Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sexy Snippets: Watch Me by Cynthia Eden


Sundays have never been so sexy!
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Chance pulled Gwen to her feet. His hold was rough and his eyes - she'd never seen them so dark.
"You." The one word was guttural. Sexy. "In you."
Then he picked her up. Carried her as if she weighed nothing and that in itself was hot. He took her back to his desk. Sat her right on top of that gleaming wood.
"I fantasized about you so much here." He yanked off her shoes. Tossed them. Pulled down her jeans and her socks and she had no idea where her panties had gone but her sex was bare to him. "Now...I have the real you, not some dream. You."
He jerked up her shirt. Nearly tore her bra when he yanked it off. Then she was naked on the desk. Gwen should have felt vulnerable. She didn't. She felt sensual. She felt...turned on. 
"Put your hands n the desk," he ordered. 
Her hands slapped down.
He pushed between her legs.
"Can't wait...need you..." But he bent and took one nipple into his mouth. She gasped at that contact, loving the feel of his tongue against her.
Then the head of his cock began to push into her. Yes! 

*Snippet taken from ARC, actually finished scene may vary.

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