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Samantha Ann King's TEMPTING MEREDITH (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Please give a warm welcome to author, Samantha Ann King! 

Five Key Elements of a Ménage Romance

My ménage romances have evolved naturally. The characters didn’t go looking for a threesome to add excitement to their sex lives. They grew out of friendship, suppressed desire and love. So when I discuss the five key elements of a successful ménage, that’s where I’m coming from. But I suspect all ménages could benefit them. What are those elements?

1. First the obvious. More than two people. Fortunately, I had seven years of French in school, so I can translate all the combinations for you.
Ménage à trois – household for three
Ménage à quatre – household for four
Ménage à cinq – household for five
Ménage à six (I know it looks like six and it means six, but it’s not pronounced like six.)—household for six
Ménage à sept – household for seven
I could go on, but I won’t. However, it’s good to know all those years of counting to a hundred in French paid off.

2. Communication. Not just what goes where, but expectations, and who got his feelings hurt and why. Tune into your significant others’ feelings. Know when to talk and when to shut up. Ask questions and listen to the verbal and nonverbal answers. That pissy little eyebrow lift is saying something.

3. An openness to love’s possibilities. You’ve heard it before. Love comes in many forms. You may not think you’re bisexual, but if you’re open to it, you won’t freak out if your straight male tongue suddenly wants to play in your girlfriend’s boyfriend’s mouth.

4. Quality time in the ménage and in smaller units. Those two guys who are having sex with one woman need guy time even if they’re not sexually involved. And that lucky woman with two perfect men needs time alone with each of them. Yep, sometimes three’s a crowd. For that matter, sometimes two’s a crowd.

5. Respect between everyone. Can you imagine sharing your lover with someone you don’t respect or like? Just hang it up, because it ain’t gonna work.
Of course, when I’m writing a romance, not everything goes smoothly, so the characters might stumble through these elements. Sometimes, learning the hard way is the only way.

Those are my five key elements of a successful ménage romance. What would you add?

Tempting Meredith (Lovers and Friends #3)
by Samantha Ann King 
Published June 9th 2014 by Carina Press
Astrophysicist Meredith Burke's professional life is perfect. Her personal life is another story. Years ago, a menage with the man she loved and his roommate left her with a broken heart and a secret. She hasn't trusted anyone since, but when she meets rugged hunting guide Charlie Connor she figures she doesn't need to. He's got "one-night stand" written all over him.

After one night with Meredith, Charlie needs more. She's intoxicating, and shockingly willing to give him total control of her body. When she agrees to spend an entire week with him at the lodge where he works, it's more than he'd hoped for. But Blaine Bridges, Charlie's best friend and boss, has his own secrets.

Blaine hasn't seen Meredith since that disastrous encounter eight years ago, but he still has feelings for her. Now she's dating his best friend, the man he wants for himself. When Meredith invites him to join in their naughty play, his pleasure is all-consuming. But will the secrets they all hold close destroy a beautiful beginning or bring these three lovers closer than they ever imagined?

About Samantha Ann King:

Samantha Ann King was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After receiving her BBA in Finance from Texas A&M University and marrying her high school crush (notice she didn’t say sweetheart), Samantha relinquished her “native Texan” status and moved to Baton Rouge. She has called Albuquerque, New Mexico home since 1985. The mother of three has volunteered in the community as an advocate for children’s issues ranging from education to healthcare. In 2010, as her nest started to empty, she began writing erotic romance. Thanks to her win in Passionate Ink’s Stroke of Midnight Contest, Samantha signed her first publishing contract in 2011. Her first book was nominated for RT’s 2012 Reviewers’ Choice Award.

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