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Jenny Lyn's HEART TROUBLE (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Today I would like to welcome author Jenny Lyn!


Now, this might come off as a silly topic for a guest post to promote my new release, Heart Trouble, but bear with me here. I, for one, am a huge fan of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Isn’t everyone? They’re cheap, easy, quick, and delicious. What more could you ask for, except maybe a cold glass of milk to chase it down with. Am I making you hungry?

For Sean and Erin, my main characters in the book, it’s more than just a sandwich. When Sean fixes Erin what she dubs as “the perfect PBJ”, she sees this as a sign that they’re compatible. That they have something in common, simple though it may be. Imagine watching someone that you’re attracted to do something the exact same way that you do it. Doesn’t have to be making a sandwich. It could be the way they fold their socks, or arrange their DVD cases, or sharing a favorite band. It pleases you in some small way, doesn’t it? We like it when we don’t have to settle or explain or make excuses for the way we like things to be. Maybe Erin’s perfect PBJ is a metaphor for something else, like the perfect guy for her.

For Sean, knowing how much something so simple means to Erin only endears her to him that much more. She’s not a jewelry or flower girl. She’s not high-maintenance. No, just giving her what she considers the perfect PBJ makes her happy, and that in turn makes Sean happy. See?

I know you’re DYING to know what Sean and Erin’s version of the perfect PBJ is, aren’t you? LOL Well, I’ll let Erin tell you in this snippet from the book:

“He’s sweet and thoughtful and sexy as hell. He likes bad reality television and makes the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He even picks the entire crust off, just like I do. I barely know him, but he makes me feel safe and cared for. And wouldn’t you know, he doesn’t do anything to get on my nerves.”

Tess’s eyebrows shot up into her bangs. “That is a miracle. You’ve figured all this out in less than twenty-four hours?”

“He hasn’t left my apartment, remember?”

“Oh, right. What is the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich, exactly?” Tess asked, pursing her lips. Erin knew it was her attempt at making light of a heavy situation.

“You know, just the right amount of jelly where it doesn’t squish out when you bite into it. Not so much peanut butter that you get all goopy-mouthed. Making the perfect PBJ is an art form. And it has to be fresh white bread, and the best grape jelly and creamy peanut butter on the market. No exceptions.”

Tess bobbed her head. “Ah, yes. The dreaded goopy mouth.”

Everyone hates goopy mouth, am I right? I’d love to know what your version of the perfect PBJ is, just so we can compare notes. And I’d also love it if you read Heart Trouble!

Thanks for indulging me!

Heart Trouble
by Jenny Lyn
Available at Loose-iD
Dr. Erin Taylor would rather be strapped to a gurney in her ER than prowling Jacksonville’s newest nightclub in a tight dress and high heels. Forced to do that very thing after losing a bet to a friend, she’s surprised by the sparks flying between her and sexy police detective Sean Rembert.
Sean is supposed to be scoping the bar for leads that might help him catch a serial killer, not letting his neglected libido lead him astray. But the minute he sees the gorgeous blonde headed his direction, all thoughts of work go out the window. Until he discovers Erin is a possible target.
Their connection is red-hot and undeniable, but Erin is in serious danger and Sean will do anything in his power to protect her. Passion explodes between them, then a secret destroys it. Can they overcome the hurt and resentment to find their way back to each other before the killer closes in?


In his right hand he held his gun, strapped inside its holster, which he placed on the nightstand. In his left hand was a strip of three condom packets. She grinned up at him as he tore one off and tossed it on the bed, then dropped the others beside his pistol. An odd juxtaposition, those two items—safety and danger, kind of how she saw Sean.

He crawled over her, bracing his hands beside her shoulders, pinning her legs between his knees. “I like you much better like this. All soft and natural, sexier and even more beautiful than you think you are.” Her stomach did that fluttery thing again. This time she couldn’t blame it on alcohol. “I bet your male patients love having you work on them, a powerful distraction from their pain.” His fingertips traced a path from her neck to her belly. “A dose of you would feel better than a shot of morphine.”
He pushed the hem of her tank top up her stomach and pressed his mouth to her fevered skin. She gasped at the contact. “Sean.”
“If I were lying on a gurney dying, it’d be okay if I could look at you as I go.”
She laced her hands through his hair, grabbing fistfuls and tugging his face up. “Don’t say things like that,” she said, forcing a scowl.
He grinned crookedly. “But it’s true.”
Her hands explored his bunching shoulders, the thick, soft hair that covered his nape, and the flat disks of his nipples, while his mouth found all the secret, sensitive spots on her neck and beneath her ear. He groaned when her blunt nails raked over his rib cage, and Erin loved that she’d made him make that sound.
Sean sat back on his haunches and lifted the tank top, exposing her breasts. Her nipples were already hard, but under his hungry gaze, they pinched even tighter. “Damn.” She raised her arms for him to strip it over her head. “You could be a lingerie model.”
Her blush went unseen in the dim light. “Not my style.”
“No, and I’m glad. I like that you don’t normally flaunt the wares. Makes me grateful that I’m the lucky bastard who gets to see ’em. Maybe even a little greedy,” Sean said as his hands came up to cup her breasts possessively, thumbs brushing back and forth over their peaked tips.
Erin arched, seeking more of his firm touch, wanting his warm mouth. “Sean, please.”
He lowered his head, answering her soft plea. As his tongue made lazy circles around her distended nipple, his fingers strummed at its twin. Sean sucked her into the wet heat of his mouth, and she whimpered, feeling her pussy contract and slicken with his hungry tugs. When he pulled away, he blew softly across the damp, puckered flesh. Erin squeezed her thighs together, thrashed her head on the mattress.
“Like that, huh?” His lips formed the question against the underside of her breast.
Sean focused his attention on her other nipple, treating it to the same lavish attention. Erin tilted her head to watch this time, wanting to memorize the erotic images. He caught her gaze and bared his teeth, biting down until she cried out at the pinch of pain muddled with a rush of pleasure.
Her sex throbbed, needy and swollen. Wet. God, she was so wet it was almost embarrassing. She’d read about women who could orgasm from nipple stimulation alone, but in the past she’d always required much more than that to get off. Given the talent in Sean’s lips and tongue and teeth, she was beginning to see the possibility.
She cupped his cock through his jeans, encouraged by his strangled groan against her skin when she gave him a firm squeeze. He was rigid and thick, long if her hand was a decent measuring device. Fumbling with his zipper, she eased it down.
He rose up on his hands and knees again, dark hair falling forward across his forehead and cheeks, his expression pained. “Take my cock out,” he said. “I want to feel those talented hands.”

Jenny's Bio
I started reading when I was four, thanks to a babysitter who found out the only way to get me to sit still (and shut up) was to put a book in my hand. By the time I entered kindergarten, I’d blown through just about every Little Golden Book ever printed. Ten years later, much to my mother’s dismay, I found her stash of paperback romance novels. She tried to divert me back to something more chaste by buying me Harlequins, but I still snuck copies of her Kathleen Woodiwiss’s and Johanna Lindsey’s when she wasn’t looking. Shanna, The Flame and the Flower, and Fires of Winter will always hold special places in my heart because they introduced me to roguish heroes, headstrong heroines, and the trouble they could get into together.
I live with my family in a swampy little corner of north-central Florida, close to the Gulf of Mexico and the historic Suwannee River. It’s hot, humid and full of mosquitos, but I wouldn’t trade it for… actually, I would trade it for a cottage on the beach somewhere in the Keys.
In addition to my website, I can be found saying inappropriate things on Twitter as @JennyLynwrites;  on Goodreads; and Amazon at

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  1. What a great excerpt! Love it!

  2. Great give away, thank you.

  3. My favorite PBJ sandwich is with strawberry jam with lots of strawberries =D. Although I prefer PBHoney sandwiches. You know the ones my Momma made for school lunches that sat so the honey soaked into the bread and got the bread crunchy -- yum =D

  4. Interesting, what made you think of using a PBJ sandwich to make characters realize how special they are to each other?

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. My favorite PBJ sandwich is just peanut butter and grape jelly on some nice soft bread. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Sounds like a great read!!

  6. I am not a big fan of PB however I occasionally eat an extra crunchy PB sandwich with strawberry jam.
    Thanks :-)

  7. loved the excerpt! looking forward to reading! thank you for sharing.
    jukyjoauka at aol dot com

  8. Loved reading the excerpt! My perfect PBJ is strawberry jelly with just enough PB on toasted bread :)

  9. Sexy excerpt, makes you want to read more.Deb P

  10. I was delighted when I found my mother's romance novels as well.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  11. Thanks for commenting, ladies! And good luck on the giveaway. It's funny how different our tastes are in such a simple sandwich, huh? Here's another one for you--try making your PBJ with toasted waffles. OMG!


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