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Spring into Romance: Nina Croft (Love Letter/Giveaway)

Hello lovelies and welcome to another edition of Spring into Romance with another fabulous love letter! Please give a warm welcome to the amazing Nina Croft who is joining us today with a letter from the heroine of her latest contemporary romance, Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire! 

Love letter to Luc.
Well, Luc and Lia’s romance was never going to be easy. They had a lot of things going against them. Most of which Lia was totally unaware of. So when she did find out, it came as a huge shock, and she just needed some space.

But it wasn’t long before she began missing him madly, and here’s a letter she wrote and tore up—because in the end, it really wasn’t needed…

Dear Luc,

I said I needed time…

I was wrong. What I really need is you.

But I thought if we had some time apart, then we could work out how we felt about each other. Without the distractions—because Luc, you are very distracting. And maybe I was right, because now it’s so much clearer. And all I can hope is, it’s not too late.

You were so much braver than me. You told me you loved me. And all I could think was—how?  How could you possibly love me when my father had caused you so much pain? How could you see past that?

I’d loved you for so long, but I was too scared and too stupid to see it. I thought love was something to avoid at all costs. But then I’d grown up with my mum, and I’d seen what love had done to her. She wasted her whole life on a man who was totally not worth it.

We all have things in our past that are hard to overcome. I watched my mother fade away, and I swore I would never be like her. Never put my happiness in the hands of some man who only wanted his own selfish agenda.  But I’m not like my mum, and you certainly aren’t anything like my father (thank god!) and I know my happiness is at the top of any agenda of yours.

I knew you were coming to care for me on the island—how could I not—you showed it to me in a thousand ways. But I was just waiting for everything to go wrong. Because I also knew you were hiding something from me. I thought you were manipulating me, but I’ve come to see (I told you—things are clearer now) that really—you were just as scared as I was.

But I never told you I love you, and that’s tearing me apart. I really, really need to tell you.


There, but I know that’s not enough.

Oh, and by the way—Pete says I’m useless—he says you may as well have me, because right now I’m good for nothing.  I fell off my horse twice this morning—he’s banned me from getting on again until I (his words not mine) ‘get my love life sorted out!’

So Luc I know I said I needed two weeks and it’s only been ten days but…

Crap. Okay, I admit it…I made a huge mistake, and I’m coming to see you…

Love, love, love!


Well obviously, what happened next is….

So would you ever consider writing an actual paper love letter in these times of email and texting. Let me know for a chance to win a copy of Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire.

Seduction by any means necessary…

Olivia Brent is happy with her quiet life in the country, until the imminent loss of her home forces her to embark on a search for her estranged father. Catapulted into a world of criminals and totally out of her depth, Olivia is rescued by the stunningly gorgeous and enigmatic billionaire Luc Severino.
Luc has never considered himself a knight in shining armor, and if he had been, then Jimmy Brent’s daughter was the last person he would choose to rescue. But Olivia is the key to finding her father, and Luc is willing to use any methods available, including blackmail, to persuade Olivia to help him find Jimmy and finally put the past behind him.
And if blackmail doesn’t gain her total cooperation, then perhaps a little seduction will…

Nina Croft grew up in the north of England. After training as an accountant, she spent four years working as a volunteer in Zambia which left her with a love of the sun and a dislike of 9-5 work. She then spent a number of years mixing travel (whenever possible) with work (whenever necessary) but has now settled down to a life of writing and picking almonds on a remote farm in the mountains of southern Spain.
Nina writes all types of romance often mixed with elements of the paranormal and science fiction.
Find me at: Website - Twitter - Facebook

As Nina mentioned above, she is giving away one digital copy of Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire to one reader. To enter, just leave a comment answering her question and then fill out the RaffleCopter below. Additional entries are available but not required. Good luck! 

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  1. Yes, I think paper letter is definitely more romantic than emails, txts, tweets...etc.etc. There is something more romantic about holding a piece of letter!

  2. Oh yes. Paper love letters are the best. I still have the one my husband sent to me last year. We'd been separated because of his job for just over a month. I didn't have time to write a whole letter, so I sent out a little note that said, I can't talk too long, but wanted to let you know I love you... Stay focused. Keep praying.

    He sent it back with his own notation: This type of letter means more to me than you could ever know. You are the love of my life.

    Oh. :) I'll have it forever, stuck in the flat pocket on the outside of my wallet. *sigh*

    So yes, no abbreviations, text language or smilies. It does go a little deeper, I think even if it doesn't make the other ways we communicate less meaningful.

    Great letter, Nina!!

  3. I agree May - emails and texts just aren't romantic.

    Aw - that's so lovely Bethanne, I think I'm feeling a little weepy!

  4. Thanks for a wonderful letter and giveaway! Oh wow... I think that a paper letter would mean so much more b/c people tend to text and e-mail exclusively these days. The sentiment is nice but I think some of the feeling is lost b/c of the media used. Writing a letter takes more effort and thought. My BF is good at leaving me the occasional post it of sweetness and I really cherish those.

  5. I do email and text and even tweet, but if I were to write a love letter, I would put pen to paper. It seems so old fashioned and romantic to actually write a love letter. Can't wait to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. I love the idea of a post it of sweetness, Erin!

    Thanks Joanne - and I agree - it's the actually taking the effort to write a love letter that's romantic

  7. Nina, my husband is not a shopper and I refused to let him buy roses on Valentine's Day. Intead, he's known to write me a love letter. Absolutely the best gift, even though it's tough sometimes to decipher his handwriting!

    Thanks for sharing this love letter.

  8. I've given into the cyber world and don't do much letter writing anymore. I think it is a lost art. Texting and sending emails are just too convenient. Thanks!

  9. I think paper letters are so much more romantic than email or texts. Emails and texts just do seem as personal for some reason.

  10. A love letter when have to be pen and paper. There is nothing personal or romantic about an email or worse a text.

  11. I love it when a love letter is written on paper not on text or email .

  12. Hi Nina! I love giving and receiving handwritten notes. They're so much better than a text or email. My hubby still writes me nice things all the time - and he's a terrible speller, so that only makes his words more endearing. (No spell check!)

    Loved the love letter from Lia to Luc!

  13. I totally would! It's so much more meaningful if you take the time to write it on paper versus typing or texting. Not done nearly enough anymore.

  14. Yes, I'd like to think that writing an actual love letter is something I'd do for that special man.

  15. I still do write love letters on paper to my fiance. I've written them for anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays . . .we have been together 12 years (engaged for 2) and I find that writing a love letter by hand is more meaningful than typing it out - although I text A LOT, texts are not meant for romance!!!

  16. Yes, I could see myself putting pen to paper and writing a love letter. Of course, I'd worry about finding the right paper (and lots of it!) and the right pen. Then I would start to write and hope I could get the sentiments right!

  17. Oh yeah...I think it's more thoughtful, more sentimental...just MORE. My husband LOVES for me to write him little notes or cards...especially letters. Now if I could just get him to return the gesture... :)

    barbbattaglia @

  18. Thanks for commenting everybody - I think it's official - love letters are still romantic!!!

  19. Absolutely! Hand written letters are so much more personal.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  20. Paper is very romantic...but with my lousy handwriting the only way my hubby would get a paper note was if it was done on a computer.

    This book sound terrific!

  21. I think a paper letter is so much more romantic than sending an email or text so yes I would write a love letter. Please enter me in contest.

  22. I am in the "paper is more romantic" group. To have someone actually take the time to sit and write it out (much less actually find paper to write on) take a little more effort than just whipping out the phone.
    A great love letter, full of emotion.

  23. A letter on paper is definetely more sentimental
    and romantic than an email letter. Everything from
    the envelope to the stamp
    to what's been written inside.


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