason a fighter would bring a woman was if she was his, so for the duration of the Tour, you're mine."  
"What do you mean?"
"What I said."
He was arrogance personified standing there, and damned if that wasn't a good look on him, the bastard.  "Pretend I'm stupid and spell it out."
His eyes burned as they raked over her body, as strong as a physical caress, and the sensations that hadn't dimmed since their kiss burned brighter.  "No fucking," he said.  "I'm not going to fuck you until you beg me.  Everything else, that's allowed."

THE CAGE KING by Danielle Monsch is a book in the author's Entwined Realms universe.  THE CAGE KING can be read as a standalone; however, the reader's enjoyment would be exponentially increased if the series is read in order as there are interconnected characters and a common theme. That said, I highly recommend reading all the books in this series as they are all fantastic.

Recommended Reading Order:
STONE GUARDIAN (Entwined Realms, Book 1)
STONE EMBRACE (A Stone Guardian After-Scene) (Entwined Realms)
THE CAGE KING (Entwined Realms, Book 1.5)
THE ROOFTOP  (Entwined Realms, Very Short Novella)

THE CAGE KING is termed a novella, but at 223 pages, it seemed like a full book.  In it, we meet some wonderful new characters and become aware of new powers in the Realm.  This is the story of the ultimate fighter, Esh, nicknamed the cage king, and Guild member Nalah.

Esh, our hero, was Nalah's brother's best friend and in a sweetheart relationship with Nalah, our heroine.  Naleh's brother lived on the edge despite the desperate pleadings of Esh and Naleh.  One fateful day, five years ago, her brother lost the fight.  The Guild discovered Naleh in the depths of despair and mad at Esh after her brother's funeral.  When the Guild offered training on how to use her gift, she accepted and disappeared from Esh's life.

Now - five years after she had last seen Esh - Nalah's next Guild assignment involves Esh.   Nalah's greatest fear is that she will again succumb to his chemistry.  She succeeds in making a deal with Esh to tackle the critical and dangerous assignment together, but will she lose her heart or her life in the bargain?  Esh is certainly forthright in communicating what he wants - To have Nalah firmly back by his side and in his bed.

OMG!  These guys had some intense, set-your-sheets-on-fire chemistry!  I loved Esh from the get-go.  With a powerful physique to make most any woman moan and an outwardly rough, but caring and loyal personality, he was a panty-melter.   Nalah was a vulnerable but spirited character in denial of reality.  In her defense, she had been young and immature when she lost her brother and left Esh. Danielle mixes some dirty politics and fighting action into the story.  I really enjoyed the appearances by favorite secondary characters from earlier books in this series including Fallon and Laire and am looking forward to reading more after introduction of a new Realms; villain to be feared in the Corpse Bloom Queen.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this book:

He rid himself of his own pants, and unlike her, he was naked, his cock hard.  He didn't shield himself, let himself be studied as she wished, but his eyes lost the mirth from before as he waited for her next move.
Strange.  When she approached him, she expected to have a moment's hesitation sometime during their play, a voice that would tell her this wasn't a good idea.  Right now was a perfect time for that voice to show up, but her body only thrummed.  She leaned up on her elbows, giving him an exaggerated once-over.  "That thing looks more dangerous than what you show in the cage."
And with that, the mirth was back, and all hardness in him was due to desire.  "Wait until you see it in action."
"Well, for that, I think you need to come closer."

He raised the glass and pressed it in her hand.  "Drink.  You still look in shock."
She grabbed the water, aware of a disconnect between her body and brain, but not quite able to break through and correct it.
Taking the glass away after she had a sip, Esh set it on the table beside them, then fisted his hand through her hair and pulled her head up for a hard kiss.
One moment, two, and then fire raced through her body, shattering the ice and she kissed him back, tasting whiskey as his tongue battled hers.
Another minute before Esh pulled away.  "You with me now?"
"Isn't a slap across the face the usually way shock is handled?"

"There are eight known Realms beyond this one.  It's mixed what you find on them, but a couple of them, the phrase hell on earth couldn't be more fitting.  They're a necromancer's wet dream."

She curled those fingers around him and gave a long, lazy pull.  "No underwear?"
"Didn't want to slow you down."

Danielle's writing is always excellent.  Her Entwined Realms' magical word building continues to increase.  Danielle's books are all must-reads from me.  I love her Fairy Tales AND her Entwined Realms.  For Danielle's fans, this is, without-a-doubt, a must-read.  I highly recommend THE CAGE KING to anyone who enjoys paranormal or urban fantasy romances.

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