Friday, June 6, 2014

Becca Siller's Needing You (Guest Post)


Hi there, I’m Becca Siller author of The Broken Road Series. Thank you so much for having me here with you today to talk about Wanting You and Needing You the first two books in the series. 

The first book Wanting You is the a little darker. The reader follows Charlotte McElroy through her initial meeting and relationship with the celeb hottie Wyatt Grayson. After meeting in Vegas their relationship takes off in a flurry of passion and pain. Charlotte “Charlie” has to navigate the budding relationship as well as avoid her abusive ex Tony. In Wanting You Tony wreaks havoc on not only Charlie’s relationship with Wyatt but also her body and mind. Wanting You ends with Charlie’s recovery after being abducted by her ex. Now in Needing You she has to deal with the emotional and physical backlash of that horrific event. She also has to learn how to deal with the consequences of her actions and decisions. Charlie’s journey is far from over but I think in Needing You the reader gets to see a different side of Charlie. They get to know her on a deeper level and hopefully will learn a little more about the psyche of a batter woman. We learn more about our sexy lead Wyatt Grayson. There is a story behind the brooding man whore. Riley plays a bigger role in the second book in the series giving readers an outsider’s perspective as well as getting a little more insight into her life and relationship with Miles Porter. 

After Wanting You was published last year I took all the comments and reviews to heart when writing Needing You. I wanted the readers to get to know the characters better from a deeper level. I know at time Charlie seems to be a bit naive and in Needing You there are times when you just want to smack her. I think I wrote her the way I did because I believe people make stupid decisions at some point in their lives and have to learn to deal with the consequences. I felt as though Wyatt was very reactionary in the first book and tried to carry that through to the second. He doesn’t really think before he acts and so therefore does things he regrets later. 

Overall I think the second book has a lot of heart in it. All the characters have a purpose even if it doesn’t seem to be that way just yet. I hope everyone who takes the time to read these stories are able to connect with someone or something in them. I enjoy writing in every way and reading reviews where people love my stories and characters make it worth the long hours. There are so many exciting things to come in book three. I hope you are all ready for it. 

 ~ Thank you so much for having me on Reading Between the Wines. 
Becca Siller

21513784Needing You: Book Two of the Broken Road Series
by Becca Siller 
Paperback, 310 pages
Published March 5th 2014 by Inkwater Press
Dealing with the trauma of her kidnapping and vicious treatment at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Tony, Charlie struggles to find her way back to normality. Life was never supposed to be like this. Once she met the sexy, loving heartthrob, Wyatt Grayson, everything should have been OK. But will the repercussions of her abuse be too much for the couple to handle? Can Wyatt give Charlie the time she needs to recover without reverting to his promiscuous ways while filming in Scotland? Will Charlie's growing feelings for Ian, a gorgeous, supportive and attentive detective, supplant her love for Wyatt? Will jealousy and misunderstandings finally drive them apart, or is love really enough?

17950520Wanting You: Book One of the Broken Road Series 
by Becca Siller 
Paperback, 302 pages
Published May 10th 2013 by Inkwater Press
After a bad break-up from her abusive ex-boyfriend Tony, Charlotte McElroy and her best friend Riley Tate decide to let loose in Las Vegas. Even though she has sworn off men, Charlotte finds herself powerless against her attraction to a gorgeous dark-haired movie star. His charming sense of humor and good looks are a lethal combination against her resolve to not get involved with a man like him. Wyatt Grayson and Miles Porter embark on a weekend of drinking and partying with their good friend and fellow actor Jesse. On a short break from filming the second installment of the Forced Romance trilogy, the trio find themselves at the mercy of the two beautiful women. Wyatt and Charlotte never intended to fall in love but when she's attacked by her former boyfriend, Wyatt quickly learns that he can't live without her. Charlotte finds herself clinging to Wyatt for her own salvation from her nightmare. But can their love withstand the broken road they find themselves on? Can it prevail despite Wyatt's promiscuous history, the temptation posed by ever-present and ever-willing bimbos, the geographic distance between them, and his demanding film schedule? Or will the turmoil of Charlotte's past, Wyatt's troubled childhood, and the threat posed by Tony keep them forever apart?

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