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#BookReview: Love Potions by Michelle M. Pillow - 5 Wine Glasses

22094011Title: Love Potions 
Series: Warlocks MacGregor #1
Author: Michelle M. Pillow 
Format: ebook, 200 pages
Published: June 2nd 2014 by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Covet)
ISBN: 1622665937
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Source: Publisher
Reviewer: Linda
Rating: 5/5

A Warlocks MacGregor Novel - Contemporary Scottish Magickal Romance

A little magickal mischief never hurt anyone...

Erik MacGregor, from a clan of ancient Scottish warlocks, isn't looking for love. After centuries, it's not even a consideration...until he moves in next door to Lydia Barratt. It's clear that the shy beauty wants nothing to do with him, but he's drawn to her nonetheless and determined to win her over.

Lydia Barratt just wants to be left alone to grow flowers and make lotions in her old Victorian house. The last thing she needs is a demanding Scottish man meddling in her private life. Just because he's gorgeous and totally rocks a kilt doesn't mean she's going to fall for his seductive manner.

But Erik won't give up and just as Lydia let's her guard down, his sister decides to get involved. Her little love potion prank goes terribly wrong, making Lydia the target of his sudden embarrassingly obsessive behavior. They'll have to find a way to pull Erik out of the spell fast when it becomes clear that Lydia has more than a lovesick warlock to worry about. Evil lurks within the shadows and it plans to use Lydia, alive or dead, to take out Erik and his clan for good.

Scotsmen, witches, and oodles of magic add up to FUN, FUN, FUN in this first book in Michelle's new Warlock McGregor series!!!!!  LOVE POTIONS by Michelle M. Pillow  was without a doubt one of the cutest tales I've read in ages.  This Scottish contemporary romance had me laughing and swooning from the very beginning and it never EVER let up until the last word.  

This novel tells the story of Lydia Barratt, a neophyte witch, and Erik MacGregor, an ancient warlock.  Lydia was raised by her grandmother who the locals had called the "crazy witch."   After her grandmother passed on, Lydia ran a thriving spa products business from her childhood home with the help of her best friend, Charlotte.  Lydia was reclusive except for necessary trips including those to the post office to ship her business products.  It was on one of those trips that she met Erik, who was scouting the town as a possible home for his wondrously quirky family of warlocks and witches. 

Let's get this straight right away.  A woman would have to be dead to not be attracted to the walking-mass-of-seductiveness that exemplified Erik.  “Damn, I would give anything to see that man naked," Charlotte whispered. "How could you only say he was 'all right'?”  Erik is wholly sexiness personified.  Stir in his magic and Scottish charm, and there's no antidote to his appeal.  ”I already know how good I am in bed. You’d be lucky indeed to get me between your sheets.”

The fiery chemistry between Lydia and Erik is scorching!  "I'm going to woo ya, lass.  He kissed the corner of her lips before whispering by her ear, “And that was just my hand, love.”   Lydia and Erik were insanely attracted to the other.   Did I mention that Erik totally ROCKS a kilt? He licked playfully at her mouth. "And ya can't call my manhood 'rabbit'.  At least give it a manly name I can brag about.”  

Once Erik's magical family arrives, the craziness and steaminess exponentially increases.   His family spends their days playing impish tricks on each other and getting into all sorts of maniacal mischief.  There's also no limit to the sinister evil forces that abound attracted by all the magical sparks.  It's going to take everyone working together to defeat them.   

LOL!  I laughed so much reading this, that I cried.  There are some scenes I just have to share.  When Eric complained about being tired, this was the discourse with his family:
“My energies have been drained.  Masturbating too much will do that.” 
There was another scene where Erik's sister's magic had taken a wrong turn and
Erik was acting the besotted fool.  Upon seeing Erik, Charlotte made the observation: 
“He’s not wearing…” Charlotte began.  “I know. He doesn’t,” Lydia answered.” 

AND in the same turn of events, Erik sing-songs his love and Charlotte comments thus:
“Ly-di-ah! I sit beneath your window, laaaass, singing ’cause I loooove your a—”
“For the love of St. Francis of Assisi, someone call a vet. There is an injured animal screaming in pain outside,” Charlotte interrupted the flow of music in ill-humor.” 

I delighted in quotes on EVERY page!  Love Potions was the PERFECT blend of Scottish lore, romance, steamy sex, sweetness, evil villains, mystery and intrigue with a truly unique family dynamic and a hero and heroine who will bewitch their way into your heart.  If you are looking for a book with lots of laughs (LOTS!), smokin' hot chemistry, and a positively lovely ending that will transport you to your happy place, look no further than LOVE POTIONS!   I can't wait for the next installment!  Erik has a large family so they should be plentiful!

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