Sunday, April 1, 2012

Guest Review: Awaited by Lynn Rush (ARC)

Awaited (Wasteland, #2)Awaited 
(Wasteland #2)
by Lynn Rush
Expected publication: May 2012 by Crescent Moon Press
ISBN13 9781937254216
Courtesy of author
The voice is a powerful thing… Russell Leonard is a centuries-old Guardian who’s lost faith in his purpose. So when he’s charged with procuring the first female Guardian in over two centuries, he can only hope it’s the red-headed beauty who’s been haunting his dreams for months. And if it is, he intends to claim her as his. But when he finds his dream woman, Annabelle is mute and bears no Guardian’s Mark. 
He soon realizes she’s been tainted by an ancient evil. Russell must somehow release the secrets trapped within this delicate soul to help her tap into the only weapon powerful enough to silence a millennia-old demon—her voice.

Khelsey’s Thoughts:

Russell Leonard has been alone for over 400 years; he has seen his Queen find her mate and wonders if everyone gets a true mate. Jessica tells him that he needs to pack heavy for the trip to find a new Guardian. When the plane goes down and Russ finds a girl in the cockpit, he is amazed - this is the girl he has been dreaming about for that last three months.
When the girl wakes she freaks out and hits the other guardian and the when she starts to use her hands to talk, Russell realize she can't talk but she can hear them. After finding a little town, the group is invited to stay and eat and a woman there hands Russell’s girl some paper and a pen to communicate with. That is when the two Guardians learn her name Annabelle. When they go to their bedroom she tells Russ that she wants them all together he agrees because they have felt the presence demons nearby. Russ eventually falls asleep only to be awakened by Annabelle who is pointing out of the window, at first he doesn't see anything but then he sees six demons. How did the girl feel their presence? Annabelle heals faster than a normal human and she can also sense demons... yet she doesn't have the mark, does that mean she is a full demon?

I love this book. It is the second one in the series and it doesn't disappoint! Sometimes with a series that follows different main characters you fell lost. Not so with Awaited! You can even read it without reading the first book in the series, Wasteland, it makes a great stand-alone. I love how Russell shows his loveable side here because in the first book you only see his cocky/joking side. It seems that Lynn Rush likes to add surprises to her books and I love how she pulls it off!

Rating: 5 Wine Glasses


  1. Thank you so much for the kind review~! I'm really glad you enjoyed Awaited. I just loved writing Russell and Annabelle's story!!

  2. What a beautiful cover for this book! And Lynn's story line seems to match it well.


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