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#BookReview: Feral Magic by Robin D. Owens - 4 Wine Glasses

17158542Title: Feral Magic
Author: Robin D. Owens
Format: Kindle Edition, 96 pages
Published: December 18th 2012 by TKA Distribution
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Source: Author
Reviewer: Linda
Rating: 4/5
A blue moon rises, bringing with it magic and danger to a sleeping Denver.
Brandy Svensson mourns her lost soldier fiancee and struggles to move on. Her own near-death experience has brought her an odd "gift" – she has a telepathic connection with cats. She's coping with life’s changes until the night she finds a lost jaguar cub, just the start of the greatest changes of all...
Dak, a warrior Pantherman, is alarmed when his baby nephew, the Chief of the klatch, vanishes. Dak must find the infant before his enemies do...or be branded a murderer and risk igniting warfare among the clans.
When the cub turns into a human baby, shock and confusion flood Brandy. And when a full-grown jaguar arrives to claim him, then transforms into a man, fascination sweeps through her. Dak's protective instincts are triggered by this lovely woman, and the certainty that he's followed by a killer.
Drawn together in their fight to protect the baby, Brandy and Dak confront the enemy and the final choice threatens. Will the feral magic they've discovered together save or doom them?


Exciting, Exotic and Erotic!

FERAL MAGIC by Robin D. Owens is an original paranormal tale! This is an urban fantasy that I would never have imagined! The fantastic cover with a purple feline with glowing eyes in the background drew my attention right away!  

FERAL MAGIC was a quick, utterly captivating read. The heroine, Brandy, has a telepathic connection with felines. Cats have been her saving grace since she devastatingly lost her soldier boyfriend. All is seemingly well for her and her brood of cats until the night she rescues a jaguar cub. Mayhem and HOT SEX erupt when our hero, Dak, appears in search of his nephew. It sounds crazy, but the plot totally works.

New dimensions, quirky characters, lovable cubs and hot, sexy cats! Robin's writing was top-notch and the story kept me entranced from beginning to the end, which came wholly too soon! My only complaint is that I want to read more of these characters and their worlds! I'm not a cat lover per se but I certainly became one while reading this! I highly recommend this read to anyone that enjoys fun paranormal fantasies. 

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