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#BookReview: A Highland Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear - 4 Wine Glasses

18487189Title: A Highland Wolf Christmas 
Series: Heart of the Wolf #15
Author: Terry Spear 
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 320 pages
Published: October 7th 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1402293763
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Kindle | B&N | ARe
Source: NetGalley
Reviewer: Linda
Rating:  4/5

Financial advisor Guthrie MacNeill isn’t a complete Scrooge—he just hates the enormous cost associated with the Christmas holiday season. Needless to say, when his pack hires a party planner to decorate the castle, he’s at his wit’s end. Until Calla Stewart arrives on the scene with her mistletoe in hand.

Calla has never had a client as difficult as Guthrie, but she’s determined to give the pack a Christmas season they will never forget—no matter how much it costs. But when her ex-fiancé begins stalking her and threatening her safety, Guthrie decides to loosen his grip on the purse strings and let out his inner Highland warrior wolf to protect her.

She was getting ready to attach a figure of a longhorn steer wearing a Christmas hat, compliments of Shelley's mother's Texas collection -- and thinking of how fun it was to see decoration from the various newcomers to the pack -- when she heard Guthrie shouting.
Deep, frustrated shouting.  And cursing.
Claws scrambled on the stone floor, boots tromped at a run toward the great hall, and then disaster struck.
Women shrieked and shouted, but Calla was on the other side of the tree where she couldn't see the commotion.  But then she saw the twelve-foot tree toppling over -- right toward her.
Before she could get out of the way, something hit her hard from the side and slammed her against the floor.  Just before the tree landed on top of them.  He was on top of her, smelling like the great outdoors, fir tree, and musky, sexy male wolf, Guthrie.
"Sorry," he mumbled against her ear, branches framing his head and touching the floor on either side of hers.  "I meant to rescue you."
She smiled.  "From... the tree?

A HIGHLAND WOLF CHRISTMAS by Terry Spear is an highly entertaining trip back with the MacNeils' wolf pack in the Scottish Highlands at Christmastime. LOL! I love snow in books and this one has plenty of that white stuff complete with frosty snowball fights!  

Even though it is the fifteenth book in Terry's Heart of the Wolf series and there are interconnected characters, this book can be fully enjoyed as a standalone if that is what you prefer.  That said, I highly recommend reading all the books in this series as they are all delightful!  I love Terry's Highland wolves!  This fun tale is the story of Guthrie MacNeill, the financial advisor for his clan, and Calla Stewart, a party planner.  Guthrie has always been a dear to me - so I'm really glad he's finally wangled his own story.

Both primary characters are realistic, relatable and captivating.  Guthrie is a financial nerd.  The nuances of love are completely foreign to him.  He's attracted to Calla but his clan members are afraid that he only has his eye on 

Calla on the rebound after a recent failed love affair; His wolf says otherwise.  When the laird's lady hires Calla to throw a major Christmas party, tight-wad Guthrie is determined to keep the financial impact to the pack contained.
Calla is also on the rebound.  She has been hired by the laird's lady to stay at the castle - not only to plan a major party - but also for her own protection as Baird, her ex-fiance, is still smarting from being jilted at the altar.  Baird is no friend to the MacNeil's either, as there is much bad blood between them. To make things more worrisome, Baird wants Calla back no matter what! The MacNeils are providing a bodyguard presence where ever she goes with Guthrie,  who makes Calla's heart go pitty pat, taking her protection personally. The stakes are high when Baird's stalking turns deadly.

It was great catching up with favorite characters from the series including Ian, Julia, Cearnach, Elaine, Duncan and Shelley.  Their camaraderie, playfulness and banter whilst they made their holiday preparations and frolicked in the snow put me in the holiday spirit early!

Following please find three more of my favorite quotes:

"I have all kinds of lovely ideas for games and the like."  She glanced at Guthrie.  "None require swordplay."
Guthrie shook his head.  "Where's the fun in that?"

Despite all the commotion, and to Calla's surprise, Guthrie kissed her.  His lips were warm and masculine and tasted like wassail.  Cinnamon, apple cider, and oranges.  She licked his mouth to enjoy more of the taste and he licked hers back, smiling.  then he deepened the kiss.
Oh my God!  She hadn't felt this naughty in forever!  The men were going to move the tree soon, and here she and Guthrie would be.  Kissing.    In front of several members of his pack. She pushed her arms through the branches, trying to wrap them around his neck.  She tangled her tongue with his, his cock hardening against her belly, and she felt deliciously wicked hidden beneath the half-decorated tree.

"Damn, woman, how we can go from analyzing finances to hot sex..."
She pulled him down for another kiss.  "We just love each other's assets way too much."

Obviously, I found the scene in which the Christmas tree toppled over upon them to be one of many story highlights.  As I read it, I was alternately laughing and melting at the sweetness of Guthrie's and Calla's budding romance as Guthrie swept in to save her from the tree and they were both engulfed in feelings neither recognized.  

Terry is one of my favorite authors.  Her books are all must-reads for me from her wolves to her vamps to her fey and more.  If she writes it, I will read it.  :-)))  Her writing is always first rate.  If you love to read about snow; if you love books featuring sexy Highlanders; if you love romances featuring wolf-shifters; and if you are looking for a book with lots of laughs, smokin'-hot chemistry, and a happy-ever-after that will leave your face sore from smiling, then look no further than A HIGHLAND WOLF CHRISTMAS!  Be sure and watch out for that mistletoe!

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