Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hottest Couple of the Week #5:

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The Hottest Couple of the Week is a weekly feature hosted by Shannon at Cocktails and Books.  We love to read our romance books and some of those books have a couple that burn up every page you read.  It's in their honor that we have this feature.  Each week, we'll feature a couple who's set a book we read on fire.   You can play along too.  Join our linky, grab the button and share who your hot couple is for the week.  Then post a comment below so the rest of us can add this scorching couple to our TBR pile.

I'm a bad friend, it has been forever since I remembered to join this meme last. I's sorry Shannon! But I have a great couple this week. I have FINALLY started the Dark Hunter series! Yes, I know, finally. LoL And OMG, am I loving it all so far. I've only read the first three prequels/novellas but Night Pleasures is on my Nook! 

Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter, #0)
Okay, so my couple this week is Julian and Grace from Fantasy Lover. Julian is the son of a Goddess and a renown warrior who was cursed about two thousand years ago, trapped in a book until summoned to be a woman's love slave. And oh boy, does he fit all the qualifications. I picture Julian as Chris Hemsworth, from 'Thor'. Anyhoo, he is summoned by Grace and her friend who thinks she needs to get laid and this is the prefect opportunity. Grace jokingly agrees, never expecting a hot-as-all-get-out nekkid man to show up in her living room but poof he's there and he is ready to go if you know what I mean! But Grace doesn't want meaningless sex and as these two come to know each other we find out that being a sexy love slave is not all it's cracked up to be. The relationship that grows between Grace and Julian is absolutely beautiful and incredibly hot! And that is why they are my hottest couple pick. :)

So how about you? Have you read about any hot couples this week? 


  1. Julian is too freaking hot! And wait til Kyrian...he is even better!! Love that series.

    Thanks for joining in this week!

  2. Ok I haven't picked up anything by Kenyon before. You make me want to start with Fantasy Lover though!

  3. Ok I haven't picked up anything by Kenyon before. You make me want to start with Fantasy Lover though!

  4. Oh, how I loved this book--and the series! I'm only about half-way through the series, but that's more from lack of time than not wanting to read it. :)

    Yep, this is a great choice for hottest couple of the week--thanks for sharing! :) In fact, I might have to do a bit or a re-read sometime soon... :D



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