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#BookReview: Surrendering To Us by Chelsea M. Cameron - 4 Wine Glasses

18807941Title: Surrendering to Us 
Series: Surrender Saga #2
Author: Chelsea M. Cameron 
Format: ebook
Published: January 9th 2014 
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Source: Blog tour
Reviewer: Fiona
Rating: 4/5

They're finally together. But the Universe seems intent on tearing them apart…

Rory Clarke might not be Lucah Blythe's boss anymore, but that doesn't mean they can sneak off to the boardroom for hot sex whenever they want. Keeping their hands off each other in the workplace is harder than they could have imagined, and that's not the only obstacle they have to deal with. Between Lucah's troublesome brother Ryder, and Rory's bff Sloane's inability to understand locked doors, they're drowning in drama.
But it's only about to get a lot worse when a blast from Lucah's past surfaces, and chaos at Clarke Enterprises threatens to take away everything Rory has worked so hard for. Can the couple weather the storm and surrender to each other, or will the challenges of staying together destroy their relationship for good?

Let me start off by saying that I had hoped Surrendering To Us was going to give me a little more originality than the first, Sweet Surrendering, and it did! Rory and Lucah still have to keep their relationship quite from everyone at the office, but the story has more to it than a forbidden romance. It flows well and I wanted to see where it was going to go.

Rory thinks they have gotten past the trouble at Clarke Enterprises, but Lucah discovers that it was only the beginning. We delve deeper into the father daughter relationship in this book as well. Where Lucah is forced to deal with his brother Ryder. Who by the way I think is hilarious. There is something brewing between him and Sloane, and I hope there is a next book so we can see where that goes. 

Lucah and Rory's relationship keeps getting stronger, which was sweet to see, but the always calling each other by their last names was cute in the first book and it's their thing, I get it, but it got a little old here. Like I said before, I hope there is a next book because Surrendering To Us ended abruptly. It has an epilogue, but it didn't wrap the story up. I will definitely be on the look out for more, because this series seems to get better with each book!

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