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#Review: Watch Me by Cynthia Eden - 3.5 Wine Glasses

23675176Title: Watch Me 
Series: Dark Obsession #1
Author: Cynthia Eden 
Format: ebook, 200 pages
Published: December 9th 2014 by Hocus Pocus Publishing
ISBN: 139780991027699
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Source: NetGalley
Reviewer: Crystal
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Watch Me…The first book in New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Cynthia Eden’s sexy new romantic suspense series…DARK OBSESSION.

He was hired to protect her.

Watching gorgeous Gwen Hawthorne wasn’t a hard job—but it certainly was tempting. Chance Valentine had tried to keep his distance from the sexy socialite for years, but when her father hired him to keep watch on her—as a twenty-four, seven bodyguard—Chance knew his control was about to be pushed to the limit.

He’d never wanted another woman the way he desired her. Hot. Intense. Consuming. Being so close to Gwen, Chance knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist her. So he gave into his need, her need, and he took them both to the edge of a dark and consuming desire.

But Chance soon realizes that he isn’t the only one watching Gwen. Someone else is out there, a stalker who won’t rest until Gwen is destroyed. Every day, every moment…Gwen is in danger. And Chance knows that if he can’t unmask the stalker, then he may just lose the only woman he has ever loved.

Crystal's Thoughts:
Chance Valentine is finally realizing his dreams of starting his own security company when his former employer approaches him with a job that he can't refuse. Someone is stalking Gwen Hawthorne, a beautiful D.C. blue blood, and her father wants Chance to be her bodyguard. But there was a reason Chance left his position with Will Hawthorne, he could no longer keep his hands off the boss's daughter. But Gwen's father, and Chance, know that he will protect Gwen with his last breath. As danger surrounds them passion ignites. Can Gwen forgive Chance's past betrayals enough to allow him by her side, and back into her heart? Or will the stalker steal their second chance at love?

Watch Me was a light and easy romantic suspense that I flew through. Chance and Gwen have a past so there is already chemistry between the characters right away. However, there is very little back story given, which hindered me from fully connecting with them as individual characters and a couple.  Chance made for a sweet hero, I guess you could say that he was very in touch with his feelings and honest about them. This wasn't a bad thing but it brought him down a step in the ex-military, alpha rawr scale. It is nice to have the author switch it up every now and then though with the protagonists! Gwen didn't stand out for me as a character though I did like that she wasn't a spoiled little rich girl and was fiercely independent. The plot had several twists and turns that caught me by surprise and I did enjoy the secondary characters in the story. The whodunit kept me guessing up until the end. 

Watch me was a good read all-in-all, but it was my least favorite story from Cynthia Eden which is always an auto-buy author for me. Although, I do plan on continuing the series, and look forward to it. 

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