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#Review: Midnight Captive by Elle Kennedy - 4.5 Wine Glasses

Title: Midnight Captive 
Series: Killer Instincts #6
Author: Elle Kennedy 
Format: Paperback, 368 pages
Published: June 2nd 2015 by Signet
ISBN: 0451474422
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Library
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Former CIA agent Bailey Jones has spent months trying to forget her night of passion with mercenary Sean Reilly. An elite and methodical assassin, she has no room in her life for a reckless, rule-breaking Irishman, and she’s vowed to steer clear of the tempting bad boy who lured her into his bed under false pretenses.

When Sean is implicated in the robbery of a Dublin bank, Bailey knows something isn’t right. So what if she can’t trust him? There’s no way Sean would end up on the wrong side of the law. In fact, he’s stuck in the middle of a dark and dirty conspiracy that could put his twin brother’s life at risk with one wrong move. And Bailey’s life too when she agrees to help.

As the stakes are raised and Bailey finds herself torn between two brothers, the fine line between danger and desire is crossed…and it’ll take more than a killer instinct to survive.

Linda's Thoughts:
"Are you going to put some clothes on?" she blurted out.
"No. Are you going to take yours off?"
"Right. Of course not."

MIDNIGHT CAPTIVE by Elle Kennedy was a very good sexy romantic suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. This was the first book I've ever read by Elle Kennedy but  I will definitely be checking out more of her books soon! The cover drew me in and then the story wouldn't let go. This was the story of Bailey Jones and Sean Reilly and it made for a scintillating fireworks show set amidst desperate and dangerous Irish terrorist politics.

Even though this is the sixth book in the author's Killer Instincts series and there were obviously interconnected characters from previous installments, I full enjoyed this tale as a standalone. I do plan to go back and read the former books just because this was such a gripping story and the characters were so captivating. 

I really liked both the hero and the heroine. They were both strong, compelling personalities. Bailey had a rough childhood and early adulthood too. She had left all that behind her and refused to give in to the attraction she felt towards sexy, reckless Irishman Sean Reilly who seemed to have trouble as his middle name. She was a private individual and didn't share any of her past life even with her best friends. She was a small curvy female but she was one smart cookie and a tough mighty mite in action. 

Sean, on the other hand, fell hard for Bailey from the moment he saw her. Her found her capable, take charge, always-had-a-plan and a back-up plan-if-that-one-failed persona irresistible. I loved his cockney accent! It was so sexy! However, it was obvious that Bailey couldn't stand the sight of him, preferring the company of his calmer, self-restrained brother. It tore Sean up. Then... Bailey and Sean had a one-night-stand over a year ago; Neither has been able to forget it. But... will Bailey ever relent and give their relationship a chance?

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this fabulous read:

"When I'm feeling this way, there're only two activities that calm me down." He shrugged. "Fighting's one of them."
"What's the other?" she asked, then cursed herself for opening her stupid mouth.
Because his green eyes were gleaming now, smoldering with sin. "What do you think, luv?"
Several seconds ticked by as their gazes held.
"It's fucking," he drawled. "Pure, hard-core fucking."

Bailey went quiet, her expression softening. "You're right," she finally said. "It wouldn't have been smart."
"Well, fuck me -- are you actually admitting that I was right about something?"
"It's like an eclipse," she muttered. "Happens every so often."

God, you don't have a romantic bone in your body, Sean."
He flashed a cocky grin. "Maybe not, but there's definitely one in my pants."

How the heck has this author stayed off my radar until now? It's obvious  that I've been missing out! Once I started this book, I absolutely could not put it down until I'd read the last word. I highly recommend MIDNIGHT CAPTIVE to anyone who enjoys high-stakes, action-packed steamy romantic thrillers!

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