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#AudioBook #Review: How (Not) to Kiss a Prince by Elizabeth A. Reeves - 5 Wine Glasses

17739870Title: How (Not) to Kiss a Prince 
Series: Cindy Eller #2
Author: Elizabeth A. Reeves
Narrated by: Michele Carpenter
Length: 4 hrs and 37 mins 
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Source: Jukebox
Reviewer: Linda
Rating: 5/5
Let the Magical Mayhem begin! Cindy Eller has not one, but two weddings to prepare for in less than two weeks when the cupcakes hit the fan-- a mysterious man has appeared claiming to be betrothed to Cindy and insisting she must marry him before her sister's nuptials can take place.
Obviously this doesn't sit well with Cindy's Ordinary boyfriend.
That's the way the cake-- and the wedding-- crumbles!

HOW (NOT) TO KISS A PRINCE by Elizabeth A. Reeves is a darling magical paranormal tale featuring witches, fae, werewolves, former toads and humans.  With delectable delights like road-to-bliss-brownies, sweet-dreams-ice-cream, a froggy grooms-cake and gluten-free-apple-blueberry- bread- pudding-with-local-mesquite-honey, it made me ravenous listening to it!   AND with characters like Merlin the cat, Goldilot, who is a lawyer for the three bears, and Magic Central, the hub for everything magical, the book was a pure hoot!  This book, can easily be enjoyed as a standalone.  However, I 'm definitely going to have to go back and read the first book soon!     

The narrator, Michele Carpenter, was new to me, but I loved her interpretation from the get-go.  Her voice was excellent, rising and falling with proper pauses as was appropriate.  Each character was differentiated very well.  She didn't just read the story; I felt the story through her perfectly modulated voice.  I will definitely look for more books narrated by her in the future.  

Cindy Eller, our witchy heroine, loves her job.  She runs a bakery where she creates delicious products sprinkled with a little bit of magic.  She has a human boyfriend and numerous other friends who assist her.    Her step father is in management at Magic Central and her mother is an Earth Witch.  Things get out of control at Cindy's bakery when she agrees to cater her sister's wedding along with multiple other weddings.  She hires a helper, who ends up causing more problems.  Then... her sister's wedding is put in jeopardy and it's Cindy's fault!  It's a twists-and-turns wild ride for sure!

Humor abounded within the pages!  I laughed until I cried.  Cindy explained her relationship status thus:  “I spent most of my life believing there would never be a Prince Charming out there for me. Kissing toads can have that effect on a girl.” 

When Cindy explained to a human friend why super naturals remained virgins until married, she phrased it this way:  “Within the magical community, most brides are virgins. Do you have any idea how many curses and other horrible things are associated with virginity and virgin bloodshed? For witches, having sex before marriage invites all sorts of evil magic in.” 

The author's writing is top-notch.  The world and characters she has built are nothing short of incredible.  There's not a single boring moment in this relatively quick listen of just over four-and-a-half hours.  I highly recommend HOW (NOT) TO KISS A PRINCE to anyone who enjoys fun-fun-fun paranormal fantasies.  

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