Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Event: Spotlight on Mythological Romance

Hello, hello, hello! I know this is a little late going up but I wanted to make sure to get the word out, if you haven't noticed already *g* that during the month of April Reading Between the Wines will be spotlighting mythological romances. :) I love mythology, all kinds, it just fascinates me. I am in no way knowledgeable on the subject but it something I enjoy and over the last few months I have come to realize that more and more, mythology plays a huge part in the books I read. Some are subtle but a good portion of paranormal romances have some mythology base to them. The subject is so vast, you can go anywhere with it from Egyptian Gods to the famed Gods & Goddesses of Olympus and the Titans to the Norse Vikings and so much more. It's something that everyone recognizes, whether it's the tale of the bolt-throwing Zeus, the fiery Phoenix, the beautiful Sirens or Disney's Hercules; everyone knows at least one story. And isn't it fun to imagine that maybe, just maybe, one of these fabulous fables might have a grain of truth to it? Maybe Theseus wasn't the son of a God, maybe he was just an ordinary man with an extraordinary talent that led to these myths, you never know and that's the fun of it. So, this month we are going to delve into it all with some amazingly talented authors who write about these intriguing mythos. I hope you'll join us. :)

Calender of Events:
*subject to change without notice

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