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Redeeming the Unredeemable with Claire Ashgrove of the Inherited Damnation Series (#Giveaway)

Redeeming the Unredeemable

Hi all!  It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but I always love spending time on Reading Between the Wines.  Thanks for having me back and letting me talk about Marked for Death.  For those of you just catching on to the series, this is the last book in the Inherited Damnation series.  If you’d like to check out the first, it’s available free – Cursed to Kill.

I’ve said it many times; Marked for Death is my favorite book in this series.  It was the first time I delved into a truly dark character…and I haven’t delved this dark since, frankly.  Not because I shy away from it, but I’ve just not had the opportunity in other works to fiddle with a character as unique as the hero, Taran.  So let’s take a peek at the top five reasons this is my favorite in the series:

5. Taran is full of angst.  Not the broody, self-loathing, “hide in the basement” type of angst.  But the “Screw off, get out of my way or I’ll kill you” sort of way.  He’s accepted what he is, knows he can’t really change it, and he’s done things he can’t undo.  To me, that makes him real and atypical of the “Angel-esque” bad guy trying to be good and repent.

4. Solene, the heroine, is particularly strong.  One has to be when confronting the person who previously killed you.  Her “do I seek vengence or…” struggle was really, really fun to craft.

3. The siblings’ dynamics come into full play in this book, and as the story moves along, more realistic family ties start to interweave.  I was able to pull out small threads that were merely hinted at and wrap them up, accordingly, between all the brothers and sisters.  Plus, putting them all in the scenes at the same time, when previously it’s been only a couple here and there, save for the very first book, was a great little reunion, if you will.

2. The history.  Usually, when I interweave history, it goes way back.  And true, the Selgovae Celt history is present, which makes me all kinds of giddy.  But when it came to Solene and Taran, there are smaller little bits of more recent history, which allowed me to do some research on things I normally wouldn’t.  Plus it’s in France.  And France is… well…French and romantic!

1. The love story grabbed me by the heartstrings and wouldn’t let go.  Once I figured out the history between these two, reuniting them made me cry.  There are several scenes where, even as I write this post years after writing the book, I can see their faces, feel the nuances in their touches.  It’s tragedy given a second chance.  Utter and complete loss rewound.  Lovers reunited after a final, terminal end.  Consider, if you will, how many people would kill for the opportunity to share one more kiss with someone they’ve loved and lost?  This was the most compelling aspect of Marked for Death, and the part I enjoyed the most.  These two are such a perfect pairing it also makes it difficult to craft that deep dynamic between anyone else, and creates the largest reason why I’ve not had the opportunity to go this dark before with characters.  (Although Templar fans… all I will say:  Declan.)

There you have it – the five reasons Marked for Death is my favorite in the series.  I hope you’ll give it a look-see!  Really, sincerely, hope; I think you’ll like these two as much as I do.

Meanwhile, if you would, share your thoughts on dark characters.  Do you like them broody like Angel?  Or do you like them dark and accepting they are dark, like… well… like Taran?


Inherited Damnation series by Claire Ashgrove 
Damned At Birth...

Thousands of years ago, sixteen children were born to the Selgovae High Priestess, Nyamah. Eight were sacrificed by their incubus father in a quest for eternal power. Eight Nyamah secreted away. For betraying her evil mate, she was executed, her body divided, her soul chained to the mortal plane.

Nyamah's magic lived on. Written before her death, her book of sacred rituals details the means of destroying the incubus, Drandar. If this is accomplished, her spirit will at last rest peacefully.

But the immortal children who can carry out the rituals are divided. Some crave the innocence of light and mortal existance. Some thrive on the dark needs of their conflicted souls. Others tend the balance, forever devoted to the ancient Celt ways.

None may ever know the beauty of love, for if they should, they cannot resist the calling to kill the one who holds their heart.

23522932Cursed to Kill 
(Inherited Damnation #1)
by Claire Ashgrove 
Published January 2015 by Untamed Spirit
One of eight children born to an ancient Celtic priestess and sired by a demonic incubus, Cian McLaine suffers from a centuries-old curse. Though his immortality allows him to enjoy the pleasures of mortal life, he is plagued by the desire to kill. As long as he doesn't fall in love he can keep the compulsion at bay.

When Cian walked into her rare bookstore months ago, Miranda Phillips never imagined she'd lose her heart to the handsome playboy. Her reward for doing so was abandonment. Cian left as mysteriously as he appeared, in the middle of the night with no explanation, no goodbye. Now he's back, and passion flares just as hot. But Cian has secrets. If Miranda is to survive, she must uncover the truth and free his darkened soul. 

23523017Tormented by Darkness 
(Inherited Damnation, #2) 
by Claire Ashgrove 
Published 2015 by Untamed Spirit Publishing
Cursed by her incubus father centuries ago, the last thing Rhiannon McLaine wants is to fall in love.

The night she delivers flowers to detective Mick Farrell, however, everything changes. Deep-seated attraction flares into untamed passion. In the morning, Rhiannon awakens to find she’s lost her heart. Now, unless she can convince Mick of her secret past, she’s destined to take his life.

When Rhiannon asks Mick to go camping with her, instinct warns him to refuse. Though he hungers for her love and the goodness she represents, he’ll do anything to keep her from discovering the darkness within his soul. Yet a weekend in the woods is the perfect place to indulge in temporary desire…until he finds himself bound against his will.

Surrounded by ancient Celtic rites and magic, can Mick see beyond Rhiannon’s duplicity and recognize her love? Or will the revelation of her true demonic nature doom Rhiannon to a mortal life alone? 


23523021Destined to Die 
(Inherited Damnation #3)
by Claire Ashgrove
Published 2015 by Untamed Spirit Publishing
Haunted by his mother’s betrayal, Belen McLaine surrendered to his demonic half long ago. For centuries, he’s roamed, doing all he can to corrupt those he encounters. But Belen’s life changes when a little Yuletide fun goes wrong, and the one woman he can’t stay away from is suddenly in need of his protection. Unable to cast her aside, he finds himself on a deadly path to love.

Faith Winters shared one glorious date with Belen complete with fireworks, but he stayed away until the night of her brutal attack. As danger escalates, he becomes her only safety net. Shared passion gives way to something deeper, hotter, than she’s ever known before. Yet Faith has no idea her greatest threat is the very man who holds her heart.

For Belen, even if it means hurting Faith, he must not succumb to love. If he fails, his father’s curse promises he’ll take Faith’s life. 

23523025Bound by Blood 
(Inherited Damnation #4)
by Claire Ashgrove 
Published 2015 by Untamed Spirit Publishing
Beth Whitley has finally put her life back together after her husband’s betrayal and is determined to piece together the clues to her past. But she never imagines an ancient scroll bearing the name of a Celtic ancestor will plunge her into a world of demonic ritual. Nor does she suspect that a kiss shared with genealogist Fintan McLaine will unveil the secrets of her dreams and a burning desire.

Fintan McLaine wants freedom from the dark curse he’s suffered for centuries. When Beth arrives with evidence that she shares ancestral ties with his Selgovae Celt tribe, he must confront the truth of his inherited damnation. As he struggles to convince Beth the truth within her dreams, she awakens a dangerous and forbidden yearning in his heart.

To save them both, Fintan must convince Beth to believe in herself and her ability to overpower his unholy sire. If he fails, he will remain an eternal slave to his tainted blood and lose Beth forever.

23523027Fated for Sacrifice 
(Inherited Damnation #5)
by Claire Ashgrove
Published 2015 by Untamed Spirit Publishing
When Reese Hamilton is abandoned in the snow-laden woods, she must find her way to Dáire McLaine’s cabin—a friend she’s known for years, and the man who makes her pulse triple. Little does she know that a cozy night in the woods will lead to passion they both have been longing to explore. But with the new change in their relationship comes something darker and more terrifying, and Reese must confront danger, even death, before she can be free to love.

Dáire McLaine will do anything to escape his demonic blood and attain mortality, even if that means defying nature’s laws and manipulating Reese’s thoughts for his own means. But when he delves into her hidden secrets, the staggering emotion he encounters makes it impossible to deny the forbidden longings of his own heart. He’s yearned for Reese over the years. Yet to love Reese will demand the ultimate sacrifice—his life.

23523033Doomed to Torment 
(Inherited Damnation #6)
by Claire Ashgrove
Published 2015 by Untamed Spirit Publishing
Isolde McLaine left Hatherly Hall and its darkly handsome owner Angus Shaw to escape her incubus father's curse. But when word reaches her that Angus is selling the piece of British history, she returns to talk sense into him. Little does she realized that returning to England will throw her into her sire's vile world and leave her fighting not just her heart and the danger of falling in love but battling to save Angus's son's life.

For three and a half months, Angus has done his best to put Isolde and the one unforgettable kiss they shared behind him. Yet when she returns, scolding him for selling his deceased wife's estate, he's sharply reminded of the passion she awakens inside him. Yet as Isolde pushes for him to leave his son's legacy intact, their battle of wills provokes far more than just desire. His son's nightmares have returned. And Isolde triggered the hellish dreams.

Torn between protecting his child and the love he feels for Isolde, Angus must find the strength to trust in Isolde before her demonic sire claims his son. 

23523037Enslaved by Fear 
(Inherited Damnation #7)
by Claire Ashgrove 
Published 2015 by Untamed Spirit Publishing
For standing against her brother, Brigid McLaine is imprisoned within her home. All she wants is freedom and the ability to follow her dark nature. But captivity poses a greater threat in the form of her handsome guard, Micah Nelson. Day after day of confinement leads her down a treacherous path of desire she can no longer ignore.

When Micah befriended Brigid six years ago, he never imagined the woman who haunted his every fantasy would end up being the very same demon he's employed to guard. During the forced confinement, he comes to learn the softer, gentler side of the woman who is despised by her family--and he recognizes the fear that keeps her chained to her sire. As their bond strengthens and passion ignites, Micah struggles to convince Brigid to confront her fears and escape her incubus father's dark designs.

Yet with the sabbat of Litha so near, one of them must make a choice. Will Brigid find the ability to confront her sire once and for all and embrace the lightness in her heart--or will Micah find the courage to let go of the one thing he wants most? Brigid.

13516209Marked for Death 
(Inherited Damnation #8)
by Claire Ashgrove 
ebook, 118 pages
COMING 6/23/15
Taran McLaine knows the agony of his incubus father's curse more intimately than his siblings. A century ago he murdered the only woman he ever loved. When he finds her alive, he's faced with the ultimate heartbreak. They have no chance at a future--he's done all he can to insure that on his day of judgment the ancestors will deny him a mortal life.

Years ago, Solene Larouche embraced Taran and the dark curse that cloaked him. She knew the risk she faced, but when Drandar pulls her back to life, she agrees to aid the demon and damn Taran to eternal suffering. One look at the man who held her heart so long ago, however, changes her mind. She must find a way to free him, even if it means condemning herself to eternity as Drandar's slave.

As Samhain approaches, Solene and Taran conspire to destroy Drandar. But will their combined effort enable them to kill the incubus or will they be cast into Drandar's own special Hell and all hope of their renewed love marked for death?

About the Author:

Building on a background of fantasy game design, a fascination with history, and a lifetime love of books, Award-Winning Author Claire Ashgrove brings to life action-filled, passionate journeys of the heart. Her paranormal series, The Curse of the Templars, marries the history of the Knights Templar with the chilling aspirations of the most unholy--a must-read for speculative fiction fans. For romance fans, she also writes as the National Bestselling Author Tori St. Claire and historical romance as Sophia Garrett.

In her non-writing time, she owns and operates Finish The Story, a full-scale editing house co-founded with Bryan Thomas Schmidt. She lives in Missouri and enjoys cooking, studying ancient civilizations, and spending downtime with her two sons and too-many horses, cats, and dogs.

To learn more, visit her at: claireashgrove.com or toristclaire.com. For all the latest updates look for the Untamed Spirit blog, via any of her websites.


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  1. I normally don't read this type of story but I'll try the first one out since it's free. Thanks!

  2. I haven't read the series yet.

  3. i havent read any of the books but they sound good


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