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Guest Review: Tall, Dark and Lonesome by Debra Dixon

Tall, Dark, and Lonesome: A Loveswept Classic RomanceTall, Dark and Lonesome 
(Loveswept, #655)
by Debra Dixon
Mass Market Paperback, 224 pages
Published August 8th 2011 by Loveswept (first published November 1st 1993)
ISBN 0553443968 
Courtesy of NetGalley
Bestselling author Debra Dixon puts her charming spin on the classic cowboy romance in this fresh, funny tale of a reporter, a rancher, and a trail of seduction across the great outdoors. Wyoming native and newspaper columnist Niki Devlin isn’t thrilled about following a bunch of city slickers on a vacation cattle drive. She’s got a past she’s put firmly behind her—and a future in New York. All that stands between finishing her job and getting back to her desk is a pair of sexy gray eyes flashing from under the brim of a cowboy hat. The lean, rugged form of trail boss Zack Weston makes Niki want everything she doesn’t want: Wyoming, a good man, and love. Zack likes being just a cowboy to Niki. His name, his political ambitions, and his ranching empire are all but forgotten as he rides alongside this beautiful, gutsy woman who makes him realize what he’s been missing. Once, tragedy and bitterness drove her away from this place he will always call home. Is the passion they awaken under starry skies enough to convince her that wherever this journey leads them, they belong together?
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Jolene’s Thoughts: 

Niki Devlin is headed off to Cutter Creek Wyoming to write a column on Adventure Vacations for the paper she writes for in New York.  For one week, she will be in the Wyoming wilderness taking part in a cattle drive.  Niki is familiar with Wyoming and even more familiar with the small town of Cutter Creek.  A small town with big memories, Niki hasn't been back since High school graduation.  Niki's boss knows of her past in Cutter Creek, but sends he on this assignment regardless.  Determined to stay under the radar and unwilling to confront her past, the last thing Niki was ready for was Zach Weston and the instant chemistry they felt towards each-other.  Niki was done with cowboys and that's what Zach was.  The Trail boss, with political aspirations who also has roots in Wyoming and Cutter Creek.  He was not what she needed, but trying to stay away from a determined cowboy would be a challenge all on its own.

I really enjoyed this story.  This book was originally published in 1993.  Usually when I pick up an older book, I expect to notice the difference in technology and small things that point to a different year in time, but the author did a good job of making small changes and updating the story to where I felt it was current.

I loved the cattle drive and whole western feel to this book.  It's something I have never experienced but felt taken to Wyoming and experiencing it right along with the rest of the city folk that was out there as well.  Niki's character was spunky and fun and I enjoyed her quick wit.  Zach on the other hand is what cemented me to this story.  He was rough and rugged and really wore his heart on his sleeve.  These two, both had their own reasons in fighting their attraction to each-other upon their first meeting and it was refreshing to see Zach come to grips with his feelings first.  It's not as often when I come across a romance book where the hero is the first to confront his feelings and the heroine is stubborn and running from what she is feeling.  Usually, it's the opposite.  I loved that about Zach, he recognized what  Niki was for him and he was prepared to fight for her.  These two had great chemistry and though the attraction was instant and their relationship moved quickly within in a few days, I felt it was very believable.  The flirting and barbing with each-other led up to some great intimate scenes.  Overall, it was a great read, though I did come across some words that ran together.  I had a pdf copy that I converted.  There was quite a few of those in the first half of the book and some misspelling.  Made me stop for a second, but I was really enjoying the story so it was easy to look past.  If anything else, I would have loved to have an epilogue.  I felt like it ended to quickly and I was hoping for more pages.  I would have loved to have known what happened with Zach's political career and of Niki's.  Just a few lingering thoughts that I would have loved to been wrapped up.  Other than that, it was a great read and I love a good story with a modern day cowboy.

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses

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  1. I love it when an author can bring a place to life. This seems well put together, even though it is an updated pre-released book.


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