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#Review: Forever Mine by Monica Burns - 4 Wine Glasses

23247088Title: Forever Mine
Author: Monica Burns
Format: ebook
Published: December 2nd 2014 by Maroli SP Imprints
ISBN: 0984027750
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Source: Author
Reviewer: Linda
Rating: 4/5

Her future lies in the past 

When a bomb explosion thrusts Victoria Ashton backward in time to 1897, she’s forced to impersonate the Countess of Guildford. Despite Victoria’s attempts to convince the earl she’s not his wife, her counterpart’s infidelity, lies, and ill-tempered personality makes the task almost impossible. Worse, Victoria finds herself falling in love with a man who loathes her. Only when the earl learns to trust her does she realize her future lies in the past. But love always comes at a price, and she must make a painful sacrifice in order for them to be together.

Her love is what will save him 

Nicholas Thornhill, Earl of Guildford has been searching for his missing wife for three weeks. Rumors of him being guilty of murder make him unwilling to believe his wife’s latest in a multitude of lies. But the changes in Victoria continuously surprise him. Despite his best intentions, he finds the contempt he once felt for his wife turning into something deeper and stronger. But when danger threatens to separate them forever, he must forge a bond with her that crosses the boundaries of time.

A passion to last forever

Linda's Thoughts:
Amusement made her blue eyes sparkle as she smiled up at him. Her hand moved slightly until one beautiful breast was exposed to him. The air left his lungs then returned in a rush.
"You, sweet witch, are playing with fire," he whispered hoarsely.
"Perhaps I should help you put it out."

FOREVER MINE by Monica Burns is a wonderfully powerful romance across time. I'm a huge fan of Monica's books; she has never once disappointed me. The author's writing, as always, is top-notch. FOREVER MINE is the epic love story of Victoria Ashton and Nicholas Thornhill, Earl of Guildford. 

Present day, Nick Barrows runs the Barrows Art Gallery with his sister, Nora. He has always been pulled to paintings of the Countess of Guildford who lived in the 1800s.  One day, a young lady, Victoria Ashton, who is on a lonely vacation to London, visits the gallery. She is admiring a landscape painting of the Countess' home, when Nick sees her. Nick sees her as an auburn vision of the Countess, introduces himself and is bending to kiss her when there's a bomb explosion which devastates the art gallery. Victoria is injured in the blast throwing her into a coma. Nick remains at her bedside side 24/7. 

In 1897, Nicholas Thornhill, has been searching for his missing wife, the Countess of Guildford, for three weeks.  When she unexplainably re-appears on a wintry day, via a pond on his property with no memory of how she arrived there or where she'd been, Nicholas assumes this is just another of her games. Theirs is a loveless marriage and the Countess has made it evident to everyone that she holds him in low regard. His wife has been repeatedly unfaithful to him and treats his family and friends like dirt.

However, Vitoria is not the Countess he knows; even though she appears to be her. Victoria has been thrust into this position and forced to play the part or be committed to an asylum. She is not the terrible person his wife was but how can she convince him that she is not? What sane person would believe that she is from the future? Worse, she finds herself highly attracted to him.  

I loved the hero, heroine and the supporting cast - in both time periods. They are all realistic and captivating. Any long-term romantic relationship between Nicholas and Victoria seems doomed, but I'm holding out hope. They certainly have an intense, set-your-sheets-on fire chemistry. My favorite scenes - and I had many - all involved their passionate trysts. Monica excels at writing exceedingly lusty sex scenes!

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this delicious read illustrating the wanton heat to be found within:

"You said yes, Victoria. You said you'd welcome me into your bed." He traced a line from the base of her throat down to the green silk of her bodice. She shuddered at his touch. Nicholas leaned into her, his mouth nipping at her earlobe.
"I'm not sure what pleases me the most, the fact that you said yes or how much I'm going to enjoy having you cream my cock like you did my fingers."

"I'll be hurting elsewhere in a moment if I don't get you into bed right now." He chuckled as he laid her on the mattress. One hand clutching his robe, she tugged him downward.
"Then touch me, Nicholas. Make me burn like you did a few moments ago. I want you touching me, sucking on me...I want you to fuck me until neither one of us can move."
"Christ Jesus," he rasped at the lust echoing through her words.

"Hungry?" he asked as embarrassment flushed her cheeks, and he laughed. "Get dressed, and I'll have supper brought up to us."
"Isn't getting dressed defeating the purpose?" she said as she slowly rolled onto her side and trailed her fingers across his chest. "I mean you're just going to take off whatever I put on, right?"
Her fingers stirred a fire inside him as she dragged them down toward his stomach.With a life of its own, his cock stirred as she brushed her fingertips over his growing erection. Nicholas growled with need at her touch.
"You're deliberately trying to distract me."
"Is it working?" she murmured in a husky voice.

Which time frame will Victoria end up in? Will there be a FOREVER MINE for them? 

I will share that there's a wonderful HEA ending to look forward to, but while I'm thrilled the author included an heartbreakingly beautiful epilogue, I sobbed through it; it's a tear-jerker, for sure. If you're looking for a book with a rich storyline and yummy naughtiness that will keep you turning the pages until the very end, then I highly recommend FOREVER MINE!

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