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Bloodright by Karin Tabke (Guest Post)

Please give a warm welcome to national bestselling and award-winning author, Karin Tabke! Karin is joining us with her recent release of Bloodright, enjoy!

I’m A Nurturer

Koi PondThere, I said it.  For me to say that took some self-realization, because my husband will tell you I’m not a good nurse or overly sympathetic to people’s problems. And since that is true, I never considered myself a nurturer.  But I have come to discover, I am, in a very big way.

While hubby takes care of things, I take care of living breathing entities.  Kids, granddaughter, pets, extended family, friends.  I’m the one everyone comes to, for what I’m not exactly sure.  Perhaps it’s my honesty.  My friends will tell you I don’t mince words.  It is what it is and I don’t’ shade it.  I’m the reasonable voice amongst the chaotic ones. My kids know if they have a hurt I will soothe it and make it all better. They know mom is good for a home cooked meal, advice, warranted or not, and that she is not bashful about getting into their business.

If you came to my house and I was sitting downstairs with hubby watching TV, you would see me wrapped in Shih Tzu and cat.  They gravitate toward me wherever I am in the house. They know who takes care of them and they reward my care with their love. They want to reward my care so much I have to close the door to my office when I want to get work done.

Speaking of my office, it’s overflowing with live orchids. My yard, front and back, is a cornucopia of greenery and blooms.  A testament to the time and care I put into making sure all of the plants and flowers have what they need to thrive.

I tend to be overindulgent and it has come back to bite me in the butt, but I just rub my ass and keep moving forward because that overindulgence pays off more often than not.

I find when I’m writing, my female characters are closet nurtures.  Kind of like me.  They don’t see it unless it’s pointed out. And they will still deny it. And my heroes?  Very much like hubby. They take care of things, but their favorite thing to take care of is their heroine’s needs, both physical and emotional. 

So, it all comes back to me writing what I know.  There is a piece of me and a piece of the people I love in each of my characters.  It’s what makes them real to me and to readers. And while I write romantic escapism, my characters must be believable because characters acting out of basic human character doesn’t work for me and I know it doesn’t work for readers. 

BLOODRIGHT, book two of my Blood Moon Rising trilogy, is by far the most emotionally expressive story I have written. My hero, Lucien Mondragon is the most emotional hero I have ever written in that he doesn’t hold back.  He shows how he’s feeling and it frustrates him to no end.  My heroine Falon is as emotional and she stands toe to toe with that dark and wicked lycan.  I found myself smiling as I wrote many of the scenes between Falon and Lucian because it was hilarious to me to watch Lucien come unglued all of the time. 

But true to her character and mine, Falon knew what the troubled alpha needed and despite her love for his brother, she stepped up and well—you’ll have to read the book to see how she calmed the savage beast.

So tell me, are you a nurturer? 

Their shared blood will destroy them in hatred–or unite them in passion…
After years of waiting, Lycan Alpha Lucien Mondragon is poised to take revenge on his brother, Rafael, by killing Rafael’s life mate, the Lycan/Slayer half-breed Falon—but he cannot complete the kill. Instead of ending her life, Lucien defiantly marks Falon as his own.
Though terrified by the savage Lucien, Falon finds herself drawn to him. Torn between the love she has for Rafael and the hunger she holds for Lucien, the will of Falon’s heart will lead her to her destined life mate–but it may also doom the brothers and the Lycan race to extinction…

Karin TabkeFor a long time, controlled chaos ruled Karin’s life. Busy mother of four, owner of her own successful business and wife to a street cop, she harbored thoughts of twisting plots and hot romantic scenes. Now, with only one child left at home and hubby retired from law enforcement, Karin happily pounds out those steamy scenes at her keyboard.

Still semi-distracted by her adult children (Yay! no more phone calls from the high school!) and her husband now a successful football coach (Yay! No more worrying when he’s out on the street!), Karin turns out stories about hot cops, bold knights, bad boy werewolves, and the women who bring them to their knees. 

A full-time writer, Karin draws on a lifetime of stories and backdrops that few outside of the law enforcement community ever see, let alone hear about. Controlled chaos now reins supreme through the pages she writes where hot heroes serve, protect, and pleasure from page one to The End.


  1. Artemis you are 100% a nurturer!
    Thank you for stopping by and the wonderful shout outs!

  2. I am so not a nurturer!? But I wish I was, and I appreciate all the nurturer's do. =)

    I LOVED Blood Law and Blood Right is next up on my TBR I cannot wait to get to it! I could not believe how the last one ended and have been waiting for this one.

    Thank you Reading Between the Wines for hosting a Karin Tabke for taking the time to talk to us!

    -Amanda P
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