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#BookReview: Hunter's Moon by Lisa Kessler - 5 Wine Glasses

18141075Title: Hunter's Moon 
Series: Moon #2
Author: Lisa Kessler
Format: ebook, 340 pages
Published: October 21st 2013 by Entangled: Edge
ISBN: 1622662148
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Rating: 5/5

Sasha’s future was stolen from her the moment she was bitten. Now she's on the run from the Nero Organization that transformed her from a human detective into a shape shifting jaguar assassin.
When a rogue bounty hunter threatens her younger sister, she'll be forced to fight, and with nowhere else to turn, Sasha will need to trust the one man who has every reason to want her dead.
Aren is a werewolf with a secret. While protecting his twin brother and Alpha of the Pack, he found his one mate for life. Sadly she's also the jaguar assassin who tried to kill them both. Now Aren is struggling between his animal nature to love and protect her, and his loyalty to the Pack.


Wow! Loved it! IF you love hot shifter romps on the wild side, pick up this book! I'm a HUGE Lisa Kessler fan and have inhaled every single book she's ever written. Her books are always must-reads for me. Lisa draws the reader into her stories right away, her characters are always well-developed and there's never a slow period in any of her books. 

This is the 2nd book in her Moon series, following Moonlight which was the 1st book in the series. Moonlight introduced Lana, a jaguar shifter and the HOT HOT HOT shifter pack led by Moonlight's hero, Adam. I thoroughly enjoyed their story and I loved catching up with them in this book.

This book focuses on the story of Aren, Adam's twin brother born just minutes after Adam, and Sasha, ex-police officer and turned-against-her-will jaguar shifter previously affiliated with the nefarious secret Nero organization. We met both of these characters in the 1st book and I honestly couldn't see how they could ever have a "their" story ... but Lisa is truly full of surprises! I loved Aren... he's a sweetheart and Sasha grew on me too (Great Job Lisa!!!!). Every time Aren uttered MINE, my heart melted. We get to meet Sasha's sister here also and delve more into the pack. I can hardly wait to read more of their stories.

This book could be read as a standalone. Lisa seamlessly fills in what the reader needs to know from the previous book and it's a great story in-and-of-itself, but, I would still highly recommend that the series be read in order. 

Excellent Howling HOT Shifter Romance!!!!! 

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Hunter's Moon!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the book...

    Lisa :)


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