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Elley Arden's MARRYING THE WRONG MAN (Spotlight/Giveaway)

We have an excerpt from Elley Arden's contemporary romance, MARRYING THE WRONG MAN, to share with you. Enjoy!

Author: Elley Arden
Author Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May12th, 2014
Word Count: 50,000 words
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Format: Digital eBook
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Morgan Parrish returns to Harmony Falls after her spectacle of an almost wedding and her father’s colossal fall from grace. She’s broke and infamous. But that’s nothing compared to the secret she’s been keeping.
Life is finally on the upswing for Charlie Cramer. He’s sober and chef of Chargrilled Bistro. But his peace is shattered, when the woman he loves—the woman who left him—shows up in town with shocking cargo: the baby he’d begged her to keep and raise with him.
When fate steps in and Morgan takes a job working in Charlie’s bistro, things heat up—in and out of the kitchen. Can they learn to trust each other enough to love again? And is that love enough to keep them up when everyone else is trying to tear them down?


"I never stopped wanting you. "
Silence fell over the kitchen. Nobody moved. He stared at her, so damn afraid to believe her words. Then he couldn’t stand not touching her a minute more. He reached for her, running his hand up the warm, soft skin of her arm. When she closed her eyes, he reached for her other arm, sliding both hands upward until he cradled her neck.
His heart beat in his throat. “You have no idea what you do to me.”
You could show me.” She slid her hands over his.
Charlie kissed her, fusing his lips to hers, holding her face at a slant, letting her exhalation warm his cheek. It was rough and hard and as distant as he could make it—just in case he got spooked and needed to walk away. He couldn’t help but think one of them would. But then, he parted his lips just enough for his tongue to take the smallest taste. And that was it. Like the addict he was, he opened his mouth and swallowed her. Distance be damned.
Their mouths found a familiar rhythm slipping and sliding, opening and closing, probing and pulsing until he knew nobody was walking away without being well and truly fucked.
“Charlie,” she whispered on her next breath. “I want you. I never stopped wanting you.”
Somewhere in the back of his hazy head he knew what a person wanted wasn’t always what he needed. But he didn’t care. The desire ran too deep.
With his mouth covering hers and his arms holding on for dear life, he walked her backwards into his office.
She tugged at his pants. “Now, Charlie. I want you, now.”
“Not now,” he growled. “I’ll tell you when.” She’d been calling the shots in his life for way too long.
She hissed as he rolled the tip of his tongue over the curves of her ear to the base of her neck. Every muscle in his body swelled from the energy building inside of him.
He kept his mouth on her mouth and his hands on her body, ridding her of the T-shirt.
She stood before him with her hands clutching his waistband, dressed in a white lace bra that barely fit. So damn soft. He traced the mounding flesh. His pulse quickened, his groin tightened, and a spot beneath his ribs clenched.
Don’t do it. She may want you now, but she’ll leave in the end.

Second chances don’t come around often, especially not in a town known for its scandals, and almost definitely not with the one that got away, but Morgan and Charlie get theirs in Elley Arden’s latest Harmony Falls novel, MARRYING THE WRONG MAN. Will they take the chance and make it work? This is a story that’ll tug at the reader’s heartstrings!

Want to learn more about MARRYING THE WRONG MAN? Be sure to check out this exclusive interview with Elley Arden!

About Elley Arden:

Elley Arden is a born and bred Pennsylvanian who has lived as far west as Utah and as far north as Wisconsin. She drinks wine like it’s water (a slight exaggeration), prefers a night at the ballpark to a night on the town, and believes almond English toffee is the key to happiness.
Elley writes provocative, emotional, contemporary romances, where Mr. Not-My-Type ends up being Mr. Right.

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