Monday, July 21, 2014

Find My Way Home by Michele Summers (Interview/Giveaway)

Fun small town summer romance is what our guest today has in store for us! Welcome Michele Summers! 

Michele Summers: I’ve been looking for to this. Thanks so much for hosting me today. 

Lexi: That pretty much sums it up, fun small town summer romance. We all love them, can’t get enough of them and Find My Way Home sounds like it fits the bill perfectly. Not to mention how fitting your last name is for a summer release. What local would you name as the perfect location to sit and read this book? 

Michele Summers: Well, I’m fond of porches and porch rockers on the beach in the mountains or just about anywhere. I’m also a big fan of reading by the pool or with my feet in the sand. (my last name is very fitting indeed!)

Lexi: I would love to be sitting beside lake reading Find My Way Home, but even if I can read beside the kiddie pool while my kids play I will consider it wonderful. Has the release of Find My Way Home cut into your usual summer playtime or vacations? 

Michele Summers: Yes, a little. I’ve been so excited for release day that I wanted to be close to internet access to could keep up with my blog tour and answer emails, etc. But I’m planning a trip to Miami with my kids the first week in August where I’ll be playing lots of tennis, visiting friends and doing a little book signing. ;-)

Lexi: Your current home and past home are considered vacation destinations for many. Does your love for North Carolina and South Florida bleed into your writing of small town Harmony? 

Michele Summers: Yep. Most definitely. I love combining the two vastly different places and seeing what I can come up with. And Harmony, NC may be a small town, but some really big people happen to wander through and sometimes they end up staying.

Lexi: The Harmony Homecomings series already has blurbs out for the next two books! So readers can fall in love with Harmony’s inhabitants and then look you up online to see if their favorite characters will be the next Main Characters. Which also leads me to wonder, will there be more than three Harmony Homecomings books?

Michele Summers: Yes, I’m actually writing the fourth book in the series as we speak. There’s more to come from Harmony and neighboring Raleigh with more endearing locals and famous, best-selling authors and dreamy professional football players. A mixed bag of fun and funny! 

Lexi: This series sounds I need to get started with Find My Way Home on my Kindle right now! Congrats on your exciting first release and everything that comes with it! We will be eagerly awaiting your next visit for book two!!

Michele Summers: Thank you again. I’d love to visit again with book two. And I really hope you enjoy Find My Way Home on your Kindle. And be sure to look for Not So New In Town releasing early 2015. Have a great summer by the pool!

18509640Find My Way Home 
(Harmony Homecomings #1)
by Michele Summers 
Paperback, 352 pages
Published July 1st 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 1402293550 
Everyone knows that money can't buy happiness. The promise of money is even worse. Especially for a small town designer with big dreams. Bertie Anderson is finding out anticipation only buys trouble. When the offer of $150,000 is dropped into her lap for designing one house, she dumps her dreams of leaving town and gets to work. If only she wasn't so distracted by her hubbalicious client. Why would an ex-pro tennis player move to tiny Harmony, NC?
Keith Morgan is wondering the same thing. Sure, he needs a safe place to raise his daughter, away from the party lifestyle of his past. But does it have to be in a crazy, little town where everyone knows his business? What's worse is his aunt has given him an ultimatum: get married in three months or risk losing his little girl. Finding a woman is no problem. Parades of them show up at his house like the paparazzi. The problem is he only has eyes for Bertie, his quirky, curvy, maddening designer. And he couldn't marry her, because this go round he needs to play it safe...and Bertie is anything but safe!

The publisher is giving away one copy of FIND MY WAY HOME to one reader, US/CA only please. To enter, just leave a comment telling us what you will be doing this summer! Will you be hanging out by the pool, going to the beach, visiting the mountains or lake? Let us know! Then fill out the rafflecopter below. Good luck! 


  1. Thank you again for hosting me today! Can't wait to hear how you liked Find My Way Home.

    Michele Summers

  2. I'll be spending a lot of time with my grandkids. My husband and I are also planning a trip to Lake Tahoe, NV

  3. I'll be reading and soaking up some vitamin D!! :)

  4. Just workin' :) But I'm hoping to get more reading time in! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I will be staying home this summer and reading lots of books. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  6. One week from now we are heading on hollidays for 10 days. Croatia, see, summer, can't wait. And than back to work.

  7. We are going to take some day trips.


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