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Review: Enraptured by Elisabeth Naughton

Enraptured (Eternal Guardians, #4)Enraptured 
(Eternal Guardians #4)
by Elisabeth Naughton
Mass Market Paperback, 402 pages
Published April 3rd 2012 by Sourcebooks Casablanca (first published April 1st 2012)
ISBN 1402262124 
ARC Courtesy of Publisher
Orpheus may have joined the elite protectors known as Eternal Guardians, but they've never trusted whose side he's really on. And the half-daemon couldn't care less. Orpheus has only one goal: rescue his brother from the Underworld. He's not expecting a woman to get in the way, especially not one sent by Zeus to seduce, entrap, and then ultimately destroy him. A woman who will dredge up a past he doesn't remember, a love that once condemned him, and a dark and deadly secret as old as the Eternal Guardians themselves. 
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Crystal’s Thoughts:
Enraptured is a dark, sexy and gripping read that will leave you addicted to these Eternal Guardians if you weren’t already!

Orpheus is now one of the Eternal Guardians, at least according to the marks on his arms he is. But he wants nothing to do with the elite group, all he wants it to find his brother and rescue him from Hades and he will stop at nothing to see his goal fulfilled. When a Siren named Skyla gets in Orpheus’ way though the game drastically changes. Sent by Zeus to steal an artifact from Orpheus and stop him from completing his task, Skyla comes to the startling revelation that she has met Orpheus in the past. The Gods have not been entirely honest with her and Skyla must decide if she wants to see the past repeated. Can Orpheus hold his dark side at bay though to complete his task and fight off his instant feelings of connection to Skyla or will succumbing to it be the only way to set his brother, and himself, free?  

ZOMG, I knew Orpheus was going to be good but I didn't know he was going to be this damn good! Enraptured is hands-down, the best of the Eternal Guardians series to-date. I LOVED IT and I am so glad too because you know when you set your heart on a character from the very beginning and you hope to God that when they finally get their HEA that you don’t end up disappointed? That's how I felt with Orpheus but Elisabeth Naughton brilliantly captured his story and Enraptured totally rocked my socks off! 

Complex, in-depth and magically woven together, Enraptured kept me glued to the pages start to finish. The Eternal Guardians are the direct decedents of the original Argonauts and heroes. Orpheus doesn’t see himself as any sort of hero however and his story is both touching and heart-wrenching as we journey through the revelations of his past and the acceptance of both his light and dark side. Orpheus is truly one of my favorite book heroes and long ago earned a top spot in my book-boyfriend harem! Skyla was a strong, kick-ass heroine that matched Orpheus perfectly. Their attraction was instant and *fans self* really sex-ay due to a connected past but not easy; full of twists, turns and surprises I loved how Ms. Naughton revealed each piece of the puzzle and the ending was *sigh* put together superbly. The plot moved at a steady and captivating pace, I was most definitely Enraptured by it!

Enraptured can be read as a stand-alone but is so much better read in series order. The Eternal Guardians series is a must read for romance, paranormal and mythology fans. I love when authors add a mythological twist in their stories and this entire series is based on a fun one. Ms. Naughton gives the Argonauts her own little spin and ended up creating a series that no one should miss!

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Rating: 5 Wine Glasses - A toast to perfection!



  1. this series is on my wishlist, wonderful review and i love the yummy cover!

  2. OMGoodness, isn't the cover to die for? *drool* I just love it, one of my favorites inside and out! ;)

  3. I chatted with her at RT and she signed the entire set for my. It is now a prized possession :)

  4. I loved Orpheus' story. He's my favorite kind of tortured soul. Although I have a feeling Gryphon's story is going to be awesome!


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