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Raping Aphrodite by Loukia Borrell (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Today I would like to welcome author Loukia Borrell, who is joining us today to share a little bit about her novel, Raping Aphrodite

It’s hard to make personal connections with people, especially in the digital age. If you think of all the people you’ve met in your life, and then think how many of them  you  feel  completely at ease  with, the numbers would be significantly different.  So, when you do find someone you feel connected to physically, emotionally, and mentally, it changes your life.

Raping Aphrodite In my novel, “Raping Aphrodite,” two of my central characters, Tash and Christian, have that sort of all or nothing relationship. Over 16 years, their relationship zigzags and takes just enough twists and turns – call it fate – for them to hook up again. Realizing how close they came to never making it back to each other, they both are plagued by fears that things are too good to be true.

Their story, one of two story lines in “Raping Aphrodite,” explains that they met while Tash was a high school student and Christian was one of her art instructors in a school for gifted fine arts students. Both of them are physically attractive and separated in age by 12 years – enough for Christian to teach Tash what she doesn’t know. They dance the dance, at first, and then embark on a physical relationship that changes the course of their lives forever.  When Christian’s steady girlfriend of three years figures it out, she takes certain steps to keep the couple apart, for good.

Ultimately, she isn’t successful and when Tash and Christian reunite, the couple thinks nothing will be able to stop them again. But when Tash agrees to exhibit items in her art gallery from Cyprus, their idyllic world begins to collapse again, as Christian realizes Tash isn’t the woman he thought she was. She doesn’t even know her real identity.  Christian can bury it, or expose her and take his chances with their future.

Here is an excerpt   from   “Raping Aphrodite,” (Chapter 14) that describes the couple’s physical connection and foreshadows the problems they are about to encounter:

Tash slipped into bed, naked. Christian was waiting for her. They did not speak. She slithered on top of him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt him spread the palms of his hands across her lower back as he pulled her against him. His cock was pointing straight up pressed, between them. She could feel it throbbing.

“You are so beautiful,” Christian whispered in her ear. “You are beautiful and always will be. You will always be that unharnessed teenager I met so many years ago.”

She shifted herself up and brushed her full breasts against his lips.

He grabbed one of her breasts and gently twisted a brown nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She arched her back and moved into a sitting position on top of him, pushing his cock inside her.

“I’m soaked. I have been thinking of this all through dinner,” Tash whispered. “Talking about your ex-wife makes me want you all the more. Can’t explain that.” His hands moved her hips up and down until he felt like he was going to come. Not yet, he thought. He wanted her to go first. That was how he always made love to Tash. Her body would stiffen until she was swept away in the waves of an orgasm, and then he would be ready. After she came, she was almost incoherent. She moaned and whimpered, she begged him to fuck her. It took all his energy to keep from coming. She would become pliant and open her legs wide, sweat covering her thighs, breasts and upper lip.

Christian rolled on top of her and pumped, gently tapping against her clit until he heard her tell him she was ready. She exploded in waves, her pulsing pussy grabbing his cock. After she finished, he took one hand and wrapped it in her hair, behind her neck, and the other grabbed her ass. He pushed, slowly at first, and then moved with a faster rhythm until he exploded inside her and collapsed.

“Thank you,” Tash whispered.

“No. It is you who should be thanked. I am in love with you. I am with the woman of my dreams,” Christian said.

She drew closer to him. “I’ve never had this before. It is better than it was in high school, when we first met.”

“Don’t count on getting a lot of sleep tonight,” Christian said. “I’m going back to being half-aroused now, so in about 10 minutes……” he said, half-jokingly, kissing her forehead before slumping on his back.

Tash cuddled on his shoulder. She looked out the window and saw the silhouette of the pine trees against the purple-gray sky. She focused a little more and was able to see some stars, bright spots against the sky.

Christian’s breathing was getting softer. He was falling asleep. He was warm and strong. Their bodies seemed made for each other. Their personalities were matched perfectly. Tash knew Christian knew how to handle her. He could read her, just by looking into her eyes. He said he could tell her mood by how wide her pupils were. If they were wide, he said, she was angry and all the brown of her irises disappeared.

His dark hair swept across his forehead. She looked at him happily. The full lips, high cheekbones, the strong, masculine hands. Tash thought of second chances and how everything could change in a minute. She felt a little chilled, but still wanted to sleep naked next to him. She pulled the covers up to her shoulders and closed her eyes.

“Raping Aphrodite” is part of a planned trilogy, with the prequel exploring the couple’s relationship when Tash was in high school, and the sequel picking up with how Christian tells Tash her true identity. “Raping Aphrodite” is available in paperback and for Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook
Thanks for reading! I am on Twitter at @LoukiaBorrell and also on Book Blogs and Goodreads. 

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