Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guest Review: The Demon Hunter by Lori Brighton

The Demon Hunter (The Hunter #2)The Demon Hunter (The Hunter Series #2) by Lori Brighton
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Page Length: approximately 336 
Book Description : Goodreads
Ellie has always been different, from playing with fairies as a child to fighting demons as an adult. She grew up wondering why no one else seemed to notice the oddities of the world that she came into contact with on a daily basis. When she is the only witness of a demon attack and the police suspect her, Ellie skips the country heading to England where she plans to keep a low profile. Everything is going fine, until Devon appears, stumbling around her garden like a drunken fool, and completely naked no less.
Six months ago Devon sacrificed himself to bind the soul of a demon and save the world from certain destruction. Thanks to a spell gone awry, Devon is back. But Devon hasn’t come alone. The very demon he tried to destroy has returned and is wreaking havoc on earth. When Devon meets Ellie, he instantly recognizes another supernatural being. Ellie may just be the only person who is strong enough to destroy the demon, if the demon doesn’t destroy her first.
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Missie’s Thoughts & Description:

I ABSOLUTELY Love this series.  As you know I practically ONLY read PNR. The story has to be believable, lots of action, alpha males and kick butt heroines with tude and if it’s a series, well that’s even better :D This has it all in spades. Did I mention that it has warrior angels?

This novel is an Adult PNR. It has detailed adult situations, which I rate at 3 out of 5. It starts out where the first novel The Ghost Hunter  ends. Book one introduces all the Main Characters. And has plenty of suspense and action. :D I really recommend reading this book first. Why? Because it’s Awesome and its FREE right now on

Plot : Begins in West Yorkshire, England 6 months after Devon gives his life up in order to save the world from ultimate evil. After sacrificing his soul to bind that evil in a tomb in Ashley & Christian's basement, they rush to find a way to destroy the demon.

Now the veil is thinning fast. Ashley, Camile and Christian attempt to open the tomb, and banish the demon forever, before Devon's spirit is completely destroyed and the demon is set free. However, something goes wrong. The spell intended to destroy the demon only sets it free along with Devon. Thrown back to their original homes when they were on earth, Devon has no memory of anything that has happened. All he knows is that he has to go back? Somewhere. But where is that somewhere?

Ellie is working as a tour guide in Devon's ancestral home, when she finds him naked in the bushes. Being different herself, she could sense that he was something NOT human and decides to help him. He in turn kidnaps her and their wild adventure begins to save the world, leaving you hanging on for a great written adventure.

Rating: 5 Wine Glasses

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  1. Warrior angels, enough said. Thanks for the tip of The Ghost Hunter being free on Amazon right now. Sounds like a great paranormal series.


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