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#BookReview: Making Waves: A Perfect Kisses Novella by Ophelia London - 4 Wine Glasses

22319913Title: Making Waves: A Perfect Kisses Novella
Series: Perfect Kisses #3.5
Author: Ophelia London
Format: ebook, 122 pages
Publication: June 16th 2014 by Entangled: Bliss
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Source: Publisher
Reviewer: Linda
Rating: 4/5

She’s in over her head and he’s in hot water…

Visiting her friends Ellie and Charlie in Hawaii was supposed to be a much-needed vacation for journalist Justine Simms. But when she learns the notoriously reclusive pro-surfer Chase Ryder is coming out of retirement for a competition, she knows she’s found the perfect exclusive to save her career. Of course, then she learns he’s the gorgeous, secretly nerdy guy who broke her heart a year ago.

Will Davenport—aka Chase Ryder—doesn't do interviews. He keeps his real name out of the papers and doesn’t mix his public life with his private. That is, until the still-heartbroken Justine blackmails him into giving her an exclusive. Seeing Justine, stunningly beautiful as ever, brings back all the feelings he had before. But despite their smoldering attraction, nothing has changed since he had to leave her the first time. 

A Light & Cute Romance!

MAKING WAVES by Ophelia London is a fun read!  At just 122 pages, you can enjoy it in one afternoon and it is a great addition to  her Perfect Kisses series.  It can easily be read as a standalone. There are interconnected characters, but this series does not need to be read in order.  

The fabulous Hawaiian setting lured me in right away.  This is the perfect escape read to the beach!  It was like taking a mini-vacation there and it didn't require leaving my home!  

The characters were well-drawn and relatable.  Justine Simms, our heroine, was on a much-needed short vacation in Hawaii.  I thought it was a strange place for her to pick as she had been afraid of water since her best friend drowned.  Justine fears that her career as a journalist will be over soon if she doesn't find a way to impress her boss.  When she finds out that surf star, Chase Ryder, is in Hawaii for a surfing competition, she decides to pursue an exclusive interview with him.  She wasn't a fan of his but... “Living in L.A., you couldn't help picking up tidbits of the surf culture, almost through osmosis... it was in the air, like vitamin D and the odd Brad Pitt sighting.” 

Our hero, Chase Ryder, is well-known in the surfing community.  He's a pro surfer, a loner and doesn't give interviews... ever.  Chase is actually his pseudo name;  He's really Will Davenport.  Will has come out of retirement to compete in a surfing competition in Hawaii.  He never expected to see Justine, who he'd had a brief but memorable fling with a year ago as Will Davenport, again.  He regretted the way he'd ended their relationship when he had walked out on her without an explanation.  But... it had been for the best.    

There's humor within these pages!  As an example, when Justine lands in Hawaii, she's given a leis.  Her friends' conversation regarding her leis left me laughing:  
 “It's the 'aloha spirit'." 
"And you already got leid."
"He means the flowers," Ellie said with a snort.” 

Look for plenty more hilarity interspersed throughout. 

As a side, Ellie and Charles from Ophelia's FALLING FOR HER SOLDIER are the  two friends hosting Justine's stay in Hawaii.  It was nice to catch up with them. 

Will's and Justine's relationship is a second chance love story.  It's sweet and sexy, gentle and heartfelt, with some high hurdles to overcome since neither trusts the other.  As the couple work through their issues, there's reminiscing; 
“I thought I was the crazy one," she continued. "I mean, who the hell falls in love in one day?"
"We the hell do.” 

I thought Will was the most wonderful guy to help Justine work through her fear of water.  You need have no fear, the delightful ending will leave you with a smile on your face. 

I highly recommend this fun read to anyone who enjoys light, fun romances.  If you crave a seaside getaway, this novella fits the bill to a tee! 

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